39 Birthday Gifts for the Lady in Your Life in 2022

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Birthday Gifts for the Lady in Your Life in 2022.

When you shop for birthday gifts for a special lady in your life, you want something meaningful. Consider sentimentality, price, and practicality, whether she is a friend, sister, mother, or girlfriend. The items below are options that meet the criteria. She will be delighted to celebrate her special day with a gift as unique as she is.

    • Birthday Wish Candle

      The candle smells wonderful and fills the room with vanilla, sugar, and buttercream notes. Its simplicity of design is ideal for any girl’s birthday. This soy candle is functional and stylish. It blends with a farmhouse, modern, or rustic decor. The burn time is 40+ hours.

      +Pleasant smell when not burning
      -Small size
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      • Rose Gift

        A rainbow rose flower gift never withers or dies. It is encased in an impeccable glass dome that is ideal. There is a color change that follows different light and angles. Beautiful and bright rose gifts signify joy and celebration. The gift is a classic and timeless way to say ‘I love you.”

        +Easy to clean
        -Batteries not included
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        • Funny Wine Glasses

          Funny wine glasses are a wonderful birthday gift. These are printed with premium organic ink. The vivid white print will not fade or chip. You are giving a unique and memorable gift with a wide 15-ounce bowl and sturdy base. Each glass is carefully packed in a white gift box.

          +Give as a single wine glass or as a set
          -Not recommended for dishwasher
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          • Spa gift set

            The spa gift basket contains natural ingredients that refresh and moisturize the body and revitalize the spirit and mind. Lavender essential oils, Vitamin E, and Sunflower Seed Oil are some of the elements that lock in moisture and nourish the skin. The 12-piece set includes a dry hair cap, hand cream, bath puff, bath salt, body butter, scrub, bubble bath, shower gel, 2-piece bath bombs, lavender massage oil, and soap.

            +Creates a calming aroma
            -Minor complaints about faint smell
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            • Wind Spinner

              Laser-cutting technology is used to form a vivid shape from a durable stainless steel material that is strong and flexible. Whether placed in a garden or a bedroom, the reflective gilt powder gives the wind spinner a captivating, sparkling, 3D vision. A swivel hanging hook allows the spinner to twirl in the wind.

              +Indoor/outdoor decor
              -Must be shaped into a spiral
              Bonus Tips: The spinner can be used with a motor to enjoy when there is little or no wind.

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              • Gift Basket for Women

                This gift basket contains some unique birthday gifts for her. Few gift baskets offer three pair of socks and six bath bombs in the same package. There is also a beautiful journal, an elephant ring holder, and a lovely scarf. The set is beautifully packaged and ready to be given as a gift.

                +Items can be individually gifted
                -No pen for the journal
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                • Love Heart Birthstone Necklace

                  A unique double heart shape design symbolizes the love between two people and is among the romantic gifts for her. The chanin and pendant are sterling silver with Rhodium/Rose Gold plating. The safe materials have oxidation resistance and low sensitivity, making them harmless and do not turn skin itchy or green.

                  +Multi-functional travel jewelry box included
                  -A few complaints about the chain
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                  • Temperature Control Smart Mug

                    Extended battery life on the temperature-controlled mug keeps a drink at the ideal temperature for an hour and a half or all day when placed on the charging coaster. The temperature change is set from 120° F to 145 ° F. An app allows control with a smartphone; it is functional without it.

                    +Quick start guide included
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                    • My Wish for You Music Box

                      This classic music box has a Burlwood style finish with details in beaded jewel earth tones. It has a wind-up mechanism that engages the box to play a melodic tune. The interior is cushioned black velvet for storing precious treasures. There are padded decorative feet that protect the shelf or tabletop surface.

                      +Beautiful sentiment under protective glass
                      -Some issues with music quality
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                      • Tapestry Scarf

                        Great birthday gifts for her are versatile. This item can be worn as a wrap, shawl, or scarf. The luxurious fabric is 70 percent Pashmina and 30 percent silk. It is ideal for everyday wear that is extremely soft to the touch, cozy, and warm in the winter.

                        +Available in 39 colors
                        -Tag is attached with hard to remove adhesive
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                        • The Adventure Challenge Scrapbook

                          Among romantic gifts for her is this Adventure Challange Couples Edition. Add romance and spontaneity to the relationship regardless of how long you have been together. Boring date nights turn into things such as baking a pie blindfolded or painting on an unusual canvas. Each challenge has a budget and time guide.


                          +50 Scratch off challenges
                          -Scratch off layer is a bit challenging
                          Bonus Tips: There are editions for friends and family available.

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                          • 2-Piece Jewelry Dish Trays

                            The moon ring holders are excellent gifts for her birthday. A moon shaped jewelry dish is a symbol of elegance and exquisiteness. The trays are decorated with flash dots and are suitable for the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. These dishes take up little space and can hold watches, necklaces, earrings, and rings.


                            +High-quality ceramic
                            -Not very deep
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                            • Unique translucent teardrop earrings feature real flowers grown and handpicked in Mexico that are surrounded by a sterling silver setting and preserved in resin. Natural properties of flowers give each piece a one-of-a-kind look. They have fishhook backing. The earrings are made to last. An electrocoating provides a lustrous appearance.

                              +Eight options available
                              -Luster can wear off with heavy use
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                              • Hummingbird Feeder

                                Exquisite, feathered creatures that hover about a window is just one reason a hummingbird feeder is a wonderful birthday gift. The style and bright colors of this hummingbird feeder make it attractive to hummingbirds. Each feeder is handcrafted by artisans. Embedded pigment will not fade.

                                +Easy to clean
                                -Some complaints of leaking
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                                • Aromatherapy Lavender Neck Wrap

                                  Meticulously handcrafted from fine material, this silky, soft neck wrap will conform to the neck contour and will stay in place when moving. It is filled with organic French lavender and flax seeds. Heat in a microwave before applying for instant stress and anxiety relief. The combination of soothing lavender and heat therapy melt tension.

                                  +Ideal for relaxation and aromatherapy
                                  -Seed get very hot
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                                  • Happy Birthday Wine Glass

                                    Whether you are looking for 21st birthday gifts for her or 30th birthday gifts for her, this fabulous wine glass is ideal for the goddess who enjoys cocktails and wine. Give it to a teacher, employee, female coworker, cousin, sister, or friend. It comes packaged neatly in a glossy, durable pink tube box.

                                    +Decorations will not stain the lips or hands
                                    -A complaint about the ribbon falling off
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                                    • Indoor Garden and LED Grow Light

                                      Mint, Thai basil, thyme, dill, curly parsley, and Genovese basil are gourmet herbs that grow in all natural, chemical-free Miracle Gro Plant Food. There is enough Miracle Gro to last the entire growing season. The digital display control panel has a vacation mode that keeps the hydronics growing system thriving if you are out of town.

                                      +Grows in water
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                                      • Lavender Blend Soaps

                                        Soft, floral, luscious lavender is paired with deep and woodsy frankincense. Other ingredients include goat milk, castor oil, phthalate-free fragrance oil, and essential oil. It helps to soften and moisturize skin. The fragrance smells wonder when using the soap but does not leave a perfume smell after drying hands or body.

                                        +Lots of lather
                                        -Doesn't last long
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                                        • Ashley Woodson Bailey Puzzle

                                          The 750-piece puzzle has the right level of challenge. Ashley Woodson Bailey’s signature ‘florography’ art is featured on the jigsaw puzzle. You will want to display the magnificent, completed puzzle. Each piece is printed with non-toxic, no glare ink. The storage box is perfect for keeping pieces free from damage.

                                          +Unique outline
                                          -Some complaints about duplicate or missing pieces
                                          Bonus Tips: Information about the artist is included.

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                                          • Paint by Number Kit

                                            Painting kits of exquisite scenes and themes can be created while relaxing. This kit has no tiny numbers or spaces for painting that stress-free and enjoyable. No mixing of paint is required. The kit includes an expertly, stretched canvas frame with pre-printed color outlines. A professional looking painting results.

                                            +All supplies are included
                                            -Original print may differ in coloring.
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                                            • Godiva Assorted Chocolates

                                              Gourmet chocolate sweetens the birthday. This assortment includes crunchy nuts, smooth pralines, sweet fruits, and other delightful fillings in dark, white, or milk chocolate shells. Chocolate is also an ideal choice. Surprise someone special with these chocolates that come in a gift box finished with a red ribbon.

                                              +Well-known brand
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                                              • Organic Tea

                                                A selection of herbal tea is among the great birthday gifts for her. This selection has 45 expertly blended sachets. Flavors include Blackcurrant Beauty, Three Ginger, Tumeric Gold, Ginger & Manuka Honey, Lemon, and Elderberry & Echinacea. Herbal experts and nutritionists use the highest quality ingredients in making these teas.

                                                +Recyclable packaging
                                                -A lot of licorice flavoring
                                                Bonus Tips: The package is beneficial to the recipient and the plant with its recyclable packaging and ethically sourced ingredients that are organic and non-GM.

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                                                • Gardening Tools

                                                  If the birthday girl has a green thumb, she can cultivate a beautiful garden with this set of gardening tools. It has everything she needs – tote organizer, gloves, sprayer, weeder, transplanter, cultivator, hand rake, trowel, and shears. The hand tools are rust-resistant aluminum. Japanese SK-5 Carbon Steel is used for the pruning shears.

                                                  +90-day money-back guarantee
                                                  -4.9 star rating makes negatives hard to find
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                                                  • Inspirational Beaded Bracelet

                                                    The receiver writes her goal, wish, or intention on a provided paper scroll and places it in the bracelet, where she wears it closely. It is meant to inspire and be a good luck charm. The bracelet comes in a cute gift box that includes two toothpicks, three scrolls, and a thank you card.

                                                    +Available in 15 colors
                                                    -A bit small
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                                                    • Christian Art Ceramic Mugs

                                                      Each mug features a different scripture quote, flower theme, and color that bring uplifting and thoughtful sentiments. The four-piece set delights nature lovers and gardeners. They are made of durable ceramic with a cadmium-free and lead-free glaze. The mugs are excellent birthday gifts for Christian coworkers, family, and friends who enjoy coffee or tea.

                                                      +Packaged in an open-face gift box
                                                      -Not dishwasher or microwave safe
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                                                      • Soothing Melodic Wind Chimes

                                                        A beautiful blend of function and style is created using recyclable and sustainable aluminum and bamboo to make this wind chime. The long, straight pipe lines and hexagonal angles of the bamboo platform offer a traditional, classy appearance. It strikes a unique G-major Pentatonic scale variation. The chimes are ideal for a garden or patio.

                                                        +Available in six colors
                                                        -Works best with gusty wind
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                                                        • Funny Ankle Socks

                                                          These cute socks are suitable for girls and women who like crazy socks. They fit sizes five to nine. The socks are printed in 3D novelty patterns such as flower skulls, food & snacks, rainbow unicorns, etc. The material is 20 percent cotton and 80 percent polyester.


                                                          +29 designs from which to choose
                                                          -Not available in larger sizes
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                                                          • Zodiac Necklace

                                                            A zodiac necklace is a personalized gift for her. Bezel set zirconia stones accentuate the star arrangements. It is a sophisticated and subtle way to add the proper shine to nearly any ensemble. The necklaces are excellent birthday gifts for sorority sisters or best friends. They are hypoallergenic, guaranteed rhodium-plated nickel on sterling silver 925.

                                                            +30-day money-back guarantee
                                                            -Short chain
                                                            Bonus Tips: The necklace is available in all zodiac signs in both silver and gold.

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                                                            • 2022-2023 Planner

                                                              This planner starts from July 2022 and goes through June 2023. It focuses on the positive and helps with time management and organization. The pages are arranged for a comfortable monthly and weekly planning experience. Some features include prelabeled monthly tabs, elastic closure, an inner pocket, and round corners.

                                                              +Contains encouraging quotes
                                                              -Some complaints about date mix-ups.
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                                                              • Wooden Recipe Box

                                                                Create, capture, and store recipes in this premium recipe box with 250 index cards and a 100-page blank cookbook. There are 50 adorable recipe cards, card covers, and eight blank dividers. These items will become family heirlooms. Save family recipes in personalized birthday gifts for her.

                                                                +Complements modern, retro, and farmhouse kitchen esthetic
                                                                -One complaint about engraving
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                                                                • Coach Gallery Tote Shoulder Bag

                                                                  Handbags are among the top 10 birthday gifts for her. This coach handbag is made of cross-grain leather and has gold-tone hardware. It has an exterior zip pocket and handles with a ten-inch drop. The interior features a lining with two multifunctional slip pockets and one zip pocket.

                                                                  +Available in 25 colors
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                                                                  • Cosmetic Kit

                                                                    An article about the top 10 birthday gifts for her suggests a cosmetic set belongs on the list. It says a cosmetic set is an excellent idea for 30th birthday gifts for her. This all-in-one kit has eyeshadow, blush, concealer powder, eyebrow powder, eyeliner pencil, and a big mirror.

                                                                    +Long-lasting, skin-friendly products
                                                                    -Some packaging issues
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                                                                    • most popular
                                                                    White Noise Sound Machine

                                                                    Six digitally recorded sounds mimic the natural environment for a relaxing experience. They include brook, summer night, rain, ocean, thunder, and white noise. The sleep sound machine is portable and compact for travel. It fits into a suitcase, bag, or purse. Sounds are played continuously or for 15, 30, or 60-minute options.


                                                                    +Plug in or battery options
                                                                    -Batteries not included
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                                                                    • our favorite
                                                                    Long Knit Robe

                                                                    This robe’s soft, comfortable, and lightweight fabric is 95 percent rayon and five percent spandex. It is an elegant mid-calf-length robe with ¾-length sleeves. There are side pockets to stash personal items or keep the hands warm. The robe falls beautifully around the shank for some sex appeal.

                                                                    +16 colors available
                                                                    -Advertised as a cotton blend
                                                                    Bonus Tips: The tie sash is attached to the robe

                                                                    Buy from Amazon
                                                                    • Leather Jewelry Box

                                                                      This two-layer jewelry box offers adequate space for fine jewelry. The top lid has five hooks for pendants and necklaces. An elastic shirred catch pouch keeps chains in place. The top layer has eight ring rolls, four small removable slots, and a plate for earrings with a section underneath. There are six compartments in the bottom layer.

                                                                      +Available in eight colors
                                                                      -Could use a loop to lift the top layer
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                                                                      • our favorite
                                                                      52-Week Gratitude Journal

                                                                      Cultivate an attitude of gratefulness with the self-exploration journal designed to focus on thankfulness for what you have, the simple joys, and the big things in life. There is space for three things you are grateful for each day and an inspirational quote. Begin every day with a positive frame of mind.

                                                                      +Paperback or spiral-bound
                                                                      -Too simplistic for some
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                                                                      • Dog Lover Gift

                                                                        This mug is on the list of personalized gifts for her. It is the ideal gift for a dog Mama. Choose from an 11 or 15-ounce white ceramic mug. The front says, ‘Dog Mom,’ and the back has the dog, skin tone, and hairstyle of your choice. You can choose two dogs if you like.

                                                                        +Dishwasher and microwave safe
                                                                        -Minor complaint about the letter
                                                                        Buy from Etsy
                                                                        • Vegan Leather Makeup Bag

                                                                          There are 14 designs and three sizes from which to choose. The bag has a roomy main compartment and three small pockets for neatly organizing your makeup. Soft PU leather is a durable and water-resistant fabric that protects from spills and is easy to wipe clean. The zip-top closure has reliable double zippers.

                                                                          +Ideal for travel or daily use
                                                                          -Some complaints about the zippers
                                                                          Buy from Amazon
                                                                          • Black Cameo Earrings

                                                                            Black vintage cameos are set in gorgeous 24K antique gold plating attached to long, elegant wires. The one-inch-long earrings are very lightweight. This pair of Victorian-style earrings is handmade. They come in a gift box. These are small and simple earrings that complement any outfit.

                                                                            +Reasonably priced
                                                                            -Some minor complaints about the setting
                                                                            Buy from Etsy


                                                                          Finding the best birthday gifts for her may be a challenge, especially for the favorite women on your list. Regardless of looking for your best friend, significant other, sister, or work-wife, the options may be overwhelming. The best gifts for her are items that are useful and tailored to her