About Us

Why We Developed the Ultimate Gift Guide

We have always been big on gift-giving—gifts for kids, gifts for men, gifts for females, gifts for friends, family, and co-workers. Even buying gifts for pets.
We just didn’t like spending countless hours on sites like Amazon researching items and sorting through countless reviews. We figured if we don’t like it, other people don’t either. We believe everything about gift-giving should be fun, not like doing homework!
We made it our mission to develop the ultimate gift guide—a website better than all the rest that makes it incredibly easy to find the perfect gift for every person, pet, and occasion.

What We Do For You

Our Ultimate Gift Guide is unique. It includes a Gift Rap section featuring helpful gift-giving tips, tricks, and advice. We’ve also made it easier to select your perfect presents by including positive and negative reviews for the items we feature. We do all the research for you, so you can spend less time looking for gifts and more time giving them!

We exclusivelylist products found on Amazon, the biggest online retailer with the fastest shipping; Etsy, featuring unique and beautiful handmade items; and Forest Décor—the premier shop for handmade wooden craftsmanship, kitchenware, and home décor.

How We Make Money

In the interest of being completely upfront and honest, we wanted to explain how we make money.

Our readers are the ones who support the Ultimate Gift Guide!

We are a member of the Amazon Associates program, so when you click on one of our gift suggestions and buy it, the company you purchased from might pay us a commission. However, the money we earn doesn’taffect the price you pay in any way.

Not every item we sell earns us a commission either. Some do; some don’t. The purpose of choosing the gifts we list on our site is to give customers like you the best quality and most comprehensive selection of presents no matter what.

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Most of our listed items are on Amazon, so we offer free two-day shipping on Amazon. You’ll even get to try Amazon Prime free for 30 days.

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