39 Coolest Japanese Gifts to Make Your Friends Say “Arigato!” (2023)

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If you love everything Japanese, you’ll be glad to hear that we have access to some of the most fascinating and distinctive Japanese-themed gifts that are perfect for every occasion. Whether it’s for a friend, a family member, or even a business acquaintance, our goal is to assist you in finding the ideal gift for that special someone who loves the Samurai country.

Gift-giving is a meaningful part of Japanese society, and it is taken very seriously. We provide a wide selection of Japanese presents that may be customized to suit diverse tastes and preferences, from the conventional to the offbeat, adorable to cool. We have Japanese gifts for him and Japanese gifts for her that will make you the envy of all of your friends.

We have exquisite origami sets, Japanese tea sets, and handcrafted pottery if you’re seeking for traditional Japanese presents that will wow. We have cute stationery, items with anime themes, and amusing plush toys if you’d rather have something charming and whimsical. And if you’re all about the hip and current, we’ve got you covered with a selection of cutting-edge digital devices, chic apparel, and eye-catching accessories.

Our passion is assisting you in finding the ideal gift for your loved ones. Whatever the occasion, we have a gift that will brighten their day. Let us therefore assist you in choosing the perfect Japanese gift that will make the recipient smile and add a touch of class and culture to your gift-giving custom, whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or just because.

    • Japanese Coke Logo T-Shirt

      This is an officially licensed Coca-Cola T-shirt. The lightweight, classic fit has a double-needle hem on the bottom and sleeves. Words written on the shirt translate to ‘Refreshing tasting.’ They are screen printed with quality graphics. The fabric is a comfortable thickness that gets softer with repeated washings.

      +Available in five colors
      -Runs small
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      • Cat Mug Coffee Cup

        Cute Japanese gifts like this cat mug play a role in your home or office. The exquisite design is suitable for cold or hot drinks. It is a useful and original gift for cat lovers, friends, colleagues, and relatives. This mug comes with a cat paw spoon and kawaii coaster.

        +Available in four colors
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        • our favorite
        6-Pack of Cat Gel Pens

        These pens are a fun way to write, draw, or sketch. Use your imagination to write in a notebook or create decorative writing. The set is an excellent Japanese gift for children. Writing with the pens is easy due to the smooth strokes they make. They have a fresh and simple style.

        -Ink may bleed through paper
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        • Tokaido in Japan is synonymous with elegance. In the famous board game, every player is expected to tread the magnificent Japanese roads. As they travel, players are expected to try out delicious meals, unravel great mysteries, collect unique items, and explore wild places. If you know someone who is fond of board games, you can give them a Japanese touch with the famous Tokaido board games.

          This gift option is interesting and helps keep you engaged with your group as you look forward to having a great time with friends and family. It is a perfect gift option for celebrations and festivities.

          +Great game which is easy to learn and fun to play
          -Packaging not great
          Bonus Tips: Tokaido is now available in digital format on both the Apple iTunes store and the Google Play store

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          • Life is indeed complicated in the modern era. You are always expected to be thoughtful and moving forward. A hobby or relaxing activity can calm you down while helping you to take your mind off things.

            The classic set depicting Japanese culture is like a mini DIY garden that you might enjoy. It is a classic Japanese tradition popular amongst those who adore Japanese culture. It is also available with a dedicated censors set. The beautiful Zen garden will be an excellent gift for those who adore Japan and its unique traditions.

            +High quality and excellent design
            -Little expensive
            Bonus Tips: Different choices are available

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            • Do you wish to learn a foreign language? It will take much persistence and dedication. It can be a difficult task in the beginning. However, as you continue learning the basics and acquiring basic skills, the process becomes fun-filled. Nothing is more rewarding than achieving success in learning a new language that was utterly foreign to you.

              Flash cards can help you learn a new language like Japanese by revising and consolidating the information you have already studied. Your gift recipient will have immense fun using these flashcards -especially if they start learning Japanese.

              +Highly useful language tool
              -Uses only American, Latin, and Spanish
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              • Gifts can comprise anything that surprises and interests the receiver. Therefore, it could be a travel guide or a travel book. Chances are that your recipient might already have it. Still, all travel enthusiasts and book lovers might adore guidebooks and journals.

                If you know someone who is going to visit Japan anytime soon or is fond of Japanese culture, a comprehensive Japan travel guide can be the perfect gift. Most travel guides contain essential information that travel enthusiasts traveling to Japan would love to go through beforehand. It also features insider tips that will help any traveler save money while ensuring a better experience in the country.

                +Great book for travelers
                -Pages not properly organized
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                • Japanese Style Home Model Kit

                  Japanese gift ideas may include this miniature dollhouse. It is a meaningful and creative gift to give as a Valentine’s Day, birthday, or Christmas present. The kit develops creative and hands-on ability with more delicacy than most handcrafts. This DIY dollhouse is collectible. All materials are safe and eco-friendly.

                  +Furniture and accessories included
                  -Complaints about the battery pack
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                  • It is a must-have item for all Matcha tea lovers out there. Matcha tea is a unique Japan-based beverage featuring natural antioxidants and energetics of Matcha Tea. Therefore, you can whisk up a great cup of lump-free, delicious frothy Matcha with the exclusive Japanese Matcha Tea Set.

                    When you give it away as a gift, the recipient can enjoy the authentic, traditional Matcha tea drinking experience. The set is what someone might need to commence a delicious cup of lump-free, frothy matcha tea.

                    +Great quality
                    -The utensils are not of excellent quality
                    Bonus Tips: Money-back guarantee (if not satisfied with the quality)

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                    • Are you a coffee lover or know someone fond of coffee as their daily dose of caffeine and energy? This classic brew coffee maker takes inspiration from the Japanese culture and serves to be a perfect gift for all coffee-lovers out there. The classic design of the unique coffee maker helps in adding an elegant touch to the kitchen.

                      As you watch the coffee brew in this high-end appliance, it will make you enter the blissful coffee world. Soon enough, you will get access to a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee with a great, inviting aroma. The full-fledged coffee flavor can be prepared and tasted at home. The Japanese crew coffee maker is great for those who are seasoned coffee-drinkers.

                      +Easy to use
                      -Rather feeble and flimsy
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                      • Ramen Bowl Set

                        The ramen bowl set provides an Asian experience like no other. It has two bowls, two spoons, and two sets of chopped sticks. They are sturdy enough to withstand frequent use. The set is shatter-proof, durable, and premium-looking. Food-grade melamine is used to make the set. They are excellent gift for Japan lovers.

                        +Dishwasher safe
                        -Bowls become very hot in microwave
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                        • Japan is famous for its use of traditional teapots made out of cast iron in elegant tea ceremonies in the nation. The practice of using cast iron teapots during high-end ceremonies dates back to the time of the 17th century.

                          The exquisite teapots in cast iron can serve as one of the best traditional Japanese gifts on special occasions like housewarming or other celebrations. The cast iron structure of the teapot helps in preserving heat for long while maximizing the delicious aroma and flavors of the tea inside.

                          +Nice gift item
                          -Can rust quickly
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                          • Do you know someone who is a cooking enthusiast? Or, is someone fond of Japanese cuisines? Then, this Bento Cookbook is one of the best Japanese-themed gifts for all amateur or seasoned chefs out there. Bento trend has fueled the Western culture of food and cuisine significantly in the past few years.

                            Bento-inspired cuisines are interesting and sought-after -not just by culture, but also by the healthy and economical approach to eating during recession. Bento Cookbook features an array of interesting recipes for famous and simple-to-prepare Japanese cuisines that all Japan-lovers will adore.

                            +Best for beginners
                            -It is more about Japanese style food
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                            • IUP OH! Sushi Game

                              This is a balancing game that uses sushi-themed pieces. There are ten games to enjoy. They include sushi shogi, sushi tower, and more. The package comes with instructions on how to play the games. There are 48 sushi pieces, a die, a sticker, four board sheets, three wasabi sheets, and the instruction manual.

                              +Use a dry cloth to clean
                              -Plastic blocks not as sturdy as wood
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                              • most popular

                              Ikigai in Japanese implies the joy of some purpose in life. It is a centralized concept to Japanese way of living and its overall culture. The theory of Ikigai is responsible for the long life expectancy of the nation.

                              The world-famous book Ikigai instantly became a bestseller across the globe. It would make a great gift for all bookworms and those who love exploring new cultures and traditions. Ikigai is also considered as one of the most thoughtful Japanese gifts for teenagers -requiring some insight into life and its meaning.

                              +A book that can change your life
                              -Not as advertised
                              Bonus Tips: It can be translated to twenty different languages

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                              • If you know a Japan lover and will inquire about the greatness of Japan, the chances are that the person will answer about its Food. Japanese cuisines and food have a reputation of being slightly difficult to prepare, but immensely delicious and nutritious. Through the book ‘Tokyo Cult Recipes,’ you can know about some of the best-known and the simplest Japanese recipes you would love to try out.

                                One of the best aspects of the famous Japanese cuisine book is that it features all important Japanese classics (including Miso Soup, Sushi, and others). At the same time, the cookbook also enlists some of the most delicious comfort foods -including gyoza, curry, and other home-based cooking. You will also get access to some interesting photographs of famous Japanese restaurants and home-based meals. Therefore, it serves to be one of the best authentic Japanese gifts you can give away to your loved ones.

                                +Ideal book for standard dishes
                                -Poor packaging can get the product damaged
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                                • Japanese Sake is also known as ‘nihonshu.’ It is a popular rice-based wine made in Japan. It is a great wine set or typical Sake set for those who have a knack for Japanese drinks and beverages -especially wines. The sake set is great serving set featuring small-sized cups and a premium-quality ceramic flask.

                                  A classic Japanese Sake Set is a perfect Japanese gift set for those who adore the culture of the nation. It is also a great gift for those who love experimenting with new drinks and beverages every now & then.

                                  +Great looks
                                  -Can crack soon
                                  Bonus Tips: The package includes 1pc Candle Stove, 1pc Sake Pot 1pc Candle Stove, 1pc Warming Pot, 1pc Sake Pot and 6pcs Sake Cups and 6pcs Sake Cups

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                                  • Japanese Style Wishing Pot

                                    Write dreams on the scroll, put them in the pot, and keep them safe while working toward making them a reality. This Asian blessing jar is a visual reminder of the journey to a happy life. Placing daily affirmations and deepest desires into the wishing pot is a step toward achieving your goals.

                                    +Wide base ensures firm stance
                                    -Scroll of paper is small
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                                    • Do you have a special place in your heart for Japanese treats? Or, do you know someone in love with Japanese cuisines and beverages? The unique Kakigori Maker is a unique gift idea for those who are all about Japan. As the festivities approach, it is one of the most thoughtful Japanese Christmas gifts for your friends and family.

                                      If you are buying this appliance for someone aware of the summer season in Japan, the person must know and adore Kakigori. It is a shaved ice dessert from Japan that is quite popular on hot days.

                                      +Great for the price
                                      -Not good for regular use
                                      Bonus Tips: Incorporates 3 stackable ice molds with covers

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                                      • Are you fond of sushi? Whether for a Japanese or a non-Japanese, a classic sushi-making kit is one of the best Japanese culture gifts. If you know a foodie who is crazy about Japanese cuisines and culture, allow them to have great fun making sushi on their own.

                                        The classic Sushi Making Kit features everything you need to get started with the dish -except the fish. You can access chopsticks, rolling mats, sushi vinegar, sushi rice, recipe books, a fan to cool down the rice, and so on. It is a great gift even to introduce someone to the art of making sushi at home.

                                        +Complete kit
                                        -Problems finding necessary ingredients for their dish
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                                        • Ramen Cat Kawaii Anime Japanese T-Shirt

                                          T-shirts like this one make excellent Japanese Christmas gifts. The shirts are lightweight, have a classic fit, and have bottom and sleeve hems that are double-stitched. The cat icon is the same on each of the five colors available. The shirt comes in sizes ranging from Small to 3X-Large for men, women, and youth.

                                          +Unisex design
                                          -Special care instructions
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                                          • Someone fond of reading can never possess too many of two basics -books and classic bookmarks. If your recipient is a bookworm, traditional Japan-inspired bookmarks can be the best Japanese birthday gifts or perfect for any other occasion. 

                                            Enhance the auspiciousness of the gift, by giving the unique wooden, handmade bookmark for a highly personalized version. When you wish to shop for a meaningful, cheerful bookmark for a book lover, it serves to be a thoughtful gift with immense customization.

                                            +Great product
                                            -Price little high compared to the product
                                            Bonus Tips: When you order one of our refined wooden bookmarks, you'll receive a small work of art that was lovingly crafted right here in the United States at a price anyone can afford.

                                            Buy from Amazon
                                            • our favorite
                                            Japanese Reusable Chopsticks

                                            Japan and chopsticks go hand in hand. Every foodie knows that! Therefore, wooden, reusable chopsticks are the perfect traditional Japanese birthday gifts for those who have a particular affinity for Japan and its interesting culture. The wooden chopsticks are made out of natural wood..



                                            +Very pretty
                                            -Slick coating makes them a bit hard to grip
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                                            • Funny Japanese T-Shirt

                                              Japanese souvenirs ideas include cute Japanese gifts like this T-shirt with a vintage style Japanese design for someone who wishes to or has traveled to Japan. It is a great gag gift to celebrate National Foundation Day Ken koku Kinen no Hi or any friend or family member with Japanese ancestry. The shirt features cherry blossoms, sushi, and the Maneki-Niko cat.

                                              +Available in nine colors
                                              -Material not stretchy
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                                              • In Japan, there is a respective fanbase of Manga magazines and books. People of all ages read Manga and love watching cartoons and TV shows based on this famous animated series. Manga books are graphic novels or comics that have their origin in Japan. They are increasingly becoming famous all around the globe.

                                                If you know someone fond of Manga, it can be a classic Japanese gift set -representing the unique Japanese art and form.

                                                +Excellent set
                                                -Product can be damaged
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                                                • Fresh Blooming Tea Flowers

                                                  Spark the imagination and engage the senses with the blooming tea flowers. Artisans handcraft them with edible flowers and high-quality green tea leaves. When brewed in a glass teapot, they slowly bloom into breathtaking displays as they brew exquisitely scented, deliciously flavored teas. It is believed a pot of tea restores the soul, mind, and body.

                                                  +Each can be steeped two or three times
                                                  -Flavors are a bit weak
                                                  Buy from Amazon
                                                  • Bamboo Thermos

                                                    Flaunt this durable 17-ounce tumbler wherever you go. It will have you brewing favorite hot and cold drinks – anytime or anywhere. The sleek design makes it an ideal travel partner. It is made of 100 percent organic and all-natural bamboo. Each thermos is unique. No two patterns are the same.

                                                    +Keeps drinks hot for 12 hours, cold for 24
                                                    -Reports of lid leaks
                                                    Buy from Amazon
                                                    • Buddha Board Art Set

                                                      Cool Japanese gifts are inspired by the Zen concept of living in the moment. Using water and this classic board, create beautiful artwork that fades as it dries. It helps achieve mindfulness. What we believe, we become. Everything you need is included. It returns to its blank state without peeling, bubbles, or flaws.

                                                      +Appropriate for all ages
                                                      -Some complaints about arriving scuffed
                                                      Buy from Amazon
                                                      • Pukka Organic Tea Bags

                                                        Warm from the inside with a beautiful box of Pukka tea sachets. Ingredients include golden turmeric, sweet Manuka honey, fruity black currants, and fiery ginger root. They are Japanese-themed gifts that are kind to both you and the planet. The tray and box are 100 percent recyclable.

                                                        +Five varieties of tea
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                                                        • Japanese Shun Chef’s Knife

                                                          This Nikiri and vegetable cleaver is a Japanese gift that delivers incomparable cutting performance and extraordinary artistic creativity. The unique hammered pattern makes for a non-stick function. Blades are honed to the ideal angle for smooth and precise cuts. Its design and weight add strength and stability.

                                                          +High-quality construction
                                                          -Handle is not dishwasher safe
                                                          Buy from Amazon
                                                          • The cool puzzle boxes are handmade in a traditional style in Japan. These are available beautiful sets of intricately-designed boxes featuring a puzzle of boxes in different sizes. The boxes feature a unique way to open them -using sliding panels and slide keys to unlock the secrets of the puzzle box.

                                                            It is a great gift idea if you know someone with an adventurous streak. The person will love the authenticity of the gift with a traditional touch to enhance the auspiciousness.

                                                            +Awesome and challenging game to play
                                                            -Dimensions are too small
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                                                            • Japanese Sake Set

                                                              Cherry blossoms symbolize vitality and emotional sustenance. The pattern in this sake set is colorful and elegant. Each is a work of art. Enjoy beauty while you drink. The bottom is frosted glass, and the upper part is crystal clear textured glass. Wine pours easily from the smooth mouth of the bottle.

                                                              +Excellent decorative piece
                                                              Buy from Amazon
                                                              • Ceramic Tea Infuser Cup

                                                                Gifts for Japanese friends have an elegant design and function like this ceramic tea infuser cup. It has a lid, steel loose tea infuser, and double wall tumbler. Steep a perfect cup of your favorite loose-leaf tea. The top keeps the tea hot while steeping. Catch drips by resting the strainer basket on the lid.

                                                                +Sturdy, easy to clean
                                                                -Exterior becomes hot to the touch
                                                                Buy from Amazon
                                                                • Japanese Soul Cookbook

                                                                  It is time for furai, tonkatsu, curry, and gyoza. You will find recipes for these iconic Japanese comfort foods in this cookbook. They are craveable, flavor-packed, and hearty dishes you will find in any Japanese restaurant. You will likely recognize some familiar favorites as you explore a range of satisfying and exciting fares.

                                                                  +Available in Kindle and hardcover format
                                                                  -Instructions a bit difficult to follow
                                                                  Buy from Amazon
                                                                  • Japanese Good Luck Charms

                                                                    Traditional Japanese gifts include good luck charms. The selection pictured here is a good luck charm for health and safety. There are more than ten styles to choose from for things such as wealth, education, and love. They are packed with Omamori Crystals and have a plastic sleeve for protection.

                                                                    +A thoughtful gift for loved ones and friends
                                                                    -Very small
                                                                    Buy from Amazon
                                                                    • Japanese Knife Set

                                                                      The knife and block set has a classic dark red appearance. Exquisite, high-quality Brazilian pakkawood is used on the handles and block to create a beautiful ornament for the kitchen. The 16-piece set includes nine knives, a kitchen shear, six steak knives, and a sharpening tool. German standard steel produces super sharp blades.

                                                                      +Extreme comfort knife handles
                                                                      -Blades may rust
                                                                      Buy from Amazon
                                                                      • Japanese Barbecue Sauce

                                                                        This barbecue sauce’s ‘teriyaki-ish’ flavor is among Japanese-inspired gifts. It is sweet and salty, packed with umami. The recipe is made with a cold fill technique that eliminates the need for extra flavorings, preservatives, and additives. Crave-worthy flavor comes from naturally clean, delicious ingredients. It is produced in small batches to get the freshest product.

                                                                        -Very salty
                                                                        Buy form Amazon
                                                                        • Japanese Soda Variety

                                                                          Japanese soda is fun, fizzy, bubbly, and smooth. Enjoy it with Asian food, Japanese candy, cuisine, and snacks. The flavors included are melon, strawberry, blueberry, orange, and an original flavor. They come in a uniquely shaped bottle with a sealed marble used as a stopper. The soda is fun to open and drink.

                                                                          +Glass bottles wrapped well for shipping
                                                                          Buy from Amazon
                                                                          • Japanese Chin Coffee Mug

                                                                            This beautiful Japanese Chin Breed earthenware mug holds 15 ounces and has a glossy black finish. It is top-rack dishwasher safe and microwaveable. Tamara Burnett, a renowned artist, depicts the image on the front. On the back is a list of three Japanese Chin characteristics. It is the perfect Japanese gift for dog lovers.

                                                                            +Thick and large
                                                                            -Picture may fade if machine washed
                                                                            Buy from Amazon

                                                                          Frequently Asked Questions

                                                                          What are some traditional Japanese gifts?

                                                                          If you’re looking for a gift that’s rich in culture and history, you can’t go wrong with traditional Japanese gifts. Think handmade pottery, delicate origami, and beautiful Japanese-style tea sets. Not only are these items gorgeous, but they also carry deep meaning and significance that make them extra special. Anyone who loves traditional art and craftsmanship will appreciate receiving one of these unique and thoughtful gifts.

                                                                          What are some cool Japanese gifts for tech enthusiasts?

                                                                          With its reputation for innovative technology, you can find high-quality headphones, smartwatches, and digital pens that work seamlessly with tablets and smartphones. These cutting-edge gifts boast the latest in Japanese engineering and design, making them both useful and stylish. Give a gift that will impress and surprise with one of these cool Japanese gadgets.

                                                                          What are some cute Japanese gifts for kids?

                                                                          When it comes to making kids happy, you can’t go wrong with cute Japanese gifts! From cuddly plush toys to adorable stationery and merchandise featuring their favorite anime characters, there are countless options to choose from. With its reputation for all things cute and quirky, Japanese culture is the perfect source for unique and lovable gifts that are sure to put a smile on any child’s face.

                                                                          What are some Japanese gifts for her?

                                                                          elegant kimonos to beautiful cherry blossom prints, intricate jewelry to sophisticated tea sets, the choices are plenty. A classy Japanese kimono or a lovely cherry blossom design are thoughtful gifts that exude sophistication and grace. Intricately designed jewelry pieces make for a unique and memorable present, while an opulent tea set is perfect for the tea-lover in your life.

                                                                          What are some Japanese gifts for him?

                                                                          Stylish bento boxes and traditional sake sets are two examples of great Japanese gifts for him. Cool items like smartwatches and digital pens are available for those who enjoy modern gadgets. There is a Japanese gift out there that will make him feel valued and loved, no matter what his interests are.


                                                                          You can get access to meaningful suggestions and ideas on the best Japanese gifts to surprise the receiver in interesting ways. Go through our collection of the best Japanese presents and surprise your loved ones -including friends and family members.