32 Fabulous Baptism and Christening Gift Ideas for 2023

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on baptism and christening gifts! This list includes 32 of the most heartfelt and memorable presents you may give to mark this important event.

We have what you need if you’re looking for a traditional keepsake, a useful gift, or an emotional remembrance of this significant day. Among the gifts we provide are personalized Bibles, religious jewelry, special Christening attire, memory boxes and albums, personalized photo frames, toys with religious themes, and much more.

We’ve done the research for you because we know it might be difficult to select the ideal perfect christening idea. You can be sure that you will find the ideal baptism present for the baby, the parents, and the caretakers because each of the gifts in this guide is special and thoughtfully picked.

Therefore, our guide is the ideal place to start if you’re seeking for the ideal gift to commemorate this momentous day or simply want to express your love and support. Whether you are looking for baptism gift ideas for a girl or christening gifts for a girl, or searching for cool baptism gifts for a boy, the following list has something for everyone.

    • Praying Musical Lamb and Prayer Book

      Baptism and christening gifts may include this musical lamb and prayer book. When you press the tummy of this lamb, it recites the classic children’s night prayer. It is seven inches tall and made of embroidered detailed, luxurious plush. A ‘God Bless Baby’ board book includes 14 hand-drawn illustrations. Jennifer Driscoll wrote the book.

      +Gender neutral
      -Voice is a bit loud
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      • Noah's Ark Baby Gift Set

        Included in this gift-ready set are a hooded lamb towel, a Noah’s Ark board book, and three animal squirt toys. The towel is 30 x 30 inches of soft cotton velour. It is ideal for newborns to toddlers. A zebra, lion, and elephant squirt toys are approximately three inches in size.

        +The classic Noah's Ark story is told in the book
        -Toys are small
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        • our favorite
        Jesus Loves Me Songbook

        Enjoy a family activity as you read and sing the five Bible songs. Five buttons correspond to the five songs. The read-along lyrics match the melodies. Interactive buttons help babies and toddlers develop fine motor skills as they build early literacy skills. This adorable book is among the ideal baby baptism gifts.

        +Sturdy board pages
        -No vocals, only written lyrics and melody
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        • My First Rosary

          Rosaries are Catholic baptism gifts. This one comes in a cute ceramic box. The beautiful pearl imitation beads are made of glass. They are 6mm in size. An extra strong chain links the beads of the rosary. It is made of silver-plated iron that will not break or rust.

          +Available as baptism gifts for boys or girls
          -May differ in color from the picture
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          • most popular
          365 Bible Stories and Prayers

          Discover Christ’s love with your child through various original and traditional prayers, bright illustrations, and inspirational readings. The sturdy padded board book is an excellent introduction to faith for boys and girls of all ages. It is an ideal addition to the family’s Christian book library.

          +Simple language
          -Nearly all characters are Caucasion
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          • Nursery Decor Baby Bank

            The piggy bank is inspired by the legendary Noah’ Ark. It colorfully features smiling faces of the animals on the ark. This bank is a childhood treasure to be passed down for generations. Banks like this are suitable baptismal gifts for girls or boys. It is made of carefully hand painted ceramic.

            +Precious Moments collector's item
            Bonus Tips: Precious Moments is a timeless brand.

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            • Baptism to Bride Cross Bracelet

              This bracelet is more than a baptism gift. It is a unique keepsake that a girl can wear when she is baptized, receives her first communion, and as ‘something old’ when she gets married. The sliver keepsake box safely stores the bracelet for decades to be passed from generation to generation. No gift wrapping is necessary.

              +Excellent gift for a goddaughter
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              • Baptism Gift Bookmark

                A ‘Washed by the water’ bookmark is one of the gifts for baptism that make a beautiful keepsake. It is a sweet celebratory token for anyone who was baptized. The bookmark is made of thick, heavy, high-quality stainless steel. This engraved item is an excellent reminder of a baby’s baptism date.

                +Does not scratch easily
                -Cross is tiny
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                • Wall Cross

                  The silver wall cross is made of shining, polished metal and packaged beautifully in a gift box. It measures nearly seven inches in length and 3.5 inches in width. There is a ring hanger at the top that makes hanging simple. Hang it as a wall decor keepsake in a child’s room or nursery.

                  +Available for girls or boys
                  -4.9-star rating
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                  • My Baptism Book

                    Beautiful poetry that features the love of God and celebrates a child’s baptism is contained in this book. It has psalms from Scripture and Bible stories. A presentation page makes the book one of the personalized baptism gifts. There is room for the name, baptism date, godparents’ names, and well wishes.

                    +Age-appropriate language
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                    • Blessing Card in a Frame

                      If you want baptism gifts for boys, consider these two attached 4 x 6-inch frames. The left frame has a poem, and the right has an area for a photo. They are brushed metal with block velour backing and glass fronts. The frames are for tabletop display.

                      -No negative comments stated in the reviews
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                      • Child of God Necklace

                        Baptism gifts for girls may include this beautiful necklace that reminds a girl she is God’s child. It is an excellent gift for anyone who needs to hear reinforcement. The necklace is made of high-quality stainless steel. It is durable and sturdy, lead- and nickel-free, and will not rust.

                        +No allergenic components
                        -Long chain for a little girl
                        Bonus Tips: The necklace is packaged in a velvet pouch.

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                        • Ceramic Piggy Bank

                          The piggy bank is beautifully glazed and measures 8 x 7 inches and has a hand-painted design of Noah’s Ark. High-quality, long-lasting ceramic dolomite is used to make the bank. There is a removable stopper at the bottom and a 1.5-inch slot for coins at the top. Children love learning to save money as they fill up a special piggy bank

                          +Ideal for nursery or children's room
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                          • Prayer Photo Book Album

                            Another item on the list of personalized baptism gifts is this prayer photo book album. Babies love seeing themselves in pictures. Up to 11 photos can be inserted into the book’s sleeves so the baby can recognize special toys, places, and people. Use the book to thank God for all He does and model thankfulness. Color teething rings are safe for the baby to hold and gum.

                            +Stimulating and interactive
                            -Complaints of pages in the wrong order
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                            • Bedtime Praying Hands Book

                              Inspire gratitude, compassion, and love as you share a bedtime prayer with this praying hands-shaped book that is beautifully illustrated. It is filled with modern and classic prayers. The collection helps nurture a lifelong commitment and love of the sacred tradition. Those are the best gifts for baptism.

                              +Wonderful religious introduction
                              -Complaints about condition upon arrival
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                              • our favorite
                              Noah's Ark Playset

                              This set of gifts for baptism is made with babies’ needs in mind. Toys squeak, rattle, or make an associated animal sound. The carrier is approximately eight inches tall, and the plush accessories are roughly 2.4 inches in size. They help babies understand character recognition, sounds, and noises. Share imaginative play with children.

                              - Some toys do not make sound
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                              • Precious Moments Prayer Boy

                                Here is another item on the list of baptism gifts for boys. The Precious Moment figure is ready for bed, dressed in blue pajamas and hands folded in prayer. The toy plays the classic children’s nighttime prayer. His beautifully embroidered facial features are replicas of Precious Moments teardrop-shaped eyes.

                                +Part of a licensed collection
                                -Complaints about voice recording
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                                • My Book of Blessings

                                  Personalized baptism gifts are unique. The book has ten simple and sweet blessings that are personalized and written in rhyme. It helps guide a child throughout the day and opens their hearts, minds, eyes, and ears to the wonders that surround them. The book inspires the child to be the best they can be.


                                  +Names of special people can be added
                                  Bonus Tips: After purchasing, the buyer receives an email to finish personalizing the book.

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                                  • The Lord's Prayer Bear

                                    This is an elegant combination of a keepsake and a sweet plush toy. The squeezable, melodic Teddy Bear is perfect for a little one to hold. Press the tummy and it recites the Lord’s Prayer. There is a silver cross on the right foot and a satin ribbon around its neck.

                                    +Realistic design
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                                    • Personalized Baptism Quilt

                                      At 36 inches x 46 inches, this soft blanket is made of 100 percent cotton. It has a beautiful, scalloped edge and 12 quilted, round medallions. The quilt is an excellent centerpiece for a nursery and a keepsake for the baby’s baptism. You have your choice of four styles.

                                      +Four choices of trim color
                                      -Three or more names will appear smaller
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                                      • Catholic Baptism Gifts

                                        Praying the rosary is a religious practice of Catholics. This is the ideal gift set for a child baptized in the Catholic Church. It is the baby’s first prayer book and rosary. The rosary is made of wooden beads. The items are in a box wrapped in tissue paper for easy gift giving.

                                        +Reasonably priced
                                        -Parental supervision required
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                                        • Baptism Bracelet for Girls

                                          Some baptism gifts for girls come in adjustable sizes, like this baptism bracelet. For children two and under, the bracelet comes in an adjustable four to five inches. The average adult size is adjustable from seven to eight inches. There are two sizes in between also. It is a silver pearl bracelet.

                                          +Comes gift wrapped
                                          -Not real pearls
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                                          • Directional Compass with Scripture Quote

                                            A leather case holds the device that fits nicely in a backpack. The compass needle quickly settles to the north for accurate and timely readings. It is among unique baptism gifts. Your loved one can take it boating, on a jungle safari, traveling, sailing, or trekking adventures.

                                            +Antiquated brass finish
                                            -No light for night
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                                            • Rosary in White and Pink

                                              Rosaries are unique christening gifts for newly baptized Catholics. This one can have a name with up to 11 letters inserted into the rosary. You can choose from round or square beads made of high-quality crystals and pearls. There is also a choice of medals that can be attached. The pink color is sweet and subtle.

                                              +Arrives in a gift box and velour pouch
                                              Bonus Tips: The name is placed in the center of the third decade.

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                                              • Baptized in the Water

                                                Beautiful poetry and prose are featured in this book that explains and celebrates baptism. It illustrated a variety of baptism forms from infant to adult. The book showcases various Christian faith traditions through vibrant illustrations, pointing out we all belong to God. It is among the ideal last minute baptism ideas.

                                                +Represents the variety of God's people
                                                -Some dispute over the theology
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                                                • Baby Dedication Cross

                                                  This cross is advertised for a boy but fits equally on the list of baby girls christening gifts. It is available in two sizes and comes with a hanger. The cross has the classic children’s nighttime prayer printed on a wooden MDF background. There are eight style choices.

                                                  +Gender neutral
                                                  -Pictured florals not included
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                                                  • Baby Quilt

                                                    The oversized 40 x 45 inches baby comforter is the perfect Christian gift for a baby shower or christening. It is a warm, lightweight, and silky soft quilt made of 100 percent breathable cotton. Inspirational scripture is embroidered in the while sections of the blanket. It makes a beautiful keepsake.

                                                    +Available in blue and pink
                                                    -Complaints about the stitching
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                                                    • Matted Print

                                                      Give a meaningful, personalized piece of artwork made from The Christian Alphabet. You can choose from seven mat colors. It is ready to frame if you want to do it yourself, or you can order the piece with a white or black frame. You are asked to supply the name and gender for all orders. The hair and skin color are needed when the letter ‘A’ is used. The provided information places this on the list of unique baptism gifts. 

                                                      -One issue with frame reported
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                                                      • Gift for Goddaughter's Baptism

                                                        Those searching for baptism gifts for girls will be pleased with this handmade glass cross. It is made from pink-toned mosaic glass for a goddaughter. Each cross is individually handcrafted, which gives them a unique design. It is boxed in white paper with a clear lid. A printed, touching message and sentiment is included.

                                                        + Can be hung as a sun catcher
                                                        -Mixed feelings about the size
                                                        Buy from Amazon
                                                        • Necklace in Keepsake Box

                                                          Unique christening gifts are personalized with the name of the person being baptized. The lovely round keepsake box shown here is an ideal gift for a godchild. It is made of earthenware ceramic. You can have the recipient’s name printed along with the little cross on the top. Have a personal message printed on the interior.

                                                          +Necklace is available in three finishes
                                                          -All but one five-star ratings
                                                          Bonus Tips: The message can be one you choose or the one displayed.

                                                          Buy from Etsy
                                                          • Mealtime Feeding Set

                                                            The bamboo dinnerware is an excellent way to bring a smile to a child’s face while teaching them the sweet prayer to say at snack and mealtime. It is an adorable set with bamboo fibers that have a uniquely soft texture. The set includes a plate, cup, bowl, spoon, and fork.

                                                            +A Precious Moment product
                                                            -Not microwave or oven safe
                                                            Buy from Amazon
                                                            • Sailboat Box

                                                              You can personalize the modern sailboat box with your choice of six graphics and seven colors for the text and icon. It is an ideal baptism gift. The recipient can enjoy it all year. Icons from which to choose are a cross image, shamrock, olive branch, heart, star, or little anchor.

                                                              +Perfect size to hold small trinkets
                                                              -Three-dollar charge for changing print color
                                                              Buy from Etsy

                                                            Frequently Asked Questions

                                                            What is the difference between a Christening and a Baptism?

                                                            Christening and Baptism are both religious ceremonies that mark the beginning of a person’s spiritual journey. The main difference is that Christening is typically associated with the Anglican and Catholic Church, while Baptism is associated with other Christian denominations, such as the Baptist and Methodist Church. Both ceremonies involve the pouring of water on the head of the person being baptized or christened, and are typically performed on infants or young children.

                                                            What is a good Christening or Baptism gift for a baby?

                                                            A good Christening or Baptism gift for a baby should be useful, have meaning, and remember this special event. Some popular choices include:

                                                            • A personalized Bible or prayer book
                                                            • A silver or gold cross or other religious symbol
                                                            • A christening gown or outfit
                                                            • A keepsake box or album to store precious memories
                                                            • A custom photo frame or ornament
                                                            • A religious-themed stuffed animal or toy

                                                            What is a good Christening or Baptism gift for the parents?

                                                            A good Christening or Baptism gift for the parents should be useful and help them remember this special occasion. Some popular choices include:

                                                            • A family photo frame or ornament
                                                            • A special book or journal to record their memories and milestones
                                                            • A keepsake box or album to store precious memories
                                                            • A custom-made piece of jewelry, such as a pendant or charm bracelet
                                                            • A religious-themed home decor item, such as a cross or statue


                                                            Baptisms are important moments and need something special to welcome someone into God’s faith. Celebrate the once-in-a-lifetime occasion with baptism gift ideas from the selection above. It has cool baptism gifts for boys and baby girl christening gifts also. Many of the items are personalized baptism gifts that are extra special. They are adorable and practical.