21 Exceptional Travel Gifts for Men in 2022

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From stylish accessories to travel gadgets to grooming products, the man in your life who does a lot of traveling will appreciate the travel gifts for men presented here. These gifts suit men who look for utility and comfort and those who want to arrive in style.

    • Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones

      These high-quality, noise-canceling Sony headphones will be appreciated whether returning from a daily commute or flying on a transatlantic flight. They offer a comfortable fit. The battery lasts up to 30 hours before needing to be recharged. They have intuitive touch sensor controls. You can answer phone calls, activate the voice assistant, control volume, and skip, play, or pause tracks with them.

      +Volume automatically reduces during conversations
      -Initial Bluetooth connection problems reported
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      • Large Leather Duffel Travel Bag

        This duffel bag provides beyond what most travel bags do. It is beautifully handcrafted from full-grain leather that withstands the wear of travel. The bag’s details speak to the effort and care that goes into making the functional, vintage, and durable bag. It has a premium canvas lining. Adjustable straps permit wearing on the should or across the body.

        +Huge front pocket
        -Natural leather has scratches, scars, and wrinkles
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        • Compact Electronic Cable Organizer

          Keep messy cables organized with this cable organizer bag. It holds cords and electronics conveniently in one place. This organizer is among the best travel gifts for men. It is made of water-resistant nylon and has a well-padded semi-flexible cover. The two-way zipper closure provides orderly pick-and-place and quick access.

          +Available in four colors
          -No large enough for a laptop
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          • our favorite
          Philips Norelco Trimmer and Shaver

          This washable and compact pocket shaver is ultra-versatile for travel. It is among the good travel gifts for men who travel for leisure or business. The shaver is easy to store and pack. It is a grooming tool with technology meant for body grooming and facial styling. The device shaves, edges, and trims any length of hair.

          +Use with or without foam
          -Best not to rush when using
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          • National Geographic Epic Journeys Book

            Ideal for the intrepid wanderer, this book is packed with travel ideas for the brave of heart. Suggestions include skiing, diving, rafting, hiking, and much more. It provides excellent guides and photos
            to use in creating memorable adventures. You find all you need to know for an epic journey. The book tells what to do when to go, and what to see.

            +One-of-a-kind collection
            -No maps included
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            • Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack

              This backpack has an upgraded wet pack design. There is a waterproof wet pocket added to the main compartment that separates towels, sweaty clothes, and other personal items after exercising or swimming. It is made of high-quality, water-resistant nylon fabric. Enhanced bar-tacks at stress points and heavy duty metal zippers provide long-lasting durabilitiy.

              +25 liters of storage space
              -No padding
              Bonus Tips: The backpack folds into a pocket for easy storage.

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              • Portable Wash Bag

                Long=term wanderers, budget travelers, and backpackers will love this gift for traveling man. It saves money and allows effectively and efficiently washing clothes anywhere, any time. The portable wash bag works well for adventurers who wander from the beaten path, have limited access to a laundromat, or prefer to do laundry on their own.

                +Electricity-free device
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                • Moleskine Classic Notebook

                  Many traveling enthusiasts keep a journal or record places they go, experiences they have, and people they meet. Some men need a notebook when they travel for work. This hard cover, large ruled notebook is an excellent choice regardless of why he travels. The durable polyurethane cover and the elasticated closing strap protect the notebook.

                  +Rounded corners avoid ripping material
                  -Paper is a bit thin
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                  • Portable Charger

                    Gifts for men who travel include this portable charger. Always have a device charging is a practice frequent travelers have. They never know if they will find an airport plug or when their phone will run out of battery. A portable chargers is a must-have for the serious business traveler.

                    +Charges electronic devices multiple times
                    -Issues with USB cables
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                    • Travel Pro Suitcase

                      All serious business travelers are aware of the importance of packing properly. They travel light and do not check bags. If the traveling man in your life has luggage that needs to be replaced or is starting a travel career, he will thank you for this Travel Pro Carry-on. The glide system provides effortless roll and precise control.

                      +Lifetime warranty
                      -A bit small
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                      • Scratch-off World Map

                        A scratch-off map is also featured in our article about gifts for people who have everything. Every man should have a world map mounted on his wall. It is among the funny travel gifts for men. The map is an affordable and simple gift idea. The traveler will enjoy returning from a trip and scratching off the destination.


                        +A set of accessories included
                        -Complaints about the scratching tool
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                        • Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

                          Music makes a difference when traveling. Whether your guy relaxes on a beach, watches the sunset, or sits on a balcony, music makes the moment more enjoyable. This speaker has incredible sound, a long battery life, and thousands of positive reviews. It can be taken along when washing the car, camping, or going to a music festival.

                          +20 hours of playtime
                          -Requires GPS location tracking
                          Bonus Tips: With the touch of a button, the echo and noise canceling speakerphone permits crystal clear calls.

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                          • Waterproof Action Camera

                            The GoPro Hero 9 Black camera, released in September of 2020, is one of those excellent gifts for men who travel. It takes wide-angle selfies, has 5K video, and epic time-lapses. You can take it snorkeling or scuba diving to create unique underwater content. It is ideal for maintaining details.

                            +Waterproof to 33 feet
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                            • most popular
                            Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

                            It is seldom a good idea to carry books while traveling. They take up space in a bag and are big and bulky. An Amazon Kindle is an ideal gift for traveling man who is an avid reader. Instead of carrying one or two books, he has thousands from which to choose.

                            +Available in four colors
                            -Short battery life
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                            • Compact Tripod Stand and Ballhead

                              This is a flexible and easy-to-use tripod that provides an excellent option for recording videos and taking pictures. It is ideal for using a self-timer, long-exposure shots, and setting up time-lapses. YouTubers, who do a lot of filming, like the tripod providing a sturdy means of carrying a camera through busy areas.

                              +360-degree panning bed
                              -A bit heavy
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                              • Ticket to Ride Board Game

                                The board game is a lot of fun for those who enjoy maps and traveling. The object of the game is to complete ‘train routes’ from city to city in Europe. Players build tracks that lead them there. The adult or family game board is made for two to five players. A game lasts between 30 minutes and an hour.

                                +Easy to learn
                                -Issues with the quality of game components
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                                • Electronics Cleaning Kit

                                  If you are looking for small travel gifts for men, this cleaning kit is perfect for men who frequently use electronics. It has a lens brush, photo air blower cleaner, 50 sheets of lens tissue paper, a handy spray bottle, and three microfiber cleaning cloths. The kit is excellent for use on TVs, phones, and computer screens.

                                  +Reasonably priced
                                  -No swabs for cleaning sensors.
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                                  • Premium Cocktail Kit

                                    One of the unique travel gifts available for men who fly often is this fun cocktail kit. It is a simple idea that puts the ingredients in a carry case perfect for plane rides, on-the-go excursions, and hotel rooms. The handy collection is an excellent gift for anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, and more.

                                    +TSA friendly
                                    -Alcohol not included
                                    Bonus Tips: The kit has enough ingredients to make six Old Fashioned cocktails.

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                                    • Ray Ban Sunglasses

                                      These sunglasses feature Ray-Ban crystal lenses made from high-quality glass. They provide 100 percent UV protection. Ray-Ban sunglasses have scratch-resistant, precision-cut lenses that reduce eye strain and improve visual clarity. They have incredibly durable frames made for strong, lightweight nylon. The glasses are available in multiple lens and frame colors.

                                      +Comfortable to wear
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                                      • Travel Document Organizer

                                        This is an essential item for international travel. It keeps all necessary travel documents organized. You can keep receipts, business cards, boarding passes, different currencies, SIM cards, credit cards, and your passport in a zip folder. Crossbody straps and a removable wristlet allow choosing the way to wear and use the organizer.

                                        -Issues with the zipper
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                                        • our favorite
                                        Camping Hammock

                                        You cannot go wrong with this travel hammock for the man who enjoys outdoor adventures. It is lightweight and easy to take wherever he goes. The hammock measures 9 feet X 4.5 feet but folds to eggplant size. It is easy to set up. What an excellent way to create a rest stop when hiking! It holds up to 400 pounds.

                                        +Made of strong parachute nylon
                                        -Straps could use more loops
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                                      Shopping for travel gifts for men can be a bit challenging. There are new gear and gadgets that come on the market every week. It is hard to know what might be appreciated. Ideally, gifts can be used when traveling or at home are best. The gifts featured above are unique travel gifts that are useful for the globetrotter adventurer.