31 Gifts for Tea Lovers that Are Tea-riffic in 2023

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Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world, enjoyed by people of all ages and cultures. If you have a tea lover in your life, finding the perfect gift can be a great way to show them how much you care. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or just because, there are a variety of gifts that are sure to make any tea lover’s day.

From classic tea sets and unique tea infusers to tea-themed clothing and accessories, there are countless options to choose from. For a more personalized touch, you could even consider creating your own blend of loose-leaf tea or designing a custom tea cup or mug. No matter what you choose, a thoughtful tea-related gift is sure to be appreciated by any tea lover.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the 31 best gifts for tea lovers. Whether you’re looking for a practical gift or a fun and quirky one, you’re sure to find something that will make your tea-loving friend or family member smile. So, grab a cup of your favorite tea and get ready to start shopping!

    • our favorite
    Electric Tea Kettle

    Three things are required to brew consistent cups of tea – the amount of tea, water temperature, and brewing time. This Cuisinart PerfecTemp electric kettle has six temperatures to heat water to the correct specification for the chosen tea. It is one of the perfect DIY gifts for tea lovers. The kettle has a 30-minute, keep-warm function.

    +Illuminated window shows water amount
    -Does not deactivate when kettle is removed from base
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    • Enamel Whistling Tea Kettle

      If your tea lover prefers a stovetop model, the Le Creuset Classic is a whistling tea kettle that is coated in enamel. It is available in nine colors. The two-quart capacity tea kettle works on any stovetop. A heat-resistant handle and knobs makes pouring easier. The high-quality materials and sturdy handle add up to a tea kettle that will last.

      +Easy to clean
      -Lid a bit hard to remove
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      • Curve Teapot with Infuser

        The Forlife Curve teapot brightens up teatime. It is available in ten colors. At a 24-ounce capacity, it is perfect for brewing two cups. It is dishwasher-safe and includes a stainless steel infuser with small holes preventing tiny herbal tea leaves from slipping through. There is plenty of room for tea leaves to brew.

        +Reasonably priced
        -Hard to separate infuser from lid
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        • Tea Filter Bags

          For those who brew tea with loose leaves, the BStean bags are very convenient. These biodegradable bags are chlorine-free and offer a purer tea drinking experience, unlike many other bags. The drawstring at the top locks in loose leaves and keeps them from floating into a cup, like flap-style, fold-over bags.

          +No paper taste
          -Thin paper
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          • Tea Infuser and Dish Set

            Tea balls do not provide enough space for leaves to expand and steep. The holes of an infuser need to be tiny to prevent tea leaves from escaping into the cup. This stainless steel infuser has plenty of room and holes that keep out tiny rooibos leaves and chamomile petals and has a resting dish.

            +Dish prevents messes
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            • Double-Wall Insulated Glasses

              Seeing the color of brewed tea is part of the enjoyment of drinking tea. These glasses make great gifts for tea lovers. The double-wall glasses are cool to the touch while tea is kept hot. Borosilicated glass will not become cloudy with repeated use. There are two glasses in the set.

              +Microwave safe
              -No handles
              Bonus Tips: A two-layer design prevents condensation and creates a dramatic optical illusion.

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              • Temperature Control Smart Mug

                f the tea lover you know always keeps a cup close by in the office or at home, this smart mug is the ideal choice. The Ember app of the mug warms hot beverages and maintains a perfect temperature. It recharges on the matching coaster and holds a charge for as long as 90 minutes.

                +Customizable LED light
                -Hand-wash only
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                • The Tea Enthusiast's Handbook

                  Robert J. and Mary Lou Heiss started buying loose tea in the 70s. This book is the first of four they wrote with tips on selecting teas and how to brew them. In this book, they have a gallery of over 35 individual teas with descriptions and tasting notes.

                  +Filled with photographs
                  -Herbal teas not mentioned
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                  • The Boba Book: Bubble Tea and Beyond

                    Tapioca boba pearls are not the only part of this book’s popularity. A local Boba Guys chain in San Francisco concentrates on the details of brewing quality loose leaf teas. The beautifully designed and photographed guide and cookbook illustrate the phenomenon of boba or bubble tea in The Boba Guys tea shop.

                    +Stylish coffee table book
                    -More recipes than information
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                    • French Press

                      For tea-on-the-go, this Republic of Tea loose tea press works like a French press and features a dual filter that keeps the cup free of sludge and grit. The double walls ensure up to six hours of temperature control. It is one of the practical tea gifts for tea lovers on the go.

                      +Also works for coffee
                      -Not microwavable
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                      • Tea Lover Shirt

                        It’s a ‘tea’ shirt. The shirt is available in 14 colors. Those labeled heather are made from a polycotton blend material. The other colors are made of ring-spun cotton. It is available in sizes XSMALL to 2X-LARGE that run true to size. The shirt is a unisex item.


                        +Fun play on words
                        -Wash in cold water, inside out
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                        • Matcha Bowl Set

                          Whether the tea fan is a longtime lover of the beverage or someone who jumped on the matcha craze, this traditional set has all the tools they need to create the ideal cup of tea. The list includes a Bamboo Chasaku, Bamboo Tray, Bamboo Teaspoon, Ceramic Rest, Ceramic Bowl, and Bamboo Whisk.

                          +Great gifts for tea lovers
                          -May have dips in the rim
                          Bonus Tips: The set is ideal for a Japanese tea ceremony.

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                          • Tea Steeper

                            Good gifts for tea lovers are easy to brew and steep tea. This teapot is fantastic for loose leaf teas, such as black tea, green tea, and sleepytime tea. You can also use it with blooming tea. Not only can you watch the tea bloom as you would in a glass teapot, but it is easier to clean.

                            -Issues with the lid reported
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                            • 6-Flavor Tea Variety

                              This assorted collection comes in a gift box and has a feature like an advent candle with flaps that open to tell a little about the people making the tea and the impact it is causing worldwide. The full-leaf teas are in plant-based tea bags. Only natural spices, flowers, and fruits are used.

                              +Range of caffeine levels
                              -Gift box has shipping information on it
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                              • Shortbread cookies

                                Shortbread cookies are unique gifts for tea lovers. They are a traditional English teatime classic. These cookies are the ideal melt-in-your-mouth shortbread made from four ingredients – butter, wheat flour, sugar, and salt. They are certified kosher with no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. The cookies are suitable for vegetarians.



                                +Available in five sizes
                                -May crumble in shipping
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                                • Variety Pack of Medicinal and Herbal Tea Seeds

                                  There are 15 varieties of medicinal and herbal tea seeds in the pack. You can plant them indoors or outdoors. The set includes thyme, rosemary, peppermint, mountain mint, marjoram, lemon balm, lavender, Italian basil, fennel, echinacea, cilantro borage, and anise hyssop. Add color to a garden with these seeds.

                                  +High germination rate
                                  -Growing instructions are online
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                                  • Tea Bath Soaks

                                    Give your body a steep treatment with Dr. Teal’s calming lavender and soothing green tea. They are calming and softening blends of botanicals, oats, green tea, and Pure Epsom Salt. Infuse your bath, relax your mind, and soothe your skin.  These excellent additives to a bath experience indulge the senses.

                                    +Natural extracts relaxed in the tub
                                    -Only complaint is too few tea bags
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                                    • Vintage Porcelain Tea Set

                                      The package contains a teapot, six teacups, six plates, six spoons, a sugar bowl, and a milk jug. This elegant set is suitable for tea bags, flower tea, scented tea, and black tea. Use the set for special dinner tables and daily use. Tea sets are perfect Christmas gifts for tea lovers.

                                      +Dishwasher safe
                                      -Small cups
                                      Bonus Tips: The set adds a touch of class that completes a tableware set

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                                      • Assorted Tea Gift Set

                                        The Blush Gift Box is a wonderful collection of three of the wellness, in-house, loose-leaf tea blends. Unique flavors satiate the senses. Flavors include Earl Grey Masala Chai, Saffron Masala Chai, and Sweet Himalayan Detox Green Tea. They are packaged in lovely gift boxes. Tea can be brewed and served hot or cold.

                                        +Yields ten to 15 cups
                                        -Complaints about the price
                                        Bonus Tips: Add a dash of coconut mile for a rich flavor.

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                                        • Iced Tea Sampler Set

                                          Palm Beach Punch, Blueberry Wild Child, Maui Mango, Pineapple Blues, Black Thai, and three other flavors in 0.5 to one-ounce sample pouches are included in the set. Each sample brews six to ten cups of tea. It is an ideal tea gift set for a tea lover in your life.

                                          +Loose teas produce the best flavor
                                          -Several comments about the aroma being stronger than the flavor
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                                          • Teabloom Flowering Tea

                                            Spark imagination and engage the senses with Teabloom’s flowering teas. They are handcrafted with high-quality edible flowers and green tea by skilled tea artisans. Create timeless moments and entertain guests as the tea flowers bloom. They make a lovely table centerpiece. Use each tea flower up to three times.

                                            +Beautifully designed canister for gift-giving
                                            -Blooms float and do not stay on the bottom
                                            Bonus Tips: It is recommended o use a large glass mug or clear glass teapot to enjoy the beautiful visual.

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                                            • Crystal Tea Infuser

                                              Make the morning cup of tea a wellness ritual. This crystal tea infuser is among spiritual, unique gifts for tea lovers. There are 15 raw crystals from which to choose that adorn the teal ball. The ball has a two-inch diameter and holds one or two teaspoons of tea leaves.

                                              +Easy to use
                                              -Some care required for cleaning.
                                              Buy from Etsy
                                              • Herbal Tea Advent Calendar

                                                Instead of a chocolate advent calendar, tea lover can countdown to Christmas with delicious organic blends of tea. Discover a delicious flavor every day for 24 days. The calming herbs aid in relaxation, and the refreshing ingredients awaken the sense. High-quality ingredients are blended by nutritionists and herbal experts.

                                                +Sustainable bamboo packaging
                                                -Heavy use of fennel and licorice
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                                                • Insulated Tea Tumbler

                                                  Travel mugs are great gifts for tea lovers. This one is designed to amplify the tea drinking experience on the go. The slim width and snap-on guard make the mug ready to roll. It has a ceramic interior coating that keeps the brew pure and free of oils and odors that linger with stainless steel.

                                                  +Maintains heat for 12 hours, cold for 24
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                                                  • Tea Powder To-Go Travel Sticks

                                                    The Matcha Tea powder has delicious, decadent cafe-style blend tasting notes. Pour the powder into 16.9 ounces of water, shake vigorously, and enjoy. The immune system booster is good for your health. This is organic Japanese matcha tea that is naturally sweet. It is ideal for a busy tea lover.

                                                    +No added sweetener, filler, or colorant
                                                    -Problems dissolving
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                                                    • Matcha Ceremony Gift Set

                                                      Diehard tea lovers reach for matcha rather than coffee for their caffeine fix. This complete matcha ceremony set ranks high on the list of tea gifts for tea lovers. Everything needed for a traditional Japanese tie ceremony is included- a stoneware bowl, a bamboo whisk, organic matcha, and a helpful guide.


                                                      +30-gram tin or organic matcha tea powder
                                                      -No returns accepted
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                                                      • our favorite
                                                      Assorted Specialty Tea

                                                      Good gifts for tea lovers include a variety of specialty teas. This assortment has tea bags of each Organic Chamomile, Organic Peppermint, Green Jasmine Tea, Pure Assam, Orange & Lemon, Decaffeinated Breakfast, Earl Grey, and English Breakfast. There is something for every tea drinker to savor. Combine them for other flavors.

                                                      +Reasonably priced
                                                      -Packaging complaints
                                                      Bonus Tips: Enjoy the teas alone or with biscuits or other sweets.

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                                                      • Tea Gift Set

                                                        Stop the search if you are looking for a charming tea gift. This set has a porcelain blush pink cup and an assortment of teas. Each is packaged in the company’s signature pyramid tea/ infuser, making the steeping and drinking experience more enjoyable. Teas include Vanilla Pear, Strawberry Hibiscus, Green Mango Peach, Chocolate Rose, Citron, and Chamomile

                                                        +The tray is the ideal size for the infuser
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                                                        • Tea Kettle Tea Towels

                                                          These tea towels prove fashion and function can coexist. They are 100 percent cotton, dual-purpose towels that offer a two-for-one practicality punch with streak-free drying and maximum absorbency. The printing on the towels ages gracefully because of the printing technique that ensures design integrity and vibrant colors that remain for years.

                                                          +Easy to care for
                                                          -Wash before using
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                                                          • most popular
                                                          Novelty Socks

                                                          These socks are funny gifts for tea lovers. They are vibrantly colorful socks that feature steaming mugs, tea leaves, sugar spoons, lemons, kettles, and tea bags. The unisex design fits sizes six to 12. Luxurious cotton knit keeps feet comfortable all day. They are crew-length socks that give the gift of laughter.

                                                          +Gently hug the leg
                                                          -Some sizing issues
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                                                          • Gift Set for Tea Lovers

                                                            These tea gifts for tea lovers combine to make a lovely gift set. A 12-tea sampler, natural honey straws, and a stainless steel teacup and lid make up the package. The cup keeps tea hot for as long as three hours. The set arrives in a drawstring gift bag with a gift tag and satin ribbon.

                                                            +Available in blue and pink
                                                            -Some complaints about packaging
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                                                          Frequently Asked Questions

                                                          What are some good gift ideas for tea lovers?

                                                          Tea infusers, tea samplers, tea gift sets, and tea-related accessories like mugs, spoons and teapots are just a few great gift ideas that you can’t go wrong for tea lovers.

                                                          What kind of tea-related accessories make good gifts?

                                                          For those who adore tea, a tea-themed gift may just be the perfect option! Consider presenting your tea-loving friend or family member with some charming tea accessories, such as unique spoons, stylish coasters, or adorable tea towels. If you’re looking to go a step further, gifting them a beautiful tea chest or box to store their collection of teas is a wonderful idea. It will help keep their various tea varieties organized and add a touch of elegance to their tea time ritual.

                                                          What are some unique tea-related gift ideas?

                                                          A tea-making kit with loose leaf tea, a strainer, and a cup are a few of unique gift ideas for tea lovers. Another option is flowering tea, which blooms when hot water is poured. A monthly tea subscription box that will provide a new selection of teas is another option you might want to think about.

                                                          What are some popular types of tea for gifts?

                                                          Popular types of tea for gifting would be the ones that your recipients would enjoy. If you are not sure or want to experiment, it is the best to consider gifting a blend of different teas or a sampler pack, which includes several different types of tea.

                                                          What are some budget-friendly gift ideas for tea lovers?

                                                          A cute tea infuser or tea strainer, a selection of loose leaf tea in a small tin or bag, or a set of coasters or mugs with a tea theme are all affordable gift ideas for tea lovers. A tea ball or spoon that may be used to measure loose leaf tea might also be a good idea as a gift.


                                                          It is less stressful to come up with tea gifts for tea lovers when you have a selection of items from which to choose. Whether you are looking for birthday or Christmas gifts for tea lovers, there is something here for everyone. There are even one or two funny gifts for tea lovers.