37 Best Funny Gag Gifts that Get the Party Started for 2023

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Get ready to tickle the funny bone with our collection of gag gifts for men and women. These laughter-inducing gifts are perfect for adding some humor to any party, gathering, or office function. Whether you’re looking for a silly surprise for friends, a playful prank for family, or a humorous gift for coworkers, we’ve got you covered.

Perfect for Dirty Santa or White Elephant Gift Exchange, our selection of corny jokes, puns, and hilarious gags will bring a smile to everyone’s face. These fun gift ideas are sure to be a hit, even with the pickiest of dads. So, whether you’re looking to show some love, play a prank, or just add some levity to your next gift exchange, our selection of gag gifts has something for everyone – even the ones you love (or love to annoy!).”

    • Dill Pickle Lip Balm

      Dill Pickle Lip Balm is creamy, shea and cocoa butter chapstick that tastes like dill pickles. It may sound a bit weird, but it is strangely addicting. The chapstick is a cute gag gift for a pregnancy craving. Along with moisturizing ingredients of shea and cocoa butter, the balm contains Vitamin E.

      +Adds a slight shine to the lips
      -Slight pickle flavor
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      • Redneck Backscratcher

        If not the best, this backscratcher is the biggest on the planet. With its 15 tines, it gives enjoyment with less effort. It is among the funny gift ideas for milestone birthdays. When your back itches in a place you cannot reach, this backscratcher is the answer to the problem. It is fun and functional.

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        • Cat Butt Tissue Holder

          Let the trusty feline supply tissues for the recipient of this gag gift. It is sure to invoke laughs from visitors to the office or powder room when they reach for a tissue from the quirky cat. Each holder is made of molded resin. It is designed to last and is easy to clean.

          +Great conversation piece
          -Sharp edge on the butt hole
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          • Book of Useless Information

            Frogs have teeth. The toothpick capital of the world is the state of Maine. On the first Thanksgiving, Pilgrims ate popcorn. These are some of the ‘facts’ you find in Noel Botham’s book of useless information. It also answers how long it takes to drive the distance from here to the sun.

            +Trivia lovers may enjoy the book
            -Some 'facts' are questionable
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            • our favorite
            Baby Yoda Chia Pet

            Everything you need is included with the planter. It has seed packets for three plantings and a convenient plastic drip tray. A simple set of instructions are included. It is an affordable and perfect gag gift for any budget. Adults and kids enjoy watching Chia planters sprout into a hilarious creation.

            +Can be washed and replanted
            -Very small
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            • Finger Weightlifting Kit

              Finger workouts are seldom addressed at the gym. Correct the situation with this funny book and weightlifting kit. It has a resistance band, kettlebell, four weight plates, and a barbell. There is also a mini sweatband for the digits. The kit lets you pump iron with your fingers.

              +Sturdy pieces
              -Barbell is lighter than kettlebell
              Bonus Tips: This is an excellent gag gift to remind someone of the need to exercise.

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              • Booty Planter

                People come in many shapes, and so do these booty planters. They are available in your choice of 13 colors and four sizes. This eco-friendly butt planter is designed to enhance a living space. It provides style and a decorative touch. The planters are made of corn-based plastic, which is lightweight and durable.

                +Excellent decoration for a bathroom
                -Plants must be tiny
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                • Bread Shaped Pillow

                  Bread is comfort food. Why not give someone some comfort in the form of a gag gift? This soft, plush pillow has a smooth as silk lining. The pillow is available in three sizes. It also provides excellent lumbar support. Use it as a pillow, bolster, or back cushion.

                  -Difficult to launder
                  Bonus Tips:

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                  • World's Largest Coffee Mug

                    For the family member or friend who exists on coffee, this gag gift means it is only necessary to heat the kettle once for the day. It is 11 inches wide and nine inches tall. The gigantic ceramic coffee mug may be used as a planter also.

                    +Can be used for other purposes
                    -May not fit in the microwave
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                    • Nice Underwear Mat

                      This doormat is an excellent gag gift for women who are picky about their underwear. A tiny part of them will wonder if there is a hidden mirror among the fibers. The mat is made of high-quality natural coir. Ink is printed on the fiber to prevent peeling.

                      +Vacuum to clean
                      -Not meant for heavy use
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                      • Bear Oven Mitts

                        You will not burn your paws with these bear oven mitts. They are made of insulated cotton. The pads allow handling hot foods because they are made of heat-resistant silicone. There is a right and left glove included in the package. It combines functionality and fun.

                        +Fit a wide range of hands
                        -Not particularly flexible
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                        • It's OK to FART Socks

                          The design of these rubber, spandex, polyester, cotton blend socks is woven in and cannot fade. They put a fun spin on traditional gifts for friends, family, girlfriends, or boyfriends. The gray socks have orange and yellow strips at the top and yellow heels and toes. They provide a creative way to express your uniqueness.

                          +Great with sneakers
                          -Small size for men
                          Bonus Tips: There is a cushioned foot for an enhanced feel and fit.

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                          • Emoji Golf Balls

                            Oji-Emoji is a company that offers a premium set of golf balls. There are 11 yellow and one red balls. They make an excellent gag gift and come in a glossy gift box. There are 12 colorful, unique faces. Oji-Emoji developed the product with presentation, quality, and originality.

                            +No duplicate faces
                            -Not for serious golfer use
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                            • World's Smallest Yo-Yo

                              This miniature replica of a Duncan yo-yo features authentic Duncan yo-yo string. You can perform tricks, such as Rock the Baby, Around the World, Sleep, and Walk the Dog. It is available in three styles. The yo-yo takes up minimal room in a bag or pocket. It is an excellent addition to a collection of miniature items.

                              +Good value for the money
                              -Random style selection when ordering
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                              • Sunny the Blobfish

                                A blobfish looks like a fish while in the water. Take it out and it becomes a cartoonishly sad face. The sticky, stretchy technical rubber product is five inches long. With its dour face, it is ironically named ‘Sunny.’ It is fun and entertaining. The blobfish is an excellent gag gift.

                                +Easy to care for
                                -May stain porous surfaces
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                                • Googly Eyes Showdown

                                  This game is one of the funny gag gifts that is also fun to play. Players wear vision distorting glass and attempt to draw something. The goal is for your team to guess what it is supposed to be. It is an excellent game for all ages.

                                  +Simple rules
                                  -May be a bit too big for kids
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                                  • most popular
                                  Prank Pack Roto Wipe

                                  Add laughter to a party with this fun and quirky twist of fun gift-giving. It is a high-quality gift box intended to be presented as a meaningful gift. Try to keep from laughing as you watch a loved one or friend attempt to be gracious when receiving it.

                                  +Easy to assemble
                                  -Expensive for an empty box
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                                  • our favorite
                                  Yodeling Pickle

                                  With the push of a button, this pickle yodels its heart out. It is the ultimate conversation piece. The plastic pickle is 5.75 inches long. It has no briny odor. The pickle has been used to calm crying babies and anxious adults. This electronic pickle is battery-operated.

                                  +Battery included
                                  - Lack a variety of yodels
                                  Bonus Tips: A New England tradition involves finding a pickle in the Christmas tree. This yodeling pickle would be great for that purpose.

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                                  • Bozo Bop Bag

                                    The classic inflatable toy is 46 inches tall. It is a reproduction of the 1960s Bozo Bop Bag. The boxing bag comes with a sand-filled base that gives a bop back feature. It has 3D hair and a squeaky nose. The bag is made of durable, soft vinyl.

                                    +Easy to inflate
                                    -Sometimes fails to pop up
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                                    • Morning People Mug

                                      The message is printed on both sides of this mug. It is dishwasher and microwave safe. The cup is resistant to restaurant and house use. It has a large, easy-grip handle. A durable gift box containing bubble wrap protects the mug during delivery. It is an affordable novelty people appreciate for years.

                                      +100 percent money-back guarantee
                                      -Small size
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                                      • Tears of My Staff Tumbler

                                        This travel mug is a funny gift idea for a variety of administrators, male or female. It is vacuum double-wall insulated. The tumbler keeps drinks at the ideal hot or cold temperature for a long time. It is spill-resistant and portable. The 20-ounce capacity is the right size to hold a favorite beverage and fits nicely in hand.

                                        -Only one color available
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                                        • Bacon Strip Bandages

                                          Add some sizzle to a flesh wound. Use these bandages to treat minor scratches, scrapes, and cuts. They offer a little protection. If the bandages are not enough to dry up tears, there is a bonus trinket inside the tin. The tin contains 25 bandages—each measure about 3 inches x 1 inch.

                                          +Great for bacon lovers
                                          - Do not stick well
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                                          • Remote Control Fart Machine

                                            Fart whenever and wherever you like. Here is your chance to disgust or impress your family and friends. It is a new and improved answer to the whoopee cushion. The machine makes 15 fart sounds that seem very real. Strategically place the device and let it rip.

                                            +Great April Fool's prank
                                            -May go off without pressing button
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                                            • Bathroom Guest Book

                                              This throne-room tome offers ample doodle space and provocative prompts to allow guests to write something for posterity. It is a unique gag gift. The padded 112-page hardcover book has a foil stamped page marker. Bring some humor and creativity to everyday life. It makes for a memorable trip to the bathroom.


                                              +Entertaining reading material
                                              -Some may find it unsanitary
                                              Bonus Tips: This guest book provides humor and verve that is lacking in ordinary guest books.

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                                              • Insulated Faux-Paper Bottle Cozy

                                                Fred’s Wine-O bottle bag is a street style bottle cozy. It looks like an ordinary crumbled brown paper bag but is an insulate bag made of a super strong, non-woven fabric. The cozy keeps wine cold. It comes in a colorful giftbox. The bag is reusable.

                                                +Classy and hilarious
                                                -Some would prefer it to be a bit bigger
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                                                • I Wrapped This Myself Gift Bags

                                                  Here is a gift wrapping solution that replaces the boring alternatives. The bags are made of premium quality paper. They are opaque and prevent the gift from showing through. The bright colors add a bit of joy. A satin ribbon makes the bags easy to carry. There are two bags in the set.


                                                  +Ideal for a variety of gifts
                                                  -May differ slightly from the picture
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                                                  • Disappearing Shark Mug

                                                    Pour hot liquid into the mug and watch the sharks appear. A beautiful day on the water turns terrifying before your eyes. When the mug cools again, the sharks disappear. It is a slightly oversized mug with a comfortable handle. The 14-ounce ceramic cup is packaged in a colorful box.

                                                    +Microwave safe
                                                    -Not dishwasher safe
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                                                    • Exercise Box Sign

                                                      Say it with sass. The intention may be heartwarming, sarcastic, or hilarity. The box sign is sturdily constructed to stand freely on its own or hung on a wall. It has a black and white distressed finish with rounded corners and edges. The sign is a whimsical decoration.

                                                      -Could use an attaching hook
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                                                      • Bacon Candle

                                                        This is the idea gift for the bacon lover you know. It smells like maple glazed, sweet and smoky bacon. The candle may not be among the homemade gag gifts, but it is handmade. The soy wax is poured into a nine-ounce jar.

                                                        +Soot-free burning
                                                        Buy from Etsy
                                                        • Wonder Woman Socks

                                                          This unique merchandise features bold designs ideal for any fan. The socks are made of 98 percent polyester and two percent cotton. Wash in cold water and dry on a low setting. The Wonder Woman design is colored in iconic red, yellow, and blue and decorated with stars.


                                                          +Fully-licensed DC Comics merchandise
                                                          -Best for single-use events
                                                          Bonus Tips: The small red cape that hangs from the back makes them super.

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                                                          • Rubber Chicken Purse

                                                            The hen bag is yellow and has a red handle, black eyes, a red comb and wattle, and a yellow beak. It is among the funny gift ideas for fans of chickens, roosters, or anything country-related. The rubber bag has a bottom and handles made of nylon.

                                                            +Well-constructed and durable
                                                            -Small zipper at the top
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                                                            • Drinking Animals Coloring Book

                                                              This drinking animals coloring book features a sophisticated llama sipping on a cocktail. Not only does coloring creative and fun pictures in this book relax and entertain you, but it provides carefully chosen cocktail recipes. It is among the best gifts for those who love to color. There are 25 creative party animal designs.

                                                              +Recipes given in ounces, cups, and spoons
                                                              -Not much detail to drawings
                                                              Buy from Amazon
                                                              • Bone Shaped Ballpoint Pens

                                                                Ballpoint pens shaped like human bones are a creative gag gift for any practical joker. They are entertaining for healthcare professionals and workers. Those entertained include physiotherapists, surgeons, veterinarians, phlebotomists, midwives, nurses, doctors, and med students. The pens write in black ink. They are 5.9 inches longs and come in sets of five.

                                                                +An alternative to Halloween candy
                                                                -Run out of ink quickly
                                                                Buy from Amazon
                                                                • Dad Juice Glass

                                                                  For a unique and funny gag gift for your dad, give the inscribed rocks glass. It has a heavy base that ensures superior stability. The sleek, modern-designed glass is the ideal size for cognac, scotch, bourbon, or other alcoholic beverages. The permanent writing will not peel or fade.

                                                                  +High-standard glass material
                                                                  -A few complaints about arriving broken
                                                                  Bonus Tips: The glass is dishwasher safe, but hand washing will keep its pristine quality longer.

                                                                  Buy from Amazon
                                                                  • Realistic Looking Potato Soap

                                                                    Among the funny homemade gag gifts are these handcrafted Idaho Fauxtatoes. They are realistic-looking soap-shaped, like potatoes. The soap is made from rice bran, palm, coconut, and fragrance oils. Cocoa powder may be used for coloring. They are four-ounce potatoes available in soap or dirt scents.


                                                                    +Comes with burlap bag
                                                                    -One potato per order
                                                                    Buy from Etsy
                                                                    • Extra Strength Knowitall

                                                                      Add candy to the bottle or box to get some laughs with this gag gift. It is an excellent office prank that hints the recipient needs to get off their soapbox. It looks like medicine but is filled with candy. Choose from a selection of a small or large bottle or box.

                                                                      +Looks like an actual pill container
                                                                      -Candy not included
                                                                      Buy from Etsy
                                                                      • Birdie Juice Flask

                                                                        The engraved logo on this stainless steel birdie juice flask will not wear off. It makes an excellent gag gift, Valentine’s Day or birthday gift, or stocking stuffer. Give it to a golfing beginner or pro. Use for gift bags at golf events, tournaments, outings, or golf lessons. Men and women appreciate the gift.

                                                                        -Black finish may fade
                                                                        Buy from Amazon

                                                                      Frequently Asked Questions

                                                                      What are some good ideas for gag gifts?

                                                                      There are many ideas for gag gifts, but some popular ones include: fake lottery tickets, whoopee cushions, joy buzzers, oversized glasses or sunglasses, gimmick parking tickets, temporary tattoos, inflatable sharks or other animals, fake food items, lottery tickets, or a bugs such as fake spider in a jar.

                                                                      How do I choose the right gag gift for someone?

                                                                      The key to choosing the perfect gag gift is to understand the recipient’s sense of humor. Consider the interests, hobbies, or things of your recipient so that they find the gift funny, and try to choose a gift that will resonate with him or her. Also, consider the occasion and setting, as some gag gifts can be more appropriate for certain events than others.

                                                                      How can I make a simple but effective gag gift?

                                                                      Making your own gag gift can be a fun and creative way to personalize the gift for the recipient. Some easy and effective gag gifts include: putting a funny picture or message on a plain t-shirt or mug, creating a fake tabloid newspaper with headlines about the recipient, or putting a fake parking ticket on their car.

                                                                      Is it okay to give someone a gag gift as a serious present?

                                                                      No, it’s generally not appropriate to give someone a gag gift as a serious present. Gag gifts are meant to be lighthearted and for the purpose of humor, so it’s best to reserve them for occasions such as birthday parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, or white elephant gift exchanges. If you want to give a serious gift, it’s best to choose something more thoughtful and personal to the recipient.


                                                                      Gifts that make us laugh are often the most appreciated. The hilarious gag gifts for women and men listed above are meant to brighten someone’s day. They can be given as a white elephant gift exchange, at an office party, or to family members and friends. There are a lot of options from which to choose.