34 Fun Cocomelon Party Ideas

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If your little ones are obsessed with Cocomelon, you are not alone. Cocomelon is a children’s show that is popular with many kids. In this article, you will find Cocomelon party ideas to celebrate a first birthday Cocomelon themed birthday party. It can be a Cocomelon them for girl or Cocomelon party ideas for boy.

The Cocomelon party ideas listed here will delight your child and friends. They are also well-suited for special occasions like Baptisms and baby showers. Cocomelon is a vibrant and fun show known for using colors and rainbows. You can use rainbow colors for a Cocomelon theme party and serve Cocomelon cupcakes.

Party Suggestions

Many people are familiar with the popular CoComelon children’s television show. When planning a CoComelon themed party, a rainbow color scheme captures the vibrant and fun essence of the show. This article will find decorations, centerpieces, game ideas, gifts, and food suggestions.

It is highly recommended to erect a balloon arch. The arch is an excellent way to fill a space and is fun. They are surprisingly easy to make and capture CoComelon lovers’ attention. Food suggestions include a rainbow cake, cupcakes, sugar cookies, and the fruit snacks mentioned in this article.

Character cupcakes look adorable and are easy to make. There is a set of cupcake toppers in the list below to use for that purpose. They are ideal for the CoComelon dessert table. Wheels on the Bus is a recognizable part of the TV show. Try turning sugar cookies into bus wheels.

Below you will also find a musical Wheels on the Bus toy. Sticking with the bus theme, Make DIY CoComelon decorations by creating a box shape with cardboard and drawing on the bus details. Give gift bags that incorporate rainbow colors. The list of CoCo Melon party ideas is nearly endless.

    • Cocomelon Party Supplies

      Join Baby JJ and his friends by throwing a Cocomelon birthday party. The supply kit has everything needed for easy setup. There are enough balloons, decor, tableware, and backdrop for multiple parties. The hanging banner is ideal for adding a visual pop of color to a child’s party. All cups, napkins, and dishes are high-quality, heavy-duty paper items.

      +Leakproof tablecloth
      -Some complaints about price
      Buy from Amazon
      • Cartoon Melon Party Decorations

        If you are looking for Cocomelon decorations ideas, this box set includes six hanging swirls; ten each of knives, forks, spoons, paper cups, and plates; a cake topper; 24 cupcake toppers; a Happy Birthday banner; 24 straws; 15 latex balloons; a tablecloth; ten invitation cards; and 50 theme stickers.

        +Party favors are printed on both sides
        -Tablecloth may not hang over the sides
        Buy from Amazon
        • Party Bags with Stickers

          Cocomelon goodie bag ideas include these treat bags that add to the table decorations. There are 12 bags – three of each red, green, pink, and blue, and 12 stickers. The bags are decorated for boys or girls. They are 8.2 x 5.9 inches in size. Guests leave with a piece of the party.

          +Available in 48 count
          -Stickers do not keep bags closed
          Buy from Amazon
          • our favorite
          Mini Bubble Wands

          Cocomelon party ideas include giving kids rainbow-colored soap bubbles to blow. The soap in these mini bubble wands is a non-toxic, odorless, safe solution for children’s faces and skin. They will enhance the party. The wands are made of thick, durable plastic. They are best for children three and up.

          +Bubbles are easy to blow
          -Not suitable for indoor parties
          Buy from Amazon
          • Balloon Arch

            Decorate for the CoComelon party with this balloon arch. The set includes balloons, a decorating strip, silver ribbons, stickers, and flower clips. The colorful balloons are customized and thickened and do not break easily. A balloon tie tool makes the balloon knot quickly. A variety of garlands and arches can be made.

            +Multile usage
            -Time-consuming assembly
            Buy from Amazon
            • CoComelon Plush Pillow
              1. When throwing a CoComelon theme party, an appropriate gift for the guest of honor is this CoComelon plush pillow. The 18-inch pillow is soft and cuddly. Use it to take a child into bed or take it on travel adventures. Children are drawn to the vibrant colors and attractive features.
              +Shaped like the iconic logo
              -Lowest customer rating was value for the money
              Bonus Tips: The pillow nurtures a child's imagination.

              Buy from Amazon
              • Watermelon One Wooden Centerpiece
                1. For a first birthday Cocomelon themed birthday, this lovely centerpiece adds a joyful atmosphere to the party. It attracts the attention of the guests. The centerpiece is made of sturdy, premium, thickened wood and is easy to assemble. Classic summer refreshing elements inspired the letters. It is suitable for a boy or girl party.
                +Satisfaction guaranteed
                -Smaller than appears in the photo
                Buy from Amazon
                • Pop Fidget Toys
                  1. Color is the primary element for a CoComelon party. These fidget bracelets are suitable for all ages. Use them as party favors. They are great for multiple occasions. The fidget toys are excellent Christmas stockings or Easter basket stuffers.
                  +Available in three quantities
                  -Require using both hands
                  Bonus Tips: The fidget toys are beneficial for children that are autistic or have ADHD.

                  Buy from Amazon
                  • Cupcake Stand

                    This cupcake stand fits well in a CoComelon birthday theme. Its unique design makes the Cocomelon party shine. The three-layer cake stand holds 24 cupcakes. Elegantly display desserts, snacks, or cupcakes at a child’s birthday party or baby shower. It has been disinfected with high-quality, eco-friendly materials to make it non-toxic and safe.

                    +Easy to assemble and disassemble
                    -Lowest customer rating in sturdiness
                    Buy from Amazon
                    • LED Light Up Party Favors

                      The party favors are excellent for the CoComelon birthday theme for boy but include five hair clips and five bracelets girls will enjoy. Also included are 50 finger lights, six flashing glasses, and 12 jelly rings. There are batteries in the bracelets that last more than eight hours.

                      +Made of safe elastic jelly material
                      -Complaints some items didn't work
                      Buy from Amazon
                      • Watermelon Party Decorations

                        CoComelon birthday party ideas for a one-year-old include these watermelon party decorations. The balloons are fun to decorate. It is suggested to inflate the ‘ONE IN A MELON’ letters with air. The other may be inflated with air or helium. They are designed as half watermelons and whole watermelons.


                        +35 balloons in the set
                        -Lowest customer rating in ease of assembly
                        Buy from Amazon
                        • Rainbow Theme Banner
                          1. A birthday banner is one of the excellent CoComelon birthday ideas. This one can be used as the background for photos. It can be hung from the ceiling, installed on windows or walls, or used for table decorations. The banner is made of high-quality material that is eco-friendly and safe.
                          +90-day refund policy
                          -Stickies do not attach well
                          Buy from Amazon
                          • Play Tent and Tunnels

                            A CoComelon theme utilizes vibrant colors like those in this play tent and tunnel. They make up an obstacle course that will keep kids entertained for hours. There are many customizable maze options. The set-up is an excellent gift for babies and toddlers. Frustration-free, easy locks fastened the tunnels. It is lightweight and durable.

                            +Enhances imagination and creativity
                            -Pit balls not included
                            Bonus Tips: The set helps develop gross motor skills and leg muscles

                            Buy from Amazon
                            • Rainbow Centerpiece
                              1. Here is another CoComelon party theme centerpiece. The centerpiece colors are classic rainbow colors that stand on a base of honeycomb white clouds that are easy to assemble. It looks lovely on a table. The centerpiece is an excellent presentation and a quick and easy decor piece.
                              -Not for outside use
                              Buy from Amazon
                              • Glowing Party Cups

                                For the beverages served at a CoComelon themed birthday party, these cups will make the guests ‘glow crazy.’ They shine brightly regardless of the contents. The cups have a colorful light-up rim that is molded, making the included snap-on glow sticks easy to attach.

                                +Glow sticks work for eight hours
                                Buy from Amazon
                                • Highchair Banner

                                  Decorations for a CoComelon first birthday party may include this rainbow highchair banner. It is a tutu skirt with an attached gold onion cardboard ‘one.’ The bright colors are lovely and attract the attention of children. A baby looks adorable sitting in the highchair. It can be used on windows, doors, walls, and other places.

                                  +Excellent for photo enhancement
                                  -Needs time to unwrinkle
                                  Buy from Amazon
                                  • Watermelon Straws

                                    These straws belong at a CoComelon theme birthday party. There are 24 curly straws in four designs and eight colors. They are ideal for a kid’s party. All of the straws are adjustable without the need for glue or tools. They slide up and down. Use them for both hot and cold drinks.

                                    -Clean before using
                                    Bonus Tips: Two straw cleaning brushes are included.

                                    Buy from Amazon
                                    • CoComelon Edition of Hi Ho Cherry-O

                                      Here is a CoComelon party idea. Let a group of two or three children play this edition of Hi Ho Cherry-O. They have fun pretending to fill baskets with apples while unknowingly practicing counting, subtraction, and addition. It is a color-matching game with a color for each character’s basket.


                                      +Excellent for boys or girls
                                      -Minimum age three to six
                                      Buy from Amazon
                                      • Large Watermelon Balloons

                                        Are you preparing for a CoComelon themed party? Giant watermelon balloons enhance DIY CoComelon decorations. The green strip effect is appealing for a CoComelon birthday party theme. There are six balloons in the package. They are 22 inches in size and will support helium. Thirty-two feet of balloon string is included.


                                        -More cubed than round
                                        Buy from Amazon
                                        • Ribbon Wands

                                          Bring the excitement of rainbows to a CoCo Melon party with this pack of ribbon wands. Let kids create dances, games, and shows. They are perfect for unleashing children’s imagination and creativity. CoComelon decoration ideas like this can be used in various types of play, including gymnastic act scenes. Guests stay upbeat and active.

                                          +Excellent addition to goodie bags
                                          -May be too long for small children
                                          Buy from Amazon
                                          • Rainbow Colored Paper Straws

                                            Choose these rainbow-colored paper straws for a CoComelon theme party that is more eco-friendly. There are 100 straws in the package made up of five colors. They can be applied to nearly any container. These biodegradable straws are made with paper and food-safe ink. They are suitable for many occasions.

                                            +Can be used for arts and crafts
                                            -Not as sturdy as plastic
                                            Buy from Amazon
                                            • Silicone Stretch Wristbands

                                              When searching for CoComelon ideas, consider these silicone wristbands for party favors. They are best suited for a CoComelon birthday theme for girl. The eye-catching colored silicone material is soft and comfortable. These stretchy bracelets fit most kids. There are eight styles. They are suitable for birthday parties and celebrations.

                                              +Available in three quantity options
                                              -A bit small for adults
                                              Buy from Amazon
                                              • CoComelon Splash Pad

                                                Outdoor CoComelon theme party ideas include the CoComelon splash pad. It is a kid-sized toy for having a blast and escaping the summer heat. The toy is the ideal size for one or more kids. All age kids love the mat’s colorful ladybug and watermelon design. Kids can spend hours cooling off, sliding, and splashing.

                                                +Easy to set up
                                                -Hose not included
                                                Bonus Tips: The water pressure affects the height of the sprinkler.

                                                Buy from Amazon
                                                • Punch Balloons

                                                  These punch balloons come in CoComelon theme colors – purple, pink, blue, green, yellow, and red. They are made of thick, durable latex that resists popping and have stretchy rubber bands for long-lasting punch. The balloons are excellent party supplies. They provide hours of energy burning.

                                                  +100 percent satisfaction guaranteed
                                                  -Keep uninflated balloons away from children
                                                  Buy from Amazon
                                                  • Outdoor Games Set

                                                    Use the three outdoor games in this combo for your CoComelon party setup. It comprises colorful rings, bean bags, and cones that easily capture children’s attention. The activity props and multiple color discrimination lets children enjoy the interactive time that exercises team cooperation and hand-eye coordination.

                                                    +Non-toxic and odorless
                                                    - Small size bean bags
                                                    Buy from Amazon
                                                    • Happy Birthday Banner

                                                      Simple CoComelon backdrop ideas include this Happy Birthday banner. ‘FECEY’ is a quality brand. The banner is ideal for any age. Each card is 4.7 x 5.9 inches in size. ‘Happy’ is three feet long, and ‘Birthday’ is five feet. It is made of sturdy stock paper in CoComelon colors. The banner is simple to assemble.

                                                      -Only printed on one side
                                                      Buy from Amazon
                                                      • our favorite
                                                      CoComelon Musical School Bus

                                                      Include this bus in a CoCo Melon theme party. It comes with a JJ figure. The bus seats six CoCo Melon friends. By pressing the grill, the bus plays a ‘Wheel on the Bus’ clip for a singalong. Bring nursery rhymes to life. Free-wheeling motion allows kids to have control of the bus.

                                                      +Other sounds made by pressing the grill
                                                      -'Try Me' button does not play all content
                                                      Bonus Tips: The bus is inspired by the CoComelon YouTube series.

                                                      Buy from Amazon
                                                      • most popular
                                                      Four-Tier Cupcake Stand

                                                      This four-tier cupcake stand is a CoComelon party idea that is among the best sellers on Amazon. It is an exquisite way to display your CoComelon treat ideas. Each pastry rack is acrylic, which makes them durable and resistant. Embedded cupper nut rods in the center keep the stand stable and straight.

                                                      +Also available in three- and five-tier versions
                                                      -Some complaints about the lights
                                                      Buy from Amazon
                                                      • Singalong Boom Box

                                                        A CoCo Melon theme party can turn into a children’s karaoke event with the singalong boom box that plays ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,’ ‘Bath Song,’ and ‘The Wheels on the Bus.’ The built-in microphone is real, with kid-friendly controls. The boom box is lightweight and portable. It has colorful, cute graphics.

                                                        +Easy carry handle
                                                        -Issues with the microphone
                                                        Buy from Amazon
                                                        • most popular
                                                        Family House Playset

                                                        Small children may not understand how to play organized party games. This CoComelon  party idea lets children play with the family house playset inspired by the CoComelon kid’s show. It includes a fridge, chair, sofa, and more. The set features JJ and his friends and family. Playing with the set improves children’s dexterity and fine motor skills.

                                                        +Inspires role playing
                                                        Buy from Amazon
                                                        • CoComelon Vehicle Toys

                                                          Among other CoComelon games for party is this set of CoComelon vehicle toys. JJ drives the school bus, TomTom cruises in the fire truck, and YoYo drives an ice cream truck. They are excellent CoComelon birthday party girl or boy gifts. The toys are the ideal size for the small hands of two-year-olds or older.

                                                          +Officially licensed merchandise
                                                          -Figures are not removable
                                                          Buy from Amazon
                                                          • Party Outfit

                                                            This is one of the ultimate CoComelon first birthday party ideas. It is ideal for the child’s special day. The bloomer shorts have elastic legs and a waist for a comfortable fit. It comes with suspenders having three clips and two length adjusters. Also included is a pretied and adjustable bow tie.

                                                            +Cake smash clothes
                                                            -Hand wash only
                                                            Bonus Tips: The outfit is ideal for photographs.

                                                            Buy from Amazon
                                                            • Fruit Snacks

                                                              Fruit snacks are excellent CoComelon party treat ideas. Welch’s Fruit Snacks are made with natural fruit. They are preservative-free and contain Vitamins A, C, and E. There are ten varieties to choose from, such as island fruits and fruit punch. The snacks are an excellent value for the price.

                                                              -Small-size packages
                                                              Buy from Amazon
                                                              • Cartoon Cupcake Topper

                                                                Use these cupcake toppers as one of the CoComelon dessert table ideas. They are made of bamboo toothpicks and high-quality cardstock. Create a beautiful CoComelon theme party with them. There is no assembly, and they are simple to use. Children get a kick out of the decorations using their favorite characters. They are an ideal addition to the party.

                                                                +Hold up well
                                                                -Not oven or microwave safe
                                                                Buy from Amazon

                                                              Frequently Asked Questions

                                                              What is Cocomelon and why is it popular among children?

                                                              Cocomelon is a popular YouTube channel with songs and nursery rhymes for kids that are animated in 3D. The videos are made to teach, entertain, and interest young children. They have become popular with both kids and their parents

                                                              How can I incorporate Cocomelon into a child’s birthday party?

                                                              There are several ways to include Cocomelon in a child’s birthday party. You could play Cocomelon videos at the party, make a Cocomelon-themed cake or decoration, or have the guests take part in Cocomelon-themed games and activities. You could also have the birthday kid dress up as their favorite character from the show.

                                                              What are some Cocomelon-themed party games and activities?

                                                              Some Cocomelon-themed party games and activities are:

                                                              • Cocomelon karaoke
                                                              • Pin the smile on JJ
                                                              • Cocomelon treasure hunt
                                                              • Cocomelon dance contest
                                                              • Cocomelon coloring and drawing station

                                                              How can I create a Cocomelon-themed birthday cake?

                                                              To make a Cocomelon-themed birthday cake, you could use yellow and blue frosting to create a cake that looks like the famous Cocomelon characters. You could also make a 3D cake in the shape of JJ or another popular character and decorate it with frosting and candy.


                                                              Whether you are planning a CoComelon theme party for boy or a CoComelon birthday party for girl, you can find suitable decorations, games. and ideas for serving treats from the list above. You can incorporate DIY CoComelon party ideas by making character invitations with cardstock, character images printed from the internet, and glue. Write the party details on the flipside of the invitations.