38 Gifts for History Buffs They Will Treasure in 2023

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History buffs are a unique group of people who are passionate about exploring the past and discovering what came before us. They are often the ones who can get lost in museums for hours or will spend their free time devouring books about the past. If you are looking for a gift for a history buff, it can be challenging to find something that they will love and appreciate. That’s why we have compiled a list of the 36 best gifts for history buffs that are sure to delight.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a history teacher, dad, or friend who loves history, these gift ideas are perfect. From unique history-themed clothing to rare books and personalized maps, we’ve got you covered. Our list of the best gifts for history buffs includes items for all interests and budgets. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to find the perfect gift for the history lover in your life.

When it comes to buying gifts for history buffs, it’s important to find something that aligns with their interests. For example, if they love military history, a book on World War II or a model plane could be a great gift. If they are interested in maps and geography, a personalized world map or a set of antique maps could be perfect. Whatever their interests, our list of the best gifts for history buffs has something for everyone. So, go ahead and make their day with a gift that shows how much you appreciate their love for history!

    • 2023 History Boxed Calendar

      Gifts for history buffs share fascinating facts. This record of extraordinary happenings comes from among the best-respected and most relied-upon sources. This history-boxed calendar has 365 days of facts about inspiring people, groundbreaking inventions, remarkable accomplishments, and influential events from early civilization to the present.

      +Perfect desk gift
      -Paper backing is a bit unstable
      Buy from Amazon
      • Funny Mens Novelty Socks

        Gifts for history lovers may include these patterned crew socks with figures of John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Queen Elizabeth. The socks are stretchy and comfortable. They fit sizes six to 12. Six pairs of machine-washable socks are made from 90 percent polyester and ten percent cotton.

        +30-day money-back guarantee
        -A little thin
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        • our favorite
        History of the World Map by Map

        Maps are historical presents that show where to go and where we have been. This book is ideal for those who want to learn about some of world history’s most significant events. It starts with the evolution and migration of African ancestors. There are maps related to the Ottoman rise, Medieval European trade routes, the Mongol Conquests, the Greek and Persian Wars, and more.

        +Easy-to-read text
        -Mostly military conquest, little on the age of discovery
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        • Chronology

          Games that teach about history are excellent gift ideas for history buffs. Chronology tests the players’ knowledge of history. They build a timeline of cards. Someone reads a card about a historical event. Players decide where the event falls in their timeline. If correct, they keep the card to build a ten-card timeline.

          +Two to eight people can play
          -Predominantly USA questions
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          • most popular
          The Book of Unusual Knowledge

          This gift for history buff suggestion is ideal for the curious mind with a passion for learning. It includes various fascinating games, lists, anecdotes, and fascinating articles. Expand knowledge of politics, history, technology, sports, art, the animal kingdom, and more. Topics are presented in the form of questions.

          +Excellent book for trivia lovers
          -Issues with the bookbinding
          Buy from Amazon
          • America's Heroes and History

            Paperback book collections are excellent history nerd gifts. This set made the New York Times bestseller list. You cannot understand the future without honoring the past. Brian Kilmeade helps bring some pivotal moments in history alive. The books are written in a face-paced, page-turning style that promises a thrilling ride through history.

            +Easy to read
            -One complaint about the accuracy of the content
            Bonus Tips: The very descriptive material keeps the reader's interest.

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            • World War II Book

              This book is among the gifts for WWII buffs. It explores and explains the defining period in history. The war is captured with hundreds of compelling images. It presents the politics, places, and people involved in the conflict. There is chronological information about what led to the war, military battles, and the aftermath.

              +First-rate timelines, maps, and illustrations
              -Paperback version is more expensive than hardcover
              Buy from Amazon
              • Funny History Lover T-Shirt

                This shirt belongs on the list of gifts for history nerds who are fascinated by history and talk about it often. Be advised the recipient may start talking about history. It is suitable for history lovers, history majors, history students, and history teachers, whether they are interested in ancient, cultural, or political history.

                +Available in five colors
                -Some people object to imported goods
                Buy from Amazon
                • Greenline Goods Whiskey Glasses

                  These whiskey glasses are excellent Christmas gifts for history lovers. They unmistakably represent the U.S. Constitution. The celebrated document wraps around the glasses for a distinctive effect. This set is a unique patriot gift for anyone who loves history, drinking fine spirits, and the USA. The glasses are dishwasher safe.

                  +100 percent money-back guarantee
                  -Wording may fade
                  Buy from Amazon
                  • My Dad Had That Car Book

                    This book has over 10,000 illustrations of American automobiles and is among the ideal history gifts for Dad. The book covers 70 years; It is the most complete illustrated history of American cars. It includes factory-fresh drawings and photographs from current brochures, catalogs, and advertisements.

                    +Available in Kindle or hardcover formats
                    -All illustrations are in black and white
                    Buy from Amazon
                    • Founding Fathers Coin Collection

                      Beautiful gold-coated coins of our founding fathers are American history gifts Franklin Mint has assembled in this coin collection. Each coin is coated in 24K gold and displays the image and name of a great man in American history. Detailed fact cards about Jay, Madison, Hamilton, Franklin, Adams, and Washington are included.

                      +White inspection gloves provided
                      -Gold-plated coins not as valuable as all gold coins
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                      • Presidential Slogan Coffee Mug

                        Coffee cups make excellent gifts for people who like history. This one has 29 classic slogans from Adlai to Zachary. Slogans are conservative and liberal, with more historical and modern conversation-starting material. It is a 12-ounce ceramic mug. The image will not peel.

                        +Dishwasher and microwave safe
                        -Handle is small
                        Bonus Tips: The mug would be an excellent gift for a political science teacher.

                        Buy from Amazon
                        • Presidential IQ Trivia Game

                          Trivia games are excellent history buff Christmas gifts. Presidential IQ covers many interesting trivia and facts that United States presidents encountered in American history. It is an ideal gift for those who already love politics and history and want to know more. The game spreads knowledge and appreciation of American history and civics.

                          +Educational game.
                          -Not all questions are about presidents
                          Buy from Amazon
                          • History of Firefighters Poster

                            Gifts for history enthusiasts include many types of interests. This poster is available for those interested in the history of firefighters, aviators, baseball, the Civil War, marines, the navy, police, soldiers, WWII, military women, and American heroes. The memorabilia gift is appropriate for men and women. It can be displayed in a bedroom, an office, or a dorm room wall.

                            +Pictures a timeline of the subject
                            -Best purchase includes a frame
                            Buy from Amazon
                            • History From the Dawn of Civilization to the Present Day

                              The best gifts for history buffs tell comprehensive and compelling stories of the world in detail, from the origin of life to the present. This book is a visual encyclopedia of human achievements that charts and celebrates from every angle, including groundbreaking ideas, key events, technological advancements, and political forces that shaped the world’s progress.

                              +Stunning illustrations
                              -More reference than entertainment reading
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                              • our favorite
                              Lego Statue of Liberty

                              Many of the best gifts for history lovers are symbolic. This centerpiece of the Statue of Liberty delivers a rewarding experience for those interested in design, history, travel, and architecture. It features a detailed pedestal for the iconic Lady Liberty, complete with a golden torch and crown. There are 1685 pieces in the set.

                              +Authentic beige and sand-green color
                              Buy from Amazon
                              • WWII Monopoly Game

                                This WWII version of a Monopoly game is among the gifts for people who love history. The tokens for the game include an American helmet, Sherman Tank, LCVP, Cathedral Radio, Boot, and B-17 Bomber. It deals with events such as the Battle of the Bulge, D-Day Normandy, and Pearl Harbor. The goal is to rally troops to victory.

                                +Cards contain facts about WWII
                                Bonus Tips: The game is published by the National WWII Museum

                                Buy from Amazon
                                • Great Pyramid of Giza Lego Set

                                  Some Lego sets are cool gifts for history buffs. This one is a time-traveling project for adults that allows them to experience how the Great Pyramid of Giza and the surrounding area may have looked in ancient times. When completed, the measurements are 8 x 13.5 x 12.5 inches.

                                  +Excellent gift for lovers of travel, history, and architecture
                                  -It is only a section of a pyramid
                                  Buy from Amazon
                                  • Battles that Changed History Book

                                    Books about events that had a lasting historical impact are cherished gifts for historians. This book highlights 5000 years of world-changing combat. It covers the Ancient Civil War, WWI, WWII, the Cold War, and beyond. Photographs, paintings, and maps reveal stories behind over 90 critical battles. The book shows how fateful decisions led to victories and defeats.

                                    +Profiles of famous military leaders included
                                    -Poor resolution on electronic devices
                                    Buy from Amazon
                                    • Constitution Silk Necktie

                                      This gift for history lover is a patriotic statement and an ode to our forefathers. The US Constitution is cleverly captured in the wearable design. The tie is 57.5 inches long and 3 1/8 inches in width. It is a whimsical, unstated design that has been hand finished. It comes in a tine can for gifting.

                                      +Available in four colors
                                      Buy from Amazon
                                      • The World War 2 Trivia Book

                                        Books like this are excellent gifts for war history buffs. The bite-size con chapters are easy-to-read for more than historians. Each chapter has some trivia included and asks some questions to test the reader’s knowledge. It contains the World War 2 events, gritty details, and weird facts. The information is a combination of sad, scary, sexy, and strange.

                                        +Available in Kindle, audiobook, and paperback formats
                                        -Sexual content may not be appropriate for kids
                                        Buy from Amazon
                                        • Firearms Book

                                          Many gift ideas for history lovers are books. That is where much of history is recorded. This book is a beautifully photographed catalog that tells the story of the development of firearms in striking detail and stunning close-ups of machine guns, shotguns, rifles, revolvers, pistols, muskets, and modern machinery.

                                          +Discusses great gun makers
                                          -Could use a glossary for some terms
                                          Buy from Amazon
                                          • Henry VIII Disappearing Coffee Mug

                                            The best gifts for a history buff are those that make history come alive. This is a remarkable mug that makes the wives of Henry VIII disappear. In real life, two were executed, one divorced, one died, and one survived to be a widow. When a hot beverage is poured into the cup, outlines and the manner they departed are left behind.

                                            +Fun mug
                                            -Not dishwasher safe
                                            Bonus Tips: This cup makes an excellent conversation piece.

                                            Buy from Amazon
                                            • Original Piece of the Berlin Wall

                                              This is among the unique gifts for history buffs. It is an original piece of the Berlin Wall, mounted in an acrylic display. The recipient will own a piece of history in the literal sense. Each piece is different in size and shape. It is ideal for educational and school displays.

                                              +Medium and large size come with a Certificate of Authencity
                                              Buy from Amazon
                                              • Sextant Brass Navigation Instrument

                                                The gorgeous solid brass sextant is among the unique history gifts. It has a rich, aged brass finish. There is no compromise in quality. The instrument is packaged in a seasoned wood box. Use it as a tabletop item in an office of home. It makes an excellent gift for a history professor.

                                                +Helps measure longitude, latitude, and the horizon
                                                -Not fully calibrated
                                                Buy from Amazon
                                                • Theodore Roosevelt - Book Page Print

                                                  Items related to influential people of our past make great gifts for history buffs. The seller has made every effort to let buyers know this print is not framed. Frames that fit the print are available on Amazon. This print is on semi-matte Fuji Crystal Archive paper that will last a lifetime.

                                                  +Suitable for any room decor
                                                  -Frame is purchased separately
                                                  Buy from Amazon
                                                  • Paperback Book About 52 Must-See Movies

                                                    This book showcases 52 movies from the silent era to the 1980s. These movies had bold directional visions, dazzling dance numbers, and stirring performances that mark great moments in film history. Recommendations are Christmas gifts for history buffs that suggest a movie for every week of a year. The book features black-and-white and full color photographs.

                                                    +Insightful notes for each movie
                                                    -Movies not included
                                                    Bonus Tips: The book contains commentaries for past and present film stars.

                                                    Buy from Amazon
                                                    • Ultimate Visual History of the World

                                                      Fascinating threads of human history are illustrated in the monumental volume that contains revealing photographs, archival imagery, and maps. History from early times to the present comes alive. Each page has thought-provoking text and stunning visuals that make the book a classic. The visually driven book is far-reaching, yet browsable and user-friendly.

                                                      +Published by National Geographic
                                                      -Issues with book binding
                                                      Buy from Amazon
                                                      • The Book of Extraordinary Facts

                                                        The 704-page book is full of information about crime, religion, history, art, sports, food, technology, nature, pop culture, and more. Amusing anecdotes, enthralling stories, and unusual facts keep readers busy for hours as they get lost in perusing the pages. The book engages the mind and intrigues the imagination.

                                                        +Excellent book for trivia lovers
                                                        -Some questionable facts
                                                        Bonus Tips: Encounter remarkable people, quirky traditions, and strange events.

                                                        Buy from ultimategiftguide.co
                                                        • When Hitler Took Cocaine and Lenin Lost His Brain

                                                          This is the first in a series of outrageously entertaining books. It contains illuminating, intelligent, accessible, and colorful unknown historical chapters. The author, Giles Milton, delves into little-known stories from history. It covers espionage, slavery, murder, war, and adventure. Learn about the emperor of the U.S., Japan’s balloon bomb, Hitler’s final hours, and a female Robinson Crusoe.

                                                          +Available in Kindle, audiobook, and paperback formats
                                                          -Complaints about stories being too short
                                                          Buy from Amazon
                                                          • The House of Wisdom

                                                            A myth-shattering view of the Islamic scientific innovations and their roles in the European Renaissance’s inception is presented. Many innovations thought to be Western science hallmarks have roots in Arab history during the Middle Ages. Author, Jim al-Khalili, is a leading British-Iraqi physicist who resurrects a lost chapter in history.

                                                            +Available in five formats
                                                            -Kindle edition is missing some photos
                                                            Buy from Amazon
                                                            • The Complete Civil War Trip Guide
                                                              1. For history buffs that want to see where history occurred, this is an indispensable book that contains information and reviews about 450 historic sites across the U.S. related to the Civil War. All 384 principal battlefields are listed. Each entry is an in-depth overview of the battle.
                                                              +Suggested road trip itineraries are included
                                                              -Could use more maps
                                                              Buy from Amazon
                                                              • Battles That Changed History

                                                                Relive 5000 years of combat that changed the world. This military book is a journey through history’s battlefields, beginning in ancient times through the Civil War, WWI, WWII, the Cold War, and beyond. Photographs, paintings, and maps reveal the stories behind over 90 critical battles.

                                                                +Famous military leaders are profiled
                                                                -Chronological presentation is hard to follow
                                                                Buy from Amazon
                                                                • This Day in Military History

                                                                  This is a day-by-day record of military events that made their mark on the United States and world history. It comprises groundbreaking innovations, courageous soldiers, historical military operations, and legendary battles. Learn fascinating facts daily and share them with trivia fans, veterans, and history lovers. It makes a perfect office or desk gift.

                                                                  +Includes cardboard backer for display
                                                                  -Small font
                                                                  Buy from Amazon
                                                                  • A Visual History of the Civil War

                                                                    Eyewitness accounts from civilians and soldiers are included in the visually arresting guide covering the war’s causes and consequences. Clear timelines and key military leader profiles give an overview of the Civil War development. It is lavishly illustrated with paintings and photographs that showcase equipment, weapons, and other artifacts.

                                                                    +Produced in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institute
                                                                    -Not a lot of narrative
                                                                    Bonus Tips: The book helps kids understand the history of America.

                                                                    Buy from Amazon
                                                                    • Code Talker

                                                                      One of World War II’s original Navajo code talkers wrote this memoir. The author’s name was not Chester Nez. It was assigned to him at the Fort Defiance boarding school that punished him for speaking in his native language and tried to rid him of his traditions and culture. It did not stop him from defending his country.

                                                                      +Available in five formats
                                                                      -Writing style is a bit choppy
                                                                      Buy from Amazon
                                                                      • Visual History of Trains

                                                                        The Train Book covers history from the 19th-century steam locomotives to today’s high-speed bullet trains. Experience staggering scenery and epic journeys that cross continents, from the Trans-Siberian Railway to the Union-Pacific Railroad. You meet the pioneers of track and train. The book is for transport enthusiasts and trainspotters everywhere.

                                                                        +Pages are beautifully designed
                                                                        -Heavy on European trains
                                                                        Buy from Amazon
                                                                        • History of the World Mad Libs

                                                                          Mad Libs is an excellent word game. It is an ideal activity or gift for anyone who loves to laugh. Fill in the missing words to create hilariously funny stories about history. There are 21 fill-in-the-blank stories about historic landmarks, famous inventors, and the Seven Wonders of the World. Play in a group or alone.

                                                                          +Fun family activity
                                                                          -Prevent insulting anyone with the caveat to make only positive remarks
                                                                          Buy from Amazon

                                                                        Frequently Asked Questions

                                                                        What are some good gifts for history buffs?

                                                                        Unique apparel with historical themes, rare books, old prints, historical maps, and museum admission tickets are all excellent gifts for history buffs.

                                                                        What are some gift ideas for history lovers on a budget?

                                                                        A subscription to a historical magazine, vintage postcards, history-themed coffee cups, or even a set of coasters are a few gift suggestions for history buffs on a budget.

                                                                        What are some unique gifts for a history teacher?

                                                                        A personalized globe map, a collection of historically accurate documents, a teaching tool that clarifies historical ideas, or even an uncommon board game with a historical theme are some unique gifts for a history teacher.

                                                                        What are some gifts for a history buff that is interested in a specific time period?

                                                                        Books about a particular era, replica artifacts from that era, historical paintings or prints, or even a collection of period recipes are all appropriate presents for history buffs.

                                                                        What are some good Father’s Day gifts for history buffs?

                                                                        A personalized history-themed wallet, a history book on his favorite subject, a collection of old maps, or even a visit of a nearby historical location are all suitable Father’s Day gifts for history fans.

                                                                        What are some good Christmas gifts for history lovers?

                                                                        A collection of historical decorations, a personalized history-themed coffee table book, a framed historical map, or even a family-friendly history-themed board game make excellent Christmas gifts for history buffs.


                                                                        Many gifts for history buffs are books that deal with war. They have the most impact on the history of the world. This list of gifts for history lovers also has items that include calendars, apparel, games, and drinkware. Other topics include the history or cars, trains, movies, and firearms. Some of the historical presents can be hung on the wall or make excellent table or desk displays.