Get Creative: Innovative Ways to Give Money to Teens, Kids, and Beyond in 2023

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Money gifts are always appreciated, especially by teenagers and kids. However, giving cash can feel a little impersonal. So, why not make the gift of money a little more exciting and memorable? Here are some creative ways to give money to teenagers, kids, and anyone else on your gift list.

Creative Ways to Give Money to a Teenager

Teenagers are at an age where they are starting to develop their own personal style and interests. Money gifts can help them pursue those interests, whether it’s buying clothes, trying new hobbies, or saving for the future. Here are some creative ways to give money to a teenager:

  • Scratch-off card: Create a custom scratch-off card with different amounts of money hidden under the scratch-off areas.
  • Balloon cash: Fill a large balloon with small bills and tie a bow around it. The recipient will have to pop the balloon to get the cash inside.
  • Coupon book: Create a personalized coupon book filled with different amounts of money for different activities, such as going to a movie, buying a new outfit, or getting a meal.
  • Treasure hunt: Create a scavenger hunt with clues that lead to different amounts of cash or gift cards.

Creative Ways to Give Money for Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving, and money gifts can be a great way to show your love and appreciation. Here are some creative ways to give money for Christmas:

  • Ornament: Fill a clear ornament with small bills and add a ribbon to hang it on the tree.
  • Stocking stuffer: Fill a stocking with small bills, gift cards, or a combination of both.
  • Candy jar: Fill a large glass jar with candy and money, creating a sweet and tangible gift.
  • Snowman: Create a paper snowman and fill it with cash or gift cards. The recipient will have to “melt” the snowman to get the money inside.

Creative Ways to Give Money as a Gift

Money gifts are always a great idea, but they can be a little boring. Here are some creative ways to give money as a gift:

  • Fortune cookie: Create a custom fortune cookie with a message indicating the amount of money inside.
  • Paper airplane: Fold a paper airplane and write a message indicating the amount of money inside. The recipient will have to “fly” the airplane to get the money.
  • Envelope: Create a decorative envelope and fill it with cash or a gift card.
  • Money tree: Create a tree from paper or cardboard and attach small bills or gift cards to the branches.

Creative Ways to Give Money to a Kid

Kids love receiving gifts, and money gifts can help them learn about saving, spending, and investing. Here are some creative ways to give money to a kid:

  • Treasure chest: Create a cardboard treasure chest and fill it with coins, small bills, and/or gift cards.
  • Piggy bank: Fill a piggy bank with coins, small bills, and/or gift cards.
  • Treasure map: Create a treasure map with clues that lead to different amounts of cash or gift cards.
  • Wallet: Fill a child’s wallet with cash or a gift card.

Creative Ways to Give Money for a Birthday

Birthdays are a time to celebrate, and money gifts can be a great way to make the day even more special. Here are some creative ways to give money for a birthday:

  • Birthday card: Create a custom birthday card with a message indicating the amount of money inside.
  • Any other previously mentioned combination

DIY Ways to Give Money to Kids

Here are some suggestions for presenting the ideal surprise gift that perfectly blend thoughtfulness and excitement. They are creative and unique ways to give a present when the receiver and the surprise are too precious to deliver in an ordinary fashion.

Give your gift-giving skills a touch of fanfare with creative ways to present a surprise gift. Build on the anticipation and surprise. Allow the recipient to enjoy the reveal with zeal. A little effort is all it takes to elevate giving a gift into an experience that will linger in the receiver’s mind.

These creative and out-of-the-box ways of giving a surprise gift will make you a pro at gift-giving. Watching a loved one’s reaction to a gift is nearly as much fun as getting a gift yourself. Adding a little pizzazz to a gift is a nice touch.

A unique and clever gift reveal shows a special someone you put thought and effort into the gift. Don’t present the gift without fanfare if you want to hit the presentation out of the park. You will enjoy the reveal and are sowing seeds for a great story when the recipient shows off the new gift. A truly inspired presentation elevates the act of receiving and giving into an experience.

Creative Ways to Give Gift Cards

Gift cards are excellent gifts. Nearly everyone likes getting gift cards. Even gift cards for stores you frequent somehow make you feel like buying something you really want or going out to eat when you weren’t planning on it. If you’re wanting fun and creative ways to give gift cards for a birthday, holiday, or some other special occasion, here are some fantastic ideas.

Make a Wreath for Gift Cards

One of the creative ways to give gift cards is by attaching them to a wreath. For this project, you need a Styrofoam wreath form, some bright colored curling ribbon, some small pins, and as many gift cards as you prefer—curling ribbon curls when a scissor is run along the piece.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Curl long pieces of ribbon, then cut them into small pieces approximately four inches long. Pin the ribbon pieces around the wreath until it is as full as you like. Tape the gift cards to toothpicks and stick them at an angle into the wreath. Add some ribbon to the top if you want to hang the wreath.

Creative Ways to Wrap Gift Cards

Finding a cute and thoughtful gift can be a challenge, hence, the gift card. Some may feel it is a lazy or impersonal choice. It can be the ideal blend of a personal and freeing option if it is packaged well. There are many cute and inexpensive ways to dress up gift cards. You can use materials you have on hand.

Decorate the Envelope

Turn the envelope for the card into a beautiful card wrapping using stickers and patterned paper.

Gift Bag

Cover the areas of a brown paper bag you want to decorate with glue. Sprinkle it with your choice of glitter. When it is dry, put tissue or shredded craft paper in the bag to add to the festive theme. Put the card in the bag – super easy.

Use Ribbon

Another simple way to enhance the gift card is to wrap a ribbon around it.

Creative Ways to Gift Money

Some people avoid giving a cash gift because they feel it is lame or boring. They end up spending more than they want because gifts are expensive. Most people like getting a gift of money. Here are some creative ways to gift money. They bring a little joy into a money exchange and may add a challenge to the recipient.

Using Surprise Containers

Play ‘Dough’

This play on words is a simple way to give cash. It requires only an empty container used for playdoh. The container needs to be washed so the money won’t absorb the smell.

Mint a Money Gift

Drudge up some excitement by placing the money in a mint container.

Tissue Box

For this idea, you need the cash, a small cube-shaped tissue box with a cute design, a blank index card, printer or pen, and transparent tape. Print or write ‘Pull Up’ on the index card. Tape the bills end to end and the bottom of the card.                                                                                                                                     Use small pieces of tape that you can remove without tearing the cash. Roll the money, so it fits inside the box. Stuff the roll in the box with the ‘Pull Up’ message sticking out of the top.

Money Balloons

Putting confetti and cash in a balloon is another of the creative ways to gift cash. The receiver pops the balloon to get the money. Having confetti in the balloon adds a blast of sparkle.

Frame the Money

A fun and quick way to give cash is to put it inside a picture frame with a note suggesting breaking the glass in case of emergency.

Turn a Gift into a Memory

Make the way you present a gift fun for you and the recipient. Here are some ideas for replacing the old fashion way of wrapping a gift.

Scavenger Hunt

Create clues for the surprise gift from one point to another. The final clue reveals the gift. The hunt is among the creative ways to gift money or gift cards. It is more fun than simply opening an envelope.

Create a Puzzle

Print or draw a picture of the gift on card stock. Cut it into 20 pieces like a jigsaw puzzle. Present the pieces as the gift for the recipient to put together.

Use a Puzzle Box

Here is a puzzle box available on Amazon. It is the ideal way to hide a gift. Figuring out how to open the box is part of the fun.

Timing the Presentation

Veer from the traditional time to give a gift. It adds excitement to the occasion.

  • Start the receiver’s day off right by serving a cup of coffee and giving the gift before they get out of bed. Allow some extra time to enjoy the presentation.
  • Place the gift in a drawer or makeup kit in the bathroom, where the recipient stores toiletries.
  • Place the gift on the dashboard of the car for a surprise as they leave the house.
  • Have a co-worker slip it in a drawer or on their desk where a purse, briefcase, or supplies are stored.
  • Place the gift in a cupboard or the refrigerator that you know they will open.


The ideas presented here are meant for those who enjoy going all out when giving gifts or serve as ways to give gift cards or money. Think of all the hours you can save trying to think and shop for useful and clever gifts. Gift cards and cash never go over budget and are never returned. These suggestions simplify gift-giving.

Craft something cut to place them in, and you’re finished. You can use the ideas for a gift card or cash gift presentation for any occasion. They can be tailored to the receiver’s interests. Something homemade or that shows some effort went into the presentation adds a touch of craftiness or thoughtfulness.