33 Best Fitness Gifts for Gymrats and Health Lovers in 2023

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Fitness gifts are a great way to show your support and encouragement for a loved one who is into health and wellness. Whether it’s for a fitness enthusiast or someone just starting out on their fitness journey, there are many options available to suit different needs and preferences. From practical items like gym bags and water bottles to high-tech gadgets like fitness trackers and smartwatches, there is something for everyone.

For fitness lovers, gifts that support their workouts and help them track their progress can be especially appreciated. Fitness gifts for men and fitness gifts for women can include things like resistance bands, weights, and foam rollers, as well as gym membership and personal training sessions. Fitness gifts for moms and dads can include things like yoga mats, meditation pillows, and Pilates equipment, or even a massage or spa day to help them relax and recharge after a tough workout.

Gifting is an excellent way to show someone that you care about their health and wellness. From practical gifts like workout gear and supplements, to fun and stylish accessories, there are plenty of options to choose from to help the fitness lovers in your life reach their goals. With 33 great fitness gift ideas to choose from, you’re sure to find something that will bring a smile to their face and help them reach their fitness goals.

    • Fitness Gifts for that Gymrat

      Who goes to the gym without a gym bag? What better gym bag is there than a roomy, water-resistant duffel bag built with a compartment for your shoes? This bag is roomy, and it is constructed with different compartments to take in all the gym necessities.

      +Roomy with comfortable shoulder straps
      -Tears easily if overpacked
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      • Bluetooth Beanie

        The EverPlus Bluetooth beanie can be worn by men or women. It is designed to pull a high ponytail or messy bun through the top on chilly days. The addition of headphones allows hands-free calling and Hi-Fi sound for ten to 12 hours of play. It hs a rechargeable battery Li-ion battery.

        +Fully washable
        -No noise reduction
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        • Strong is beautiful

          This is a beautiful and unique gift that you can give to your gym buddy. It is a handmade keychain with cute charms that feature barbells, kettlebells, and personalized items of different colors. The keychain is a thoughtful gift and will put a smile on anyone’s face.

          +Handmade, adorable, and pretty
          -Colors may chip off with time.
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          • most popular
          resistance bands

          Resistance bands are one of the best fitness gifts for women – that female gym bud with the hot bod. It comes in three sizes and strengths; light, medium, and heavy. They are convenient to use and are lovely for a lot of workouts. You can use them at the gym or at home.

          +Does not roll up during exercises.
          -Sizing might be on the big side.
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          • water bottle

            The water bottle is perfect if you are looking for cool fitness gifts. It is not new for people to take swigs from their bottles of water or juice or shakes for refreshment during exercise. This water bottle with motivational quotes is leak-free and dishwasher safe.

            +Easy to maintain.
            -Might be smaller than advertised.
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            • core sliders

              These are excellent gifts for fitness lovers focused on developing their core and abs. You can use the sliders to add more intensity yet comfort to your favorite workouts. The sliders are double-sided and can be used on multiple surfaces, and can be used interchangeably.

              +Compact and practical
              -Don't work well with hardwood floors
              Bonus Tips: The sliders introduce a stability and balance challenge to every movement, forcing the user to engage core muscles.

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              • jump rope

                Jump ropes are an excellent means of getting in some cardio done daily, and what’s more, you can use them anywhere. This jump rope is an excellent gift for your fitness lover buddy because they have sturdy handles, and you can adjust the rope length to suit your height.

                +Keeps count of how many skips you have done
                -May be too light.
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                • headbands

                  Everyone that exercises needs no-slip headbands to help absorb burning sweat and keep it from getting into their eyes. This headband is fantastic because it diverts the sweat from your face to the side of your head, preventing obstruction. It is a great gift idea.

                  +Can be used by men and women
                  -May be too small for some people’s heads
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                  • Workout Running Band for Phone

                    These are also known as phone holders and are among the most thoughtful gifts you can give a fitness lover. Often, when working out, music is needed as fuel for the fire. With these armbands, you never have to be away from your cell phone and music.

                    +Made with skin-friendly materials
                    -Does not fit everyone snugly
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                    • kettlebell weights

                      This is an ideal gift for that friend trying to set up their home gym. The weights come in various sizes and are used to support different types of exercises. This kettlebell weight is made to have a wide textured grip which enhances comfort.

                      +Extremely durable and solid
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                      • Food and Fitness Journal

                         In this journal you will find 90

                        +Guidelines explaining how to use the journal
                        -Paper may be too flimsy
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                        • Fitness Gifts for that Gymrat

                          This is a lovely and spicy gift to get that female friend of yours who means a lot to you. These yoga pants are super comfortable and printed in a unique pattern. They are high-waisted, stretch just fine, and are snuggly (they have a four-way stretch.) This is one of the “best fitness gifts for her”

                          +Thoughtful and beautiful gift
                          Bonus Tips: They are ideal for layering with tops, skirts, and tunics.

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                          • Fitness Gifts for that Gymrat

                            A set of these contains five HB #2 pencils with funny and quirky motivational workout messages scrawled on them. This type of gift will induce a chuckle from the recipient every time they look at it.

                            +Handmade gift and comes with a cute little pouch.
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                            • mug

                              You can use the wonderful gift anywhere – the office, at home, or at a picnic. You can customize gym pictures or motivational words. Pour out your heart and bring out your creative side.

                              -May not be suitable for the gym
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                              • kettlebell artwork

                                This is an ideal gift for that friend who loves fitness as well as art. It is a watercolor print of a kettlebell. The print is an original painting made on quality paper. It is a vibrant and exciting gift and can be hung anywhere. The picture brings life to any space it is hung.

                                +Made with quality materials
                                -Does not come with a frame
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                                • sunglasses

                                  These are unique gifts that you can get any male fitness lover in your life. Looking for good fitness gifts for him, this is the one. These are not only stylish glasses, but they are also very sturdy and perfect for all outdoor activities.

                                  +Cute and sophisticated
                                  -May be too dark
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                                  • Fitness Gifts for that Gymrat

                                    This is an excellent gift for your fit-fam female friend. Every woman that works out uses a sports bra; it is a critical piece of clothing because it helps keep the breasts firm during workouts. This bra is especially impressive because it comes with extra paddings, which makes it doubly useful.

                                    +Can be used for lounging
                                    - Quality might be different from photos
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                                    • gym shorts

                                      This is among the most remarkable gifts for fitness guys. It is a pair of good-fitting workout shorts that gently drape off the body. They have drawstrings to keep them in place and deep side pockets to store your necessities. Have a male gym rat. This is one of the best fitness gifts for him. This gift would get 

                                      +Comfortable with great length.
                                      -Some colors make shorts see-through.
                                      Bonus Tips: These shorts wick moisture from the body allowing the skin to breathe comfortably.

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                                      • yoga shorts

                                        If you have a friend who is into style and fitness, this is one of her cutest fitness gifts. It is convenient for exercise, but it is also stylish. You can wear them casually. The shorts are super soft against the skin and keep the core tight, making the tummy flatter. These shorts come in different colors, so you have choices.

                                        +Four-way stretch
                                        -Run a bit on the small side.
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                                        • fanny pack

                                          This is an ultimate and exciting gift that performs multiple functions. This waist belt is adjustable to fit snugly, and the waist pack is big enough to take in phones, chargers, and some other essentials. You do not have to compromise safety while taking a run. It is water-resistant.

                                          +Lightweight and has an earphone hole
                                          -Size may run small
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                                          • Apple Watch Series 6

                                            See your fitness metrics displayed on the Always-On Retina. Monitor your blood oxygen level and your heart with this watch. Live a more connected, active, and healthier life. The ECG app takes an electrocardiogram from the wrist. A sleep app helps meet sleep goals every night for living a more beneficial day.

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                                            • Men's Neutral Running Shoes

                                              The Glycerin 19 is ideal for runners who prefer a lot of cushion. These shoes have soft transitions and a plush internal fit. The neutral support offers maximum cushioning. They are perfect for the gym, cross-training, and road running. A stretch bootie surrounds the foot and expands and moves with the runner’s stride.

                                              +Has APMA Seal of Approval
                                              -Narrow toe box
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                                              • Adidas Puremotion Adapt Running Shoes for Women

                                                Simple and sharp meet laceless and clean. These Adidas running-inspired shoes for women have elastic straps and a textile upper for a minimalist look. They are a slip-on style shoe. The sock-like, snug feel and cushioning give all day comfort. Their light weight makes movement easy.

                                                +Breaks in easily
                                                - Little arch support
                                                Bonus Tips: For those with a high instep, the shoes loosen quickly.

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                                                • Muscle Treatment Massage Gun

                                                  The proprietary brushless motor and advanced sound insulation deliver a powerful deep muscle treatment that is quieter than most massage devices. It has a two-hour battery life, which is twice the battery life of earlier models. The device has an ergonomic multi-grip that provides several ways to hold the device comfortably without straining the arms and hands.

                                                  +Connects to Bluetooth
                                                  -Some settings issues
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                                                  • Folding Exercise Bike

                                                    A solid x-frame design takes up 18.1 x 8.1 inches of floor space when not in use. The multi-grip padded handlebars and large anatomically designed seat provide long-lasting support and comfort. The bike has a 2 x 1 inch LCD window that displays pulse, calories, time, distance, and speed. The three-piece pedal crank adds durability.

                                                    +Adjustable seat height
                                                    -Cancer warning on the machine
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                                                    • Caspar Nap Pillow

                                                      Sleep is a factor in general well-being and mental clarity and proper immune function, and weight management. Most people do not get the amount they need. Help your gym rat catch some sleep with this pillow. Men especially prefer sleeping with a relatively flat and small pillow like the Caspar.

                                                      +Pillowcase and bag included
                                                      -Not for those preferring a thick pillow
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                                                      • Welly Human Repair Kit

                                                        There is a feeling of frustration when pumped for a workout but cannot perform at your best because sneakers dig blisters on the back of your feet. Welly makes bandages as attractive as possible. This kit is an excellent stocking stuffer for a fitness lover who does not let blisters stand in the way of a run.

                                                        -Container a bit flimsy
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                                                        • Mini Fitness Board

                                                          Strengthen, tone, shape, and sculpt by stepping on the Belmint vibration platform. The system creates a vibration of the whole body that stimulates muscles causing increased activation and extra muscle contractions. It burns fat and gets rid of cellulite when used in conjunction with exercise. Enjoy an enhanced range of motion and metabolism. The 20 x 12 x 4 inches size is portable.

                                                          +Includes two resistance bands
                                                          -Has a short cord
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                                                          • Workout Gloves

                                                            For palm protection having extra grip, these workout gloves have an abrasion-resistant palm with silica gel anti-slip points that enhance durability, hold, and comfort. Experience ultimate comfort and protection. The gloves are breathable and have a flexible fit. A stretchy vented mesh material extends across the back of the hand and the fingers.

                                                            +Integrated tabs for easy removal
                                                            -Sizing is a bit tricky
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                                                            • Bodyweight Exercise Cards

                                                              The mega pack contains 104 bodyweight exercises. You can play any time and anywhere. There is no planning or preparation. Competition and games make exercise fun. You can play alone or with children, spouse, or friends. Scan the cards with your smartphone for online demonstration videos. A website provides dozens of free instructional videos and free card games.

                                                              +Easy to get started
                                                              -Smaller than regular playing cards
                                                              Bonus Tips: For best results, do five to 15-minute mini-workouts a few times every day.

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                                                              • Exercise Dice

                                                                With workouts on one die and rep counts on the other, these six-sided fitness dice are perfect for fitness classes and group training. It is an exciting and fun way to get fit with friends. Keep workouts fresh by performing the exercise that appears on the top of one die, the number of times on the other.

                                                                +Lightweight, soft foam
                                                                -No instructions included
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                                                                • our favorite
                                                                Gel Boxing Gloves

                                                                The boxing gloves are professional gear at a price of entry-level affordability. They keep hands protected and snug inside. The gloves are available in eight colors. Pros have tested them. The gloves are built for rugged use. Engineered leather can take hundreds of boxing, kickboxing, and punching rounds.

                                                                +Mesh palms allow hands to breathe
                                                                -May have a plastic smell at first
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                                                                • our favorite
                                                                Yoga and Exercise Ball

                                                                Made with a honeycomb structure, this exercise ball is burst-resistant and deflates slowly if punctured. Those qualities reduce the risks of injury and offer protection. The premium slip prevention leaves the user feeling safe and their movements worry-free. You can use it for low-impact exercises, pregnancy gymnastics, yoga, and pilates. Use it as an office ball chair for better posture and fun.

                                                                +Top quality material
                                                                -Inflation instructions are a bit hazy
                                                                Buy from Amazon

                                                              Frequently Asked Questions

                                                              What are some good gifts for fitness lovers?

                                                              Gifts that are practical and related to their fitness interests and hobbies are great options for fitness lovers. This could include workout gear, supplements, gym accessories, or even classes and training sessions.

                                                              What are some good fitness gifts for men?

                                                              For men, consider practical gifts such as a gym bag, workout headphones, or a fitness tracker. You could also look into getting him a set of weights or a foam roller for muscle recovery.

                                                              What are some good fitness gifts for women?

                                                              Women would appreciate gifts such as a new set of workout clothes, a yoga mat, or a water bottle with a motivational quote. You could also consider getting her a massage gun for muscle recovery or a healthy cookbook for post-workout meal inspiration.

                                                              What are some unique gifts for fitness lovers?

                                                              To get them something truly special and unique, consider a gift that combines their love for fitness and their other interests. This could be a fitness retreat, a fitness-themed art piece, or even a custom workout plan tailored to their specific needs and goals.


                                                              With the health and fitness gifts above, you can’t go wrong. Sure, there are other exciting gifts out there that you can choose from, but these are guaranteed and very well thought out. These are gifts that will cement your place in the heart of the lucky recipient. Who wouldn’t want to give a gift that would leave a lovely and lasting impact?