29 Cool Gifts for Runners Who Go the Extra Mile in 2023

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When it comes to finding the perfect gift for a runner, it’s all about understanding what they need to perform their best. Whether they’re seasoned marathon runners, avid health enthusiasts, or new to the sport, thoughtful gifts for runners can make all the difference. From the must-haves for cross country runners, to unique and cool gifts for runners, this list has it all.

    • Stemless Wine Glass

      This sassy yet classy 16-ounce wine glass is among the fun running gifts. It is multifunctional. The glass is an excellent gift and ideal for cocktails, whiskey, beer, dessert cups, yogurts, and ice cream. It is made of grade A BPA-free Tristan plastic, keeping you and your family safe from chemicals.

      -Decal may fade
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      • Race Bib and Medal Holder

        Beautifully display and protect a collection of medals and race bib from road races, triathlons, 5Ks, half-marathons, marathons, and other athletic events with this holder. It holds as many as 100 race bibs and 24 medals. The holder is made of black, hand-forged metal. It is 14 inches wide and 10.25 inches high.

        +Includes mounting hardware
        -Complaints about the alignment of display hardware
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        • Fanny Pack

          This item is strictly for wearing when engaged in outdoor activities, such as running. It looks a bit dorky but provides an easy means of carrying things needed on a run. The fanny pack lies relatively flat against your body. You can hide the fanny pack under a jacket or shirt. Pack a credit card, some cash, keys, and a cell phone.

          + Allows hands-free running
          -Not very attractive`
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          • Nourishing Recipes for Athletes

            Run Fast, Eat Slow is a cookbook created by chef Elyse Kopecky and four-time Olympian marathoner Shalane Flanagan. It provides recipes for food that is both nourishing and indulgent. The cookbook shows fat is essential for performance and flavor and restrictive dieting, obsessing over protein, and counting calories is more harmful than beneficial.

            +100 recipes
            -Recipes call for whole foods that may not be readily accessible
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            • Hemp Oil Balm

              Dr. Bonner’s products are nothing new to those into wellness and health. They contain no nasty chemicals, artificial fragrances, or dyes. The products are organic. This balm is made from hemp, jojoba, avocado, and coconut oils, and beeswax. It soothes sore muscles and helps and prevents chafing.

              -Contains only two ounces
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              • Training Journal

                You can manage anything that you can measure. Runs are no different. Give this gift to someone new to running to see how they progress in something that may not be 100 percent enjoyable. The journal is used to set goals, plan training, and record runs.

                +Updated version
                -A bit heavy to be portable
                Bonus Tips: The journal has a running log calendar and encouragement and advice that deal with slumps to recovery.

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                • Runner's Tie

                  Runners wear more than running apparel. Sometimes they attend events that require long pants and a tie. That does not mean they should hide their passion. The tie lets people know they are a runner. It is a classy, 100 percent silk tie that enhances their lean, athletic build.

                  +Money-back guarantee
                  -Fits teens better than adults
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                  • Marathon Cufflinks

                    It is a big deal to compete in a marathon. These cufflinks are a way to commemorate the achievement. They are simple, elegant cufflinks that are an ideal gift for the runner in your life. The brushed finished cufflinks are made of stainless steel. They will not tarnish or rust and are hypoallergenic.

                    +Can be customized
                    -No exchanges or returns accepted
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                    • Anti-Chafe Balm

                      Skin can get irritated after a long run. This anti-chafe balm is the solution. It is a time-tested formula. The balm provides an invisible, protective layer. It is made from natural ingredients. The surface of your skin is mess-free. It repels moisture and water while allowing sweat to escape and your skin to breathe.


                      +Child safe
                      -Feels a bit sticky
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                      • most popular
                      Bluetooth Sports Headphones

                      The open-ear design of these patented bone conduction headphones sends premium audio through the runner’s cheekbone. They keep you connected and aware of the surroundings. Experience unmatched comfort with the lightweight sports headset that features a pain-free, bud-free design for all-day listening. The package includes a sports belt to enhance the hands-free style.

                      +Easy to control function button
                      -Lacks bass
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                      • Compression Athletic Socks

                        Full compression socks are covered in premium elastic and Lycra fiber and designed for comfort and boost blood circulation. They provide 360-degree protection for the feet with no blisters, bunching, or slipping. Moisture-wicking fabric pulls moisture away from the skin. They dry quickly. A terry structure provides softness and shock absorption.

                        +Durable material
                        -Some complaints of running small
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                        • our favorite
                        Inspirational Bracelet

                        Runners love to wear the motivational bracelet. It is a perfect gift for runners, especially for a best friend. The adjustable bracelet fits most wrist sizes. It has an engraved, elegant, and simple mantra that is easy to read. The highly polished band has smooth rounded edges to prevent scratching the wrist.

                        +100 percent satisfaction guaranteed
                        -Not hypoallergenic
                        Bonus Tips: The bracelet has exquisite quality at an affordable price

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                        • Foam Massage Ball

                          This compact massager is perfect for digging into sore muscles and tough knots, particularly when traveling. Packing a large foam roller is inconvenient. It is beneficial in targeting areas such as the calves and piriformis where runners get tight. The foam massage ball is handmade and designed to replicate the feel of a massage therapist.

                          +Allows people to move better
                          -Hard to get out of the package
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                          • our favorite
                          Electrolyte Drink Tablets

                          Every ingredient in a hydration product matters. These tablets are non-GMO, kosher, vegan, and certified gluten-free. It is a sports drink product made with clean ingredients and packed with electrolytes that replace those lost when sweating while running. You finish your run strong, hydrated, and replenished.

                          +Only one gram of sugar
                          -Not suitable for keto diet
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                          • sponsored
                          GPS Running Watch

                          Support your training plan with the Garmin Coach GPS running watch. The easy-to-use, smaller-sized watch estimates the heart rate at your wrist. It features GPS to track your intervals, distance, pace, and more. You have personalized, expert coaching at your wrist. Incoming calls and text smart notifications are included features.

                          +Automatically uploads to online community
                          -A bit complex to use
                          Bonus Tips: Tracking and safety features include incident directions that sends real-time location to emergency contacts.

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                          • Tristan BPA-Free Water Bottle

                            Take this bottle with you when you run. It is suitable for cold or warm beverages. The wide mouth makes adding ice cubes and cleaning easy. Most water filters are accommodated by the opening. It is marked in ounces and millimeters for easy measurement. The material is 50 percent recycled content.

                            +Holds liquids -40 to 212° F
                            -Does not retain temperature long
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                            • Saucony Women's Running Shoes

                              The Cohesion 13 model has a synthetic and mesh upper and a rubber sole. They have versafoam cushioning for comfort. Segmented rubber on the outsole provides a smooth feel. The technical looking upper has a secure hold and plenty of breathability. Men’s sizes are available at this link

                              +Also a quality walking shoe
                              -Lacks arch support
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                              • GPS Running Watch

                                Easy-to-use, this GPS running watch tracks where you run, how fast, and how far. It estimates heart rate, day and night, with Garmin heart technology. Connected features include music controls, live tracking, automatic Garmin Connect uploads, and smart notifications. Activity tracking has intensity minutes, calories, and steps and reminds the runner to move. It is an excellent fitness gift for the runner you know.


                                +Connect to free online fitness community
                                -Must have Bluetooth connection
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                                • OG Sunglasses

                                  Runners need sunglasses that do not slip or bounce. The classic running sunglasses eliminate bouncing while running and slippage when sweating because of a special grip formula. The featherweight frames fit snugly. These glasses feature polarized, glare-reducing lenses. UV400 protection blocks 100 percent of harmful UV rays.

                                  +Reasonably priced
                                  -Water affects coating
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                                  • Leg Recovery System

                                    What was only available to elite athletes is now one of the running gifts available to anyone. Biomimicry technology is used in the patented Pulse massager to provide effective and powerful compression therapy. It maximizes longevity and performance. The FDA clears the system to reduce pain and soreness.

                                    +Seven intensity levels
                                    Bonus Tips: The system also increases circulation, improves range of motion, and decreases fatigue.

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                                    • MultiBev Water Bottle and Travel Cup

                                      MultiBev is a convenient and versatile two-in-one vessel for everyday use. Beverages are kept at the ideal temperature due to the double-wall vacuum stainless steel. A leak-proof Pak Cap stores snacks, the Roll and Fold lid, and other small items. The bottle is a sustainable solution to disposable waste.

                                      -Cup is not double-walled
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                                      • TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

                                        One of the best running gifts is a device that decreases joint and muscle pain, increases flexibility and circulation, improves gait and range-of-motion, and helps with balance. The TriggerPoint GRID foam roller features a patented design offering a sturdy construction that maintains it integrity and shape for superior durability and effectiveness.

                                        +Trusted by professionals
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                                        • our favorite
                                        Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt Bundle

                                        Bath bombs can be expensive and are not necessarily healthy. Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt provides a spa-like feeling with the benefits of muscle relaxation. The bundle is among the unique running gifts. It is a trio of salts that soothe stings, aches, and sprains. The bundle contains spearmint, lavender and rosemary, and mint varieties.

                                        +Aids in relieving tension
                                        -Bags do not seal after opening
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                                        • Cotopaxi Bataan Fanny Pack

                                          This pack holds the essentials for a trail-running adventure. It is part of the company’s repurpose collection that uses leftover fabric from items made by other companies, making it a gift that is also good for the environment. The fanny pack has a front zippered pocket and two internal mesh pockets.


                                          -No choice of color
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                                          • Sports Nutrition Energy Gel

                                            Perform better with these fast-absorbing energy products from simple and complex carbohydrates. Recover faster with amino acids that decrease damage to muscles. Electrolytes aid in optimum hydration and maintain water balance for training, recovery, and high-intensity sustained efforts. The caffeine increases focus and concentration. There is an assortment of flavors from which to choose.

                                            +All flavors are vegan and gluten-free
                                            -Thick texture not to everyone's liking
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                                            • Fauja Singh Keeps Going

                                              This book tells the story of Fauja Singh. He broke a world record by becoming the first 100-year-old to run a marathon. The book is an exquisitely illustrated children’s book that inspires people of all ages. It tells how the marathoner overcame incredible odds and his commitment to be a positive representative of the Sikh community.

                                              -One complaint about the illustrations
                                              Bonus Tips: The book is available in Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook, and Audio CD formats.

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                                              • Inspirational Athletic Running Socks

                                                As a choice for funny running gifts that can be used as a gag gift, these socks are also the perfect gift for runners. They are made of 80 percent polyester for moisture-wicking, ten percent nylon for strength, five percent rubber, and five percent spandex for supporting fit. 


                                                +One size fits most
                                                -Less than mid-calf in length
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                                                • Running Frame

                                                  Runners keep records of their time. Whether it takes 15 or 60 minutes to run a 5K, they want to know their fastest time for the distance. This sign is personalized with the runner’s name and the distances they want to post. Times are recorded with chalk.

                                                  +High-quality construction
                                                  -Some arrived with faded letters that the seller replaced
                                                  Buy from Etsy
                                                  • Workout Headbands

                                                    Dreamlover headbands keep hair out of the faced while exercising. You stay focused and comfortable. Sweat does not run down the face and neck. They are made of 85 percent nylon and 15 percent spandex to ensure breathability and excellent swear absorption. The headbands are also useful when washing the face or applying makeup.


                                                    +Retains its shape after washings
                                                    -Mixed reviews on the fit
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                                                  Frequently Asked Questions

                                                  What kind of gifts are best for runners?

                                                  The perfect gifts for runners are those that help enhance their running performance, such as running shoes, hydration packs, heart rate monitors, and recovery gear like foam rollers and compression socks.

                                                  What are some unique gifts for runners?

                                                  Custom fuel belts, personalized running jackets, smartwatch technology, and displays for running awards are a few unusual presents for runners.

                                                  What are some gifts for a runner who is training for a marathon?

                                                  Pre-race nourishment, performance boosters, GPS watches, and massage balls to aid in muscle recovery are some of the things that can be given to runners who are preparing for a marathon.

                                                  Are there any gifts for cross country runners?

                                                  Yes, there are a lot of gifts that are perfect for cross-country runners, such hydration vests for longer routes, light-weight trail running shoes, and headlamps for early morning runs.

                                                  What are some great birthday gifts for runners?

                                                  Personalized running jerseys, headbands, and arm sleeves are excellent birthday presents for runners, as are a training program or coaching session with a running coach.

                                                  What are some cool gifts for runners?

                                                  Running-themed novels, wall art, and devices like smart water bottles and personalized music playlists are all fun gifts for runners.


                                                  There are many types of runners. It can be difficult to find the gift that is right for them. Above are some of the popular running gift ideas. They are suitable gifts for races, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions. This simple sport has a lot of equipment and accessories that excite runners.