39 Long Distance Relationship Gifts That Put You There in 2022

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Whether a long distance relationship has just begun or has survived for years, one thing that helps people cope is a gift from their loved one. The best long distance relationship gifts remind your sweetheart how much you care. If you are sending something to a significant other or a spouse, this list has lots of cool long distance relationship gifts from which to choose.

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      A friendship lamp lets you stay connected with a loved one anywhere. An endless number of people can join the group to stay connected. Touch your lamp, and the other lamps light up to let them know they are in your thoughts. The lamps easily connect to Wi-Fi.

      +Each person has a color of their own
      -Paid subscription required for remote access
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      A Love Journal

      This is one of those DIY long distance relationship gifts that lets a significant other know how much they are loved. Thanks to the prompts provided in fun journal format, it makes showing appreciation and affection easy. There are top five lists and fill-in-the-blanks prompts.

      +Additional open-ended pages
      -Some repetitiveness
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      • Gift Basket Care Package

        Long distance relationship gifts for her include this gift box designed with an elegant and modern touch. All long distance relationships are not with lovers. You may need a gift for your best friend who has moved away. This set will bring a sweet surprise and make her feel special.



        +High-quality, premium products
        -Soap smell may soak into mug
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        • Message in a Bottle

          Surprise your beloved with this fantastic art piece. You can choose from four packaging options – the bottle by itself that says, ‘You Hold the Key to My Heart,’ a white wooden house, a colorful teal blue box, or a box made of cute craft paper.

          +Adorable table decoration for men or women
          -Very small
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          • Couples Mugs Set

            These mugs are in simple, modern form with a matte finish. The off-white color palette is paired with contemporary, clean lines. They are cute long distance relationship mugs. Your loved one will feel loved as soon as they unbox the gift. The cups are packed in eco-friendly packaging with signature graphics.

            +You can add a love note to the box
            -Coffee droplets show up on matte finish
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            Long distance relationships involve travel. Show your loved one how anxious you are to see them again by giving them luggage to use when they are on their way. The set has a small, medium, and large suitcase made from strong molded plastic. They have TSA combination locks to provide peace of mind during security checks.

            +Effortless mobility in all directions
            -May incur scuffs and scratches
            Bonus Tips: The set has a two-year manufacturer warranty.

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            • Passport and Vaccine Card Holder

              A quality passport cover protects travel essentials. This one is made from PU leather. It has a soft, comfortable grip, is waterproof, and is easy to clean. The holder is a two-in-one design that has a place for an immunization/vaccine card. It has a clear pocket for the vaccine card, making it ready for inspection.

              +Available in 30 colors
              -May not be sturdy enough for those who travel a lot
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              • Couples Puzzle Piece Keychains

                One of these keychains is not complete without the other. It is a sweet set that is meaningful and simple. Inspiring words are stamped on the puzzle pieces. They make ideal long distance relationship gifts for him or her. The stainless steel keychains are packaged in elegant velvet jewelry pouches.

                +Engraving is easy to see
                -Puzzle pieces are not an exact fit
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                Weighted Blanket

                Nights are a little less lonely with this therapeutic weighted blanket. It is designed to improve sleep and reduce stress and anxiety. The blanket offers a way to calm the body for restful sleep. Adults and children use it to decompress and find comfort—a seven-layer system contours to the body’s shape.

                +Suits any lifestyle
                -Dry clean
                Bonus Tips: The appropriate weight is approximately ten percent of a person's weight plus one pound.

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                • Capsule Letters

                  You can put 25 capsule letters in a glass jar. Inside each pill is a piece of paper to write something to the other half of your relationship. It is an excellent way to express feelings that are difficult to speak. The letters provide a small but potent cure for loneliness.

                  +Available in 90 capsules
                  -Labor of love to fill 25 capsules.
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                  • Weekly and Monthly Planner

                    A chic planner is ideal for organizing upcoming trips to be together. With sorted and time together scheduled, your brain can focus on what is happening where you are. The durable faux leather cover is soft and eco-friendly. It has an elegant and simple design.

                    +An elastic pen holder
                    -Thin pages
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                    From My Heart to Yours Pillowcases

                    The set of pillowcases is one of the cute long distance relationship gifts that are ideal for reminding your partner of you, even if you are not there in person. They will sleep soundly knowing you are not so far away. The pillowcases come in standard, queen, and king-size.


                    +A lightweight gift that will not break when shipped
                    -A bit thin
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                    • Photo Album and Magnetic Scrapbook

                      This chic scrapbook is ideal for making a memory book for your partner to take with them. It is among the cool long distance relationship gifts, even if you have been doing this kind of relationship for a long time. A self-adhesive set-up eliminates photo corners, glue sticks, and sticky dots.

                      +Simple and stylish
                      -No more than two photos on a page
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                      • Love Coupon Vouchers

                        These are unique long distance relationship gifts for her or him. Make your special person feel loved in a meaningful way and save money. There are 15 cards that are used to create priceless memories. Each love coupon helps strengthen the relationship with your significant other.

                        +Excellent Valentine's Day or Christmas gift
                        -No container for loose cards
                        Bonus Tips: The dare to play a fun adult game is one of the DIY long distance relationships gfits

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                        • Engraved Metal Wallet Card

                          The nifty engraved wallet card is the right size to fit in most wallets or purses your partner carries around daily. It is made of quality stainless steel with engraving that stands out. There are two message options and the choice of either a gift envelope or box.

                          +100 percent satisfaction guarantee
                          -Quality of gift envelope may be better than the box
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                          • Portable Charger

                            Staying connected through tablets and phones is an essential element in a long distance relationship. A portable charger is an excellent gift. This one allows charging multiple devices simultaneously. It comes with two USB charging cables and a handy travel pouch. The recharging speed is faster than the standard portable charger.

                            +Surge protection and short circuit prevention
                            -A wall charger is sold separately
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                            • Eternal Rose

                              The lifelong flower is treated to keep it looking freshly picked for years. It maintains its natural, soft feel. The rose is available in six colors. There is no discoloration, no water needed, and no allergic irritability from pollen. It comes in a padded gift box. The rose is a romantic surprise.

                              +Low maintenance
                              -Keep dry and away from direct sunlight
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                              • Fill-in-the-Blank Journal

                                Fill in the journal to let your loved one know how much you appreciate and miss them. There are several selections from the available choices that are suitable long distance relationship gifts DIY. The ‘I Miss You’ is the most obvious. Choose the one ideal for your relationship and fill in the blanks.

                                +Becomes a personalized gift
                                -Some issues about the small size
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                                Digital Photo Frame

                                This device is delightfully effortless to use. You plug it in and connect to Wi-Fi by touching the screen. It is one of those long distance relationship gifts tech savvy people or gamers will appreciate. Choose a Skylight email address meant just for this frame. Photos sent to the address appear instantly.

                                +Durable, simple design
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                                • Homesick Candles

                                  These candles tap into a person’s sensory memory with nostalgic scents. They fill a space with fragrances that remind the recipient of moments, places, and people that matter to them. The candles give new meaning to the phrase, ‘Home is where the heart is.’


                                  +Burn time is 60 to 80 hours
                                  -Limited number of locations
                                  Bonus Tips: Scents include maple finished whisky and old cedar planks of a honky tonk and bergamot and warm vanillas reminiscent of Music City.

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                                  • Aromatherapy Diffuser

                                    An aromatherapy diffuser set is among the cool long distance relationship gifts that provide anxiety relief, meditation, and relaxation. The diffuser is wood and has seven dim and bright mood lights. A mist button is used to adjust the aroma amount. Ten bottles of essential oils are included.


                                    +No fillers or additives
                                    -Scent carries a short distance
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                                    Kissing Mugs

                                    The set of mugs is made of high-quality ceramic. Both the cup portion and handles are sturdy and hard to break. The matching cups are ideal for any occasion. They come in a gift box with a heart-shaped window. Each mug holds ten ounces of liquid. They are available in red and white or black and white.

                                    +Fit nicely together
                                    -Some issues with the paint chipping
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                                    • Airpods Case

                                      Long distance relationship gifts for her are often pink, like this air pods case. Its protective cover is anti-fall, shock-absorbing, and has excellent elasticity, even after prolonged use. The case is AirPods 1 and AirPods 2 compatible. The lower and upper covers separate, and the closing and opening are smooth. The earphones can be taken out conveniently.

                                      +Cleans easily with water
                                      -Does not include air pods
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                                      • Video Game

                                        When you cannot do things in person, you can travel to a virtual destination, solve escape room mysteries, watch concerts, and ride roller coasters with the Oculus Quest 2 system. You will need two of the systems. A PC is not necessary because the Oculus app connects to a smartphone.

                                        +Stunning displays
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                                        • Morse Code Bracelet

                                          With colored beads, these bracelets have a message encoded on them. One says, ‘I’ll be back,’ and the other says, ‘I’ll be waiting.’ Both bracelets come as a set. They are adjustable from extra-large to super small with a sliding knot.

                                          +Reasonably priced
                                          -No return policy information
                                          Bonus Tips: The bracelets are ideal long distance relationship gifts for a short-term job away, moving, basic training, or deployment.

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                                          • Long Distance Relationship Note Cards and Envelopes

                                            DIY long distance relationship gifts can be notes written and placed inside one of these envelopes. Each starts with the words, ‘Open when.’ You supply the rest of the message, or the seller will choose the most popular messages. The brown peel-and-seal kraft envelopes have note cards inside—order quantities from six to 38.

                                            +Customization is free
                                            -Minor complaint about notes being thin cardboard
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                                            • Funny Long Distance Relationship Card

                                              Long distance relationships can be challenging. Make the most of it by sending this funny card. Sending texts and emails is fantastic, but a hand-written personal card is unique. It is a small gesture that will make someone’s day. Everyone loves a notification from someone they care about.

                                              +Packaged in clear plastic sleeve
                                              -Returns and exchanges not accepted
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                                              • Long Distance Picture Frame

                                                A picture frame is an ideal gift for a long distance relationship. Silhouettes of two states and the couple’s names are engraved in a wood frame. Laser graving is used on genuine red adder wood. The frame holds a 5 x 7-inch photo. Wall mount hooks and easel are attached to the back.


                                                +Comes in white gift box
                                                -Exchanges and returns are not accepted
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                                                • Friendship Necklace

                                                  The dandelion seeds mean you get your wishes fulfilled, youthful joy, and long-lasting happiness. It is a beautiful one of the long distance relationship gifts for her suitable for a birthday. Every time it is worn, she will think of you. You can choose from one to seven seeds.

                                                  +Made to order
                                                  -Needs a contrasting background to be noticeable
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                                                  • Custom License Plate Plaque

                                                    This plaque is a unique gift personalized by choosing initials from license plates and placing a heart in between them. The seller will match the states of the couple if the option is available. When initials come from the center of a license plate., a rounded section is added to the beginning and end.

                                                    +Nice balance of color and dimension
                                                    -Not every letter is available from every state
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                                                    • Moutain Ocean Couple Ring

                                                      The ring options include the choice of a mountain or ocean scene and either solid copper or sterling silver. Attention to detail and high-quality material go into the made-to-order ring. It has a gold plating that makes it hypoallergenic. The ring comes in an elegant jewelry box.

                                                      -Not sold as a set
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                                                      • Personalized Pillow

                                                        Something that is never out of style is a personalized gift and is guaranteed to bring joy to the person who receives it. The pillow’s cover is approximately 14 x 14 inches and is made of high-quality linen. It is professionally pressed with infused ink that does not feel stiff to the touch, fade, crack, or peel.

                                                        +Purchase with or without the insert
                                                        -Returns and exchanges not accepted
                                                        Bonus Tips: The pillow cover is available in three colors, and you choose two states for the design.

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                                                        • Care Package

                                                          Use this care package to show someone how much they are loved. It is lovely for long distance delivery. The package arrives in a gift box with crinkle paper and a personalized message. No order-related paperwork is sent to the recipient. The package contains body oil, a soy blend candle, a French green clay mask, bath salts, and hard candies.

                                                          +Choose from two scents
                                                          -Lavender is more popular than orange vanilla
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                                                          • Personalized Earrings

                                                            These minimalist and classic stud earrings come engraved with the outlines of the states you choose. They make the ideal gift for a friend or loved one in a long distance relationship. The earrings are stainless steel and are available in gold, silver, or rose gold plating.

                                                            +Gift wrapping is available.
                                                            -A complaint about the post not being centered
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                                                            • Personalized Engraved Compass

                                                              Instead of the engraving seen in the picture, you can have something like, ‘This will help you find your way to me.’ It is a beautiful and unique compass that you have personalized to reflect the sentiment of your choice. The compass is made of soft brass metal.

                                                              +Each piece is made to order
                                                              -Brass forms imperfections like dents, scratches, and tarnishes easily
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                                                              • Couple Glasses

                                                                Long distance does not mean you feel far apart, as the design on these glasses illustrates. You will love the his-and-her set that reminds you of each other. They are ideal long distance relationship gifts. The design features stick figure cartoon characters in bold contrast to the glasses.

                                                                +Complete image is printed on both glasses
                                                                -A complaint about the company logo display
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                                                                • Best Friend Keychain

                                                                  The sterling silver compass keychain is ideal for anyone who lives far away, a going-away gift, or a graduate. It is excellent for family members and friends. The quote with the keychain will be cherished.

                                                                  +Comes in a gift box
                                                                  -Low inventory
                                                                  Bonus Tips: The seller will change the poem to suit three people.

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                                                                  • Gift for Dad

                                                                    A custom design frame includes a background or wood design that is professionally printed and permanently mounted to a deep wooden plaque that is ¾-inch thick using a unique technique for mounting. An application of a clear coat makes for a lasting finish. The clip holds a 4 x 6-inch photo that you can change.

                                                                    +Can be hung or displayed on a shelf or table
                                                                    -No cover for the photo
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                                                                    • Mental Health Gift

                                                                      Inside the elegantly printed gift box is a personalized gift message, natural moisturizing lip balm, natural scented bath bomb, patterned box of matches, and scented loofah soap. The seller has a long list of items you can add to the care package. Three scents are available.

                                                                      -Returns and exchanges not accepted
                                                                      Buy from Etsy


                                                                    Heartfelt and thoughtful items make the best long distance relationship gifts. They can be picture frames, written sentiments, care packages, or mugs, to name a few. The list above ranges from small items to long distance relationship gifts tech savvy people will enjoy. Some are DIY long distance gifts. There is something for everyone.