36 Best Gifts for Dancers and All That Jazz (2023)

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Dancers are the embodiment of grace, beauty, and art. Whether they’re performing on stage or in the studio, they work tirelessly to perfect their craft. If you have a friend or family member who loves to dance, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. But fear not, we’ve compiled a list of the best gifts for dancers that will leave them feeling appreciated and inspired.

For ballet dancers gifts, you can never go wrong with a pair of pointe shoes or a ballet barre. Both are essential tools for any serious ballerina. Other great options include a personalized dance bag, a ballet-themed phone case, or a gift card for a dance supply store.

For pole dancers gifts, consider gifting them with a new pole or a set of grip gloves. These gifts can help take their training to the next level. You can also get creative and gift them with a pole dance class or a subscription to an online pole dancing tutorial site.

Hip hop dancers will appreciate gifts that reflect their edgy style. Consider getting them a pair of high-top sneakers, a hip hop dance DVD, or a new set of headphones. A personalized hip hop dance bag or t-shirt can also make a great gift.

For teenage dancers gifts, you can never go wrong with dance-themed jewelry, a new dance outfit, or a gift card to their favorite dance store. You can also get them a set of inspirational dance posters to decorate their room.

No matter what type of dancer you’re shopping for, apart from diy gifts for dancers, we hope this list of the best 36 gifts for dancers has given you some great ideas. So go ahead and make their hearts leap with joy this Christmas or any occasion.

    • 52-Piece Dancing Stickers

      This is a gift for dancers that allows them to express their love of dancing with decals they put on computers, laptops, notebooks, water bottles, and cars. You can use them as themed party supplies or room decor. The dancer will be motivated and inspired each time they look at the stickers.

      +Stickers are two to three inches in size
      -Some typos and grammar errors
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      • Make-up Bag

        Ballerina gifts include this cosmetic tote case. The measurements are 8.6 x 5 x 3 inches. It is made of microfiber that is easy to clean. A zipper pouch ensures contents stay in the bag. The case fits easily in a travel bag or carry-on case. It is water-resistant and holds plenty of supplies and cosmetics.

        +Vey functional
        -Ballerinas are upside down on the back of the case
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        • Morse Code Bracelet

          Morse code bracelets are excellent dance gifts. They have a hidden message that is discreet and simple. The bracelet is ideal for an inside joke that makes the recipient happy and reminds them not to take life too seriously. This one is Morse code for ‘Just Dance.’ It comes in an elegant gift box

          -Wire may bend
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          • Ballet Dance Bag

            These ballet dance bags are excellent ballet gifts. The one shown here is made of nylon and has a polyester lining. It has a metal belt link, metal zipper, cute ballet embroidery, lace decoration, and an adjustable belt buckle. Every bag comes with a keychain. It is the perfect gift for a little princess.

            +Ergonomic, waterproof, lightweight
            -Several complaints about an odor
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            • Dancer Necklace

              Necklaces are excellent dancer gift ideas. This one is stainless steel with a highly polished finish. It will never fade. The chain is 18 inches long and has a 1.96-inch extension. The necklace is the ideal gift for any woman in your life – your girlfriend, your sister, your mother, or yourself.

              +Available in 24 colors of stones
              -Chain is a bit thick
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              • Infinity Dance Bracelet

                Among gift ideas for dancers is this infinity bracelet. It is pink and silver with an adjustable clasp. This bracelet will fit wrists five to seven inches in circumference. The bracelet has a silver-tone ballet slippers charm. Bracelets like this make excellent dance team gifts or dance recital gifts.

                +Very Pretty
                -No gift packaging
                Bonus Tips: This bracelet is available with a different charm.

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                • Dance Teacher Wine Glass

                  This is one of the gifts for dance teachers. It is a fun gift idea for your favorite dance instructor. The wine glass is among the top ten white elephant gifts that cost less than $25. It holds 15 ounces. Each time the recipient uses it, you will cross their mind.

                  +Dishwasher safe
                  -Small print
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                  • Color Changing Nightlight

                    Presents for ballet dancers might include this color-changing nightlight. It has 16 color options; you can choose to stay with one color or rotate through them all. The touch and remote-control modes are convenient to use. Touch the power button to turn it off and on. The remote control adjusts the brightness.

                    +Battery operated or USB connection
                    -Batteries not included
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                    • Dance & Gymnastics Water Bottle

                      Dancer gift ideas include those for people who love gymnastics and cheerleading as well as dancing. Your favorite gymrat or dancer will stand out in the crowd with this cute water bottle. The recipient stays hydrated with a shatterproof water bottle that is reusable and eco-friendly. It also has a finger-friendly carry loop.

                      +Ice-guard chug cap
                      -A bit hard to open and close
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                      • Ballerina Coloring Book

                        Does your child love ballet? A coloring book is an excellent ballet dancer gift. There are more than 30 pages to color with illustrations f bows, flowers, ballet shoes, tutus, and ballerinas. The paper has printing on only one side to prevent bleed-through. Coloring is an excellent stay-at-home activity.

                        +Encourages children's creativity
                        -Downside to one-side printing is fewer pictures to color
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                        • Motivational Bracelet

                          Jewelry, such as this cuff bracelet, often makes the list of dancer gifts. This one reads, ‘Just dance.’ It comes in an elegant gift package ready for giving to a girlfriend, niece, friend, or sister. The bracelet is made of durable surgery-grade stainless steel that will not corrode, stain, rust, or fade.

                          -A bit difficult to alter size
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                          • Dance Hair Accessory

                            Dance gift ideas include hair accessories like this unique scrunchie. It is ideal for a dancer who is a dance team member, teaches dance, or performs in a dance recital. The hair adornment is made of premium velvet that will stay in place and not pull or tangle hair.

                            +Excellent for fine or thick hair
                            Bonus Tips: The scrunchie can be used for a bun, braid, or ponytail.

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                            • Composition Notebook

                              Composition notebooks like the one shown here make excellent gifts for ballet dancers. It has 140 pages of college-ruled paper that you can use for essays, journal writing, or taking notes. The flexible paperback cover has a trendy, cool design. It is an attention-getter. The dimensions are 7.44 x 9.69 inches.

                              +Very pretty
                              -Report of bubbling that make the surface uneven
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                              • our favorite
                              Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box

                              This selection includes three gifts for ballerinas. The pretty musical jewelry box opens to a ballerina doll that spins to Waltz of the Flowers music from the Nutcracker ballet. Tucked inside the box are a ballerina bracelet and necklace. The box is made of pine fiberboard and is reassuringly sturdy.

                              +Three gifts in one
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                              • 'Little Dancer' Statue

                                Most items on this list are gifts for dancer female interests. This state is a representation of the main character in the Broadway musical, ‘Little Dancer,’ It has a cream or off-white skirt and golden tan top that are approximations of the original. The resin statue is 7.25 inches tall.

                                +Beautiful piece of art
                                -No certificate of authenticity
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                                • Novelty Crew Socks

                                  Novelty crew socks are excellent dance gifts for girls. This pair is the ideal way to express a razor-sharp eye for artistic excellence and creativity. The socks appeal to art aficionados and fashionistas. Advanced knitting methods are used to develop these premium socks. They are made of cotton, nylon, polyester, and spandex.

                                  +Comfortable and functional
                                  -Little stretch in the upper portion
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                                  • Ballet Turning Board

                                    This dancing gift is especially for ballet dancers. It is a ballet training board made of high-strength composite and resin with an extra thick layer of EVA foam. The platform has a width wide enough to accommodate any size foot and helps improve movement control. It comes in a gift box and a velvet bag.

                                    +Useful for all dance styles
                                    -Can slip on hard surfaces
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                                    • Dancer Dots

                                      Some of the best gifts for dancers provide comfort for their feet. These gel pad cushions provide cooling treatment for blisters and instant moisturizing skin relief. They help prevent blisters by supplying a moist wound environment. The hydrogel in the protection guards is nearly all water. That promotes autolytic debridement and keeps skin moisturized.

                                      +Up to 12-hour relief
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                                      • Ballet Turning Board

                                        If ballerinas want to spin like a pro, the best gift for dancers is to help them fine-tune their spins. This ballet turning board helps master turns by improving spotting and allowing complete rotation. It is also an excellent figure skating accessory. The board reduces friction between the floor and the foot and helps with posture and balance.

                                        +Durable and versatile
                                        -Report of causing scratches to a wood floor
                                        Bonus Tips: The board is suitable for any dancer wanting to gain confidence in their technique.

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                                        • Girls Dance Clothes

                                          Gifts for hip hop dancers include the clothes they wear. This outfit has a jacket, tank top, and trousers. The material is a cotton blend that is stretchy and soft. It is ideal for a special occasion, such as a hip-hop class, dance performance, or daily wear.

                                          +Available in three colors
                                          -Pants run big
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                                          • Sports Duffel Bag

                                            Multiple pockets and a side zippered shoe compartment make this duffel bag one of the gifts for a dancer that serves as a reliable dance bag. The bag has a zippered pocket outside. There is another inside for a towel or temporary storage for a wallet and keys. Ventilation is provided for the shoe compartment.

                                            +Detachable and adjustable shoulder strap
                                            -Fabric is a bit thin
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                                            • Dance Headbands

                                              What makes these headbands excellent dancer presents is the flexible back that adjusts to the dancer’s unique head size. They adjust from 17 to 20 inches to fit most teens and children. Six glitzy, metallic hairbands are made with grosgrain ribbon and a velvet lining.

                                              +Keeps hair in place
                                              -May slip a bit
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                                              • most popular
                                              Moisturizing Heel Socks

                                              These presents for dancers moisturize, heal, and repair their dry, cracked skin as they sleep. The gel-lined heel has an infusion of Vitamin E, olive oil, and jojoba seed oil that deeply moisturizes and hydrates rough dry skin. Their fuzzy material and open-toe design are comfortable while sleeping.

                                              +Available in five colors
                                              -Socks may shed
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                                              • Dancer Ornament

                                                Ornaments are excellent Christmas gifts for dancers. This one is a five-inch resin ornament depicting an angel in a cream-colored dress having wings and a full skirt. The angel is in a ballet pose with her arms outstretched. Nature symbols are carved into the dress.

                                                +Packaged in a fitted box for gift giving
                                                -Hanging mechanism takes some maneuvering.
                                                Bonus Tips: The ornament is a smaller version of loved Willow Tree figures and angels.

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                                                • Foot Stretchers Set

                                                  This is a set of presents for dancers that includes a ballet foot stretcher, a pull strap, a flexible stretcher band, two rubber pad adapters, a velvet bag, and a gift box. Yoga, belly, Latin, and ballet dancers use the equipment to exercise the instep. They also concentrate on the feet, legs, and toes.

                                                  +An ideal training aid
                                                  -No information about how to use included
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                                                  • Ballet Fitted Sheet

                                                    A ballerina fitted sheet may be an unexpected gift for dancer. This one is soft decorative fabric bedding with an all-around elastic pocket. It is available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes, including extra-long twin and California king. The sheet is hotel quality with top-of-the-line artistry and stitching.

                                                    +Fits up to 16-inch deep mattresses
                                                    -No flat sheet
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                                                    • Dancing Couple Figurine

                                                      Giving dancing gifts to a couple who loves to dance is more than appropriate. This romantic couple figurine depicts a moment that will bring a smile to their faces. It is ideal for newlyweds, couples, friends, or family members. The figurine can be a Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or anniversary gift. It makes a lovely home decoration.

                                                      +Exquisite workmanship
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                                                      • Hardcover Book on Ballet

                                                        Presents for ballet lovers are sometimes discovered in a library and purchased as gifts. This book introduces the reader to famous ballet performers and enthralls them with fascinating stories. Discover over 70 celebrated dances, from The Rite of Spring to Swan Lake to The Nutcracker. Learn about renowned companies like Bolshoi Ballet and The Royal Ballet.

                                                        +Includes rarely seen photographs
                                                        -Readers found gaps in the history
                                                        Bonus Tips: The author is a writer of highly visual books for adults to collaborated with a ballet legend, Viviana Durante.

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                                                        • Irish Step Dancer Ornament

                                                          Dance Christmas gifts are not all for ballerinas. This ornament is a beautifully detailed Irish dancer ornament. It is six inches long and made of plastic. The decoration is a beautiful holiday decor ideal for Irish step dancers and their families. It features a curly red-haired girl with a green Irish dancing costume.

                                                          -Mixed reviews about the paint job
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                                                          • Stretch Bands

                                                            If you are an athlete, gymnast, dancer, or person who wants to live healthily, these stretch bands are ideal for training the body daily. They improve strength, posture, and flexibility. The equipment is made from 100 percent premium-grade rubber with superior resistance and thickness for flexibility and strength training.

                                                            + Improves body muscle without going to a gym
                                                            -Guidebook has to be downloaded
                                                            Buy from Amazon
                                                            • Mesh Shoe Bag

                                                              The premium pointe shoe bag is made of mesh nylon material. It is the ideal accessory for carrying pointe shoes or other dance shoe accessories to dance class. The breathable mesh allows airflow that dries out shoes and reduces odor. This bag features an inner pocket for other items.


                                                              +Stylish design and lightweight
                                                              -No shoulder strap
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                                                              • Dashboard Bobblehead

                                                                Put this mini hula dance on the dashboard of a car, an office table, a bookshelf, in the bedroom, or on a beach bar table to spread some joy and brings some smiles. The doll comes with double-sided adhesive tape. It is made of high-quality resin that is safe and non-toxic.

                                                                -Some problems with adhesive reported
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                                                                • Dance Keychain

                                                                  This is one of the gifts for ballet dancers that encourages the dancer with a gesture that expresses hope, love, and strength. Give it for a competition, birthday, dance recital, or just because. The keychain is an excellent gift for teen dancers or dance teams. It is a silver-plated keychain with a dancer and ballet slippers charms.

                                                                  +100 percent satisfaction guarantee
                                                                  -Circle charm a bit rough on the back
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                                                                  • our favorite
                                                                  Cell Phone Purse

                                                                  This handbag has two straps that allow different Crossbody configurations. The soft vegan leather makes this cell phone handbag comfortable and durable. Attention was paid to detail. There are zippered and unzippered compartments. There are three slots used to hold credit cards or money. There is room for a cell phone and other items.

                                                                  +Top zipper closure
                                                                  Bonus Tips: There is extra padding to protect the cell phone.

                                                                  Buy from Amazon
                                                                  • Warm-Up Boots

                                                                    The dancer can keep their feet warm without removing their pointe shoes. These warm-up booties protect the fee and extend the life of the batter shoes. Feet are encased safely in padded, rip-stop nylon. A Velcro strap on the booties secures them, while a padded outsole covers them with non-slip PVC.

                                                                    +Available in nine colors
                                                                    -Crunchy, squishy sound when walking
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                                                                    • Nutcracker Scented Candle

                                                                      Sweet vanilla and spicy cloves waft through the home when this Nutcracker-scented candle is lit. It is an ideal accessory for a home or office. The average burn time of the 13.75-ounce candle is 60 to 80 hours. It is an excellent scented candle for meditation and calm.

                                                                      +Relaxing aromatherapy
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                                                                    Frequently Asked Questions

                                                                    What are some good gift ideas for ballet dancers?

                                                                    Ballet dancers will appreciate gifts that help improve their technique, such as ballet turnboards, portable dance floors, or ballet barres. Personalized dance bags, ballet-themed jewelry, or ballet wall art can also make great gifts.

                                                                    What are some unique gifts for pole dancers?

                                                                    Pole dancers will love gifts that enhance their training experience, such as pole dancing grips, foam rollers, or massage balls. You can also consider gifting a pole dancing class or a subscription to an online tutorial site. A custom-made dancewear or a pole dancing-inspired phone case can also make great gifts.

                                                                    What are some popular gifts for hip hop dancers?

                                                                    Hip hop dancers will appreciate gifts that reflect their edgy style, such as high-top sneakers, wireless speakers, or headphones. Urban dance classes or customized dance bags can also be great options. A hip hop dance DVD or street art-inspired wall decor can also make great gifts.

                                                                    What are some good gift ideas for teenage dancers?

                                                                    Teenage dancers will love trendy dance apparel, custom-made dance sweatshirts, or dance-themed phone cases. Gift cards to dance apparel stores or personalized dance posters can also be great options. For a more sentimental gift, consider a photo album or a scrapbook that showcases their dance journey.

                                                                    What are some affordable gift ideas for dancers?

                                                                    Some affordable gift ideas for dancers include dance-themed journals, water bottles, or keychains. You can also consider gifting a dance-themed phone case or a personalized dance coffee mug. Dance-related books or DVDs can also make great gifts that won’t break the bank.

                                                                    What are some popular Christmas gifts for dancers?

                                                                    Popular Christmas gifts for dancers include personalized dance ornaments, dance-themed candles, or a dance-inspired advent calendar. Gift cards to dance apparel stores or customized dance sweatshirts can also be great Christmas gift options. A dance-inspired gift basket or a festive dance-inspired photo booth can also make great Christmas gifts for dancers.


                                                                    Dancers are special people. They have a gift for expressing themselves through a fantastic medium. On special occasions or holidays, you may wonder about gifts for dancers. You want something that speaks to their passion. Solutions to your query are found on the list of gifts for dancers. There are gifts for ballet dancers, gifts for hip hop dancers, and everything in between the two genres.