39 Gifts for Couch Potatoes Who Have the Art Mastered

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Gifts for couch potatoes are perfect for those who seek to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and take some time to unwind. These gifts cater to the needs of individuals who enjoy lounging on the couch, indulging in their favorite TV shows or movies, or simply taking a break from the endless cycle of productivity.

While some may view these gifts as being geared towards lazy people, they are really designed to help individuals embrace a part of themselves that craves mindless alone time. These gifts allow people to step away from the constant demands of modern life and take a moment to just be.

From comfortable seating to streaming services and cozy blankets, there are many options to choose from when it comes to gifts for couch potatoes. They are not just for dads, but can be a great gift for anyone who values relaxation and self-care.

So, if you’re searching for a gift for a friend or loved one who needs a break from the daily grind, consider giving them the gift of rest and rejuvenation with a gift for couch potatoes. It’s a thoughtful and practical way to show that you care about their well-being and that you recognize the importance of taking time for oneself.

    • Scratch Off Movie Poster

      Gifts for TV lovers may include this scratch-off movie poster. Unlike other scratch-off posters, it is nearly impossible to scratch off without causing damage or arriving damaged because of packaging. The poster is made of laminated paper with premium gold foil that scratches off easily while resisting normal abrasions.

      +Includes 100 movies and 20 TV shows
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      • Bookmark Gift

        This bookmark is the ideal gift for David Rose TV fans. It is uniquely designed and makes an excellent novelty or gag gift. The durable, stainless steel bookmark will not fade, rust, or tarnish. Excellent packaging with a plastic film protects it from scratches. The bookmark is 5.11 inches long.

        +Satisfaction guaranteed
        -Issues with the tassel
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        • Remote Control Caddy

          Couch potatoes can organize their space with this remote-control caddy. The handy, dark brown, synthetic leather caddy is the perfect way to keep track of their media remotes, phone, eyeglasses, and desk accessories. It is ideal for a mancave or theater room. There is no searching in the recliner or under couch cushions for a remote.

          +Velvet lined interior
          -Could use more space in the slots
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          • Sloth Coffee Mug

            Gifts for lazy people let them know you have no expectations for how they will spend their day. This cute coffee cup has a curved rim and an ideally shaped handle that easily holds and sips. You can also use it for nuts, candy, or as a flower planter.

            +Microwave and dishwasher safe
            -Liquid can get inside the sloth
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            • Lilo & Stitch T-Shirt

              This is an officially licensed Disney T-shirt. It is a soft and comfortable shirt. There is no annoying tag at the back of the neckline. The colors are bright and brilliant. It is a lightweight, quality T-shirt made with double stitching on the sleeves and hem. Stitch fans will love the shirt.

              +Available in five colors
              -Wash in cold water to avoid shrinking
              Bonus Tips: This shirt is available in Men's Big and Tall and Women's Plus sizes.

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              • Blanket Hoodie

                A hoodie and banket combination design results in a very warm and super comfortable item for the couch potato to wear while watching TV. It is made with two plush, cozy layers of flannel. You can also take the blanket hoodie on an outdoor picnic, camping, or barbecue. It is as practical as it is warm.

                +Machine washable
                -Not all colors are glow-in-the-dark
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                • Sofa Buddy

                  Gifts for couch potatoes that make items conveniently accessible are appreciated. This sofa buddy provides a cup holder within reach. It is portable and can be placed where needed. The sofa buddy is equipped with hidden weights in the coaster holes for stability that significantly improves the user experience.

                  +Anti-slip lining on the bottom
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                  • Snack Serving Dish

                    The pistachio bowl has a shell storage tray for use when serving peanuts, olives, sunflower seeds, cherries, other fruits and nuts, and even some candies. It takes up less space than two dishes. The bowl is cute and practical. This pedestal snack dish with double functional bowls is excellent for parties.

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                    • Wearable Blanket

                      Attire for the couch potato to use when watching TV, reading a book, eating a snack, or talking on the phone is significant on this list of gifts. The blanket with 240 GSM fleece on the front and 200 GSM ultra-thermal sherpa on the inside is irresistibly soft and warm from top to bottom.

                      +Available in 16 colors or patterns
                      -Does not cover the back
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                      • Plate and Bowl Holder

                        Gifts for TV watchers allow them to take food or meals to the couch. The heat-resistant material of these plate and bowl holders protects hands from heated dishes. Food can be eaten instantly from the microwave while it is still hot. You don’t have to wait for the dish to cool before you touch or carry it.

                        +Works for cold containers also
                        -Slippery on ceramic plates and bowls
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                        • Smart Light Bars

                          These stylish smart light bars add color depth to a home theater, which create an impressive entertainment system. They upgrade the home lighting decor and provide a better viewing experience. Several scene modes create atmospheres with different light effects and colors. They help immerse into the world of art.

                          +Easy to install and use
                          -Not battery powered if Alexa enabled
                          Bonus Tips: With Smart App Control, an intuitive time function, customizable light effects and DIY colors, along with zestful scene modes and music. how you look at art is transformed.

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                          • Wool Blanket with Leather Carrier

                            This vintage-style blanket goes well in both a contemporary and rustic setting. Early sheep herders relied on blankets like this to meet the rigorous demands of the untamed Pacific Northwest. Warm and rugged, it is a quality blanket that will provide years of comfort and warmth. It is 86 percent wool and 14 percent cotton.

                            +Whipstitch binding
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                            • Couch Spring Repair Kit

                              A lazy couch potato may have to repair sagging cushions if they spend too much time on the couch. This couch spring repair kit has what you need to fix sagging couch supports or build a new chair. There are step-by-step instructions, four no-sag couch springs, 20 feet of wire, and 12 upholstery spring clips.

                              +Use to repair all furniture seats
                              -Reports that screws were not included
                              Buy from Amazon
                              • Drink Holder

                                This patented, original drink coaster is the ultimate holder for a sofa. It holds cold or hot beverages on a recliner, armchair, couch, or sofa made of leather or fabric. The holder prevents stains, spills, and knocks. Drinks are kept within reach. It can also be an alternative coffee table to store remotes, phones, and more.

                                +Incorporates a slot for cup handles
                                -Avoid narrow or skinny-armed chairs
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                                • Couch Arm Tray

                                  The wide-profile hinge, friction-generating rubber grips, and long legs make this a sturdy wide-arm table. It covers most sofa arms. You will notice the spring’s clamp and the hinge’s heft. The rubber grips stop the tray from rolling. You can place the remote next to a drink without worry.

                                  +Takes up less space than a TV tray
                                  -Some complaints of a chemical smell
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                                  • most popular
                                  Fire TV Stick

                                  Netflix couch potatoes will enjoy the latest generation of the popular TV device. It is 50 percent more powerful than the previous version for full HD streaming. Alexa Voice Remote with volume and power buttons is included. You can stream over one million TV episodes and movies from NetFlix and other entertainment subscription services.

                                  +Easy to set up
                                  -Uses batteries quickly
                                  Buy from Amazon
                                  • Netflix The Witcher Action Figure

                                    This seven-inch action figure is incredibly detailed and based on Netflix’s The Witcher. It features the character in her training outfit from Season 2. At least 22 moving parts provide a full range for posing. Accessories include a base, her steel sword, and a wooden training sword.

                                    -A damaged box reduces value
                                    Bonus Tips: Other McFarlane Toys from the Witcher series are also available.

                                    Buy from Amazon
                                    • No Rules Rules

                                      Reed Hastings, a Netflix co-founder, reveals the unorthodox culture behind a company that is among the most successful, imaginative, and innovative in the world. Hasting’s standards value people over process, emphasize innovation over efficiency and give employees contexts instead of controls. The book dives into controversial ideologies of the Netflix psyche.

                                      -Repetitive content
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                                      • Friends Poster Bundle

                                        Perfect gifts for TV lovers include posters of characters from favorite shows. This poster is of Joey and Chandler from the Friends TV show. These characters on the show had a monochrome poster of Laurel and Hardy in their apartment. A poster of the slapstick duo is part of the bundle.

                                        +Excellent gift for men and women
                                        -Unroll carefully to prevent tearing
                                        Buy from Amazon
                                        • Friends Ceramic Coffee or Tea Mug

                                          After ten seasons, Friends has many unforgettable moments. The ceramic cups here feature polaroid photos and other memories of moments from Friends. The 11-ounce mug is microwaveable. Each mug is sold separately. Any of them will make fans feel like they are Central Perk regulars.

                                          +Official Friends merchandise
                                          -Not dishwasher safe
                                          Buy from Amazon
                                          • Two Pairs of Tennis Lover Novelty Socks

                                            If your couch potato loves to watch tennis, these socks are the perfect gift. They are 80 percent cotton, 17 percent polyester, and three percent Elastene. The letters are stitched in, not iron-on transfers. They will not peel off. These socks make excellent gifts for a birthday, Mother’s Day, or an anniversary.

                                            +Available in gray or black
                                            -No mention of men's sizes
                                            Buy from Amazon
                                            • Dad's Spot Throw Pillow Cover

                                              This is a gift for couch potato dad. It is an excellent gift for your dad or a father-in-law. The linen pillowcase has two pockets for a remote and cell phone. It comes with a keychain bottle opener with a glass dome image saying, ‘Best Dad Ever.’

                                              +Backside has words of praise
                                              -Pillow insert not included
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                                              • Double Sided Pizza Blanket

                                                This is the perfect size blanket for pets, kids, and adults. It is printed on both sides. The fuzzy blanket is made of comfortable and soft flannel to enjoy when cuddling on the couch. 3D printing technology makes the pattern look realistic. It is a versatile, stylish, innovative blanket that brings humor and happiness.

                                                +Use indoors and outdoors
                                                -Wash before first use
                                                Bonus Tips: Other uses include a beach towel, yoga mat, camping blanket, travel blanket, or picnic cushion.

                                                Buy from Amazon
                                                • Novelty Socks for Men

                                                  This is a pair of novelty socks for men couch potatoes. They come in several styles. You probably know the perfect person to gift with these socks. The socks make an excellent birthday gift or a funny retirement gift. They are placed in an exquisite paper box having a foot design on the front.

                                                  +Soft, and comfortable
                                                  -A bit thin
                                                  Buy from Amazon
                                                  • The Big Bang Theory Book

                                                    Books about popular TV shows are excellent gifts for television lovers. This book is an inside story of the epic The Big Bang Theory series. It is an entertaining, riveting look at the sitcom. The book is a story that tells about on and off-screen romance in emotional and hilarious detail.

                                                    +Offers behind-the-scenes information
                                                    -Some repetitive content
                                                    Buy from ultimategiftguide.co
                                                    • Sonos Playbar

                                                      The mountable soundbar is for music, movies, TV, and more. Enjoy impressive bass and crisp dialogue from wall to wall. You can control it with a remote, the Sonos app, or other devices. Whether placed below the TV console, stand, or mounted on the wall, it automatically tunes itself to provide the best possible sound.

                                                      + Speakers easily connect in different rooms
                                                      Buy from Amazon
                                                      • Lucy Talking Bobble Figurine

                                                        Bring the classic magic of the I Love Lucy TV show to your office or home with a Lucy Ricardo talking bobble figurine that is in a class by itself. The 3½-inch full-color figure says classic phrases from the show when the base is pressed. A mini book that features photos from the sitcom is included.

                                                        +Collector's item
                                                        -Smaller than most bobbleheads
                                                        Buy from Amazon
                                                        • 'Awesome' Coffee Mug

                                                          Great gifts for lazy people who joke about their lack of ambition are items like this coffee mug. The novelty drinkware features a sarcastic saying meant as a humorous joke that makes an excellent conversation starter. Classic A ceramic provides durability. The cup arrives packaged safely in a box.

                                                          +Design on both sides
                                                          Buy from Amazon
                                                          • Sleep Shorts

                                                            These pajama shorts feature a multitude of graphic designs and bold colors. The designs include bicycles, bears, Bigfoot, and more. They are comfortable and cool shorts ideal for lounging around the house or sleeping. Pockets provide space to keep a phone on hand. A loose fit gives freedom to stretch and move.

                                                            +Machine washable
                                                            -Mixed concerns about the size
                                                            Bonus Tips: The loungewear is something cozy for summer.

                                                            Buy from Amazon
                                                            • Sloth T-Shirt

                                                              The T-shirt is an excellent gift for those who prefer not to be around people. It is available in sizes for Youth, Women, and Men. Shy or introverted people may appreciate the witty saying on the shirt. The shirt has a classic, lightweight fit, and double-stitched bottom hem and sleeves.

                                                              +Available in five colors
                                                              -A complaint about the design falling off
                                                              Buy from Amazon
                                                              • The Lazy Genius Way Book

                                                                The best gifts for lazy people help them get things they need to get done accomplished. This New York Times bestseller is an excellent read for people who feel overwhelmed by mixed messages about living well. It suggests living well by a definition of your own, focusing on the things that matter, and being lazy about things that don’t.

                                                                +Includes 13 lazy genius principles
                                                                -Geared heavily to mothers in their 20s and 30s
                                                                Buy from Amazon
                                                                • Recipes for Living a Lazy Life Cookbook

                                                                  This illustrated cookbook celebrates easy cooking and lazy living with delicious and fun recipes. It is an excellent resource for those who need more time for long lists of ingredients and complicated meals. The cookbook shows how to feast the lazy way.

                                                                  +Organized into sections
                                                                  -Drawings rather than pictures
                                                                  Buy from Amazon
                                                                  • Christmas Pillow Covers

                                                                    Christmas gifts for couch potatoes may include throw pillows for the place they enjoy the most. These covers fit 18 x 18-inch pillows. They are color-coordinated and have hidden zipper closures that give them an elegant appearance. The pillowcases are made of soft and skin-friendly polyester linen.

                                                                    +Available in five color combinations
                                                                    -Inserts not included
                                                                    Buy from Amazon
                                                                    • Boy's Sleepwear and Slipper Socks

                                                                      The slipper socks and two-pack flannel pants are the ideal presents for any young couch potato who likes to wear pajamas. They are made of comfy and warm microfleece that is fire-resistant. Multiple print selections meet every boy’s fashion needs. They have an elastic waistband. The socks keep toes warm.

                                                                      +Meet safety, government, and environmental standards
                                                                      -Socks may shed
                                                                      Buy from Amazon
                                                                      • our favorite
                                                                      4th Generation Echo

                                                                      The Echo is equipped with Alex. It is the ideal gift for couch potatoes. They can recline on the sofa and order Alexa to do many things that once required getting off the couch. It will turn lights on and off, lock and unlock doors, and set reminders, alarms, and timers.

                                                                      +Can play music from a streaming service
                                                                      -Voice recognition may be impacted by white noise
                                                                      Bonus Tips: The powerful bass covers a low frequency and can easily fill small rooms.

                                                                      Buy from Amazon
                                                                      • Insulated Wine Tumblers

                                                                        A glass of wine goes well with a night spent on the couch. This set of four stainless steel wine coolers keep drinkers from spilling, and the thermal copper lining keeps them at the correct temperature. Each tumbler has a straw and a splash-proof lid. There are two straw cleaners included with the set.

                                                                        +24 color choices
                                                                        -Must use the straw when the lid is in place
                                                                        Buy from Amazon
                                                                        • Jigsaw Puzzle

                                                                          Puzzles are excellent couch potato gifts. The puzzle featured here is available in 300, 500, and 1000 pieces. It has high-quality components in terms of material and content and is nearly dust-free. The cardboard is extra-thick and combined with linen to create a glare-free image. Each piece is a unique shape.

                                                                          +Appropriate gift for any age or holiday
                                                                          -No reference poster included
                                                                          Buy from Amazon
                                                                          • Avocado Heating Pad

                                                                            This is a distinctive gift for a couch potato or avocado lover. It is made of unscented clay beads that do not get greasy or become mildewed. The heating pad is the ideal size for hugging. Warm it in the microwave before lying on the couch to feel cozy and relaxed.

                                                                            +Can also be used for cold therapy
                                                                            -Pouch of beads must be removed to heat
                                                                            Buy from Amazon
                                                                            • our favorite
                                                                            Apple AirPods Pro

                                                                            The AirPods are ideal for blocking the sounds of others in the home or watching a movie on an electronic device. Siri will read incoming messages from an iPhone. You do not have to lift a finger to swipe the screen, saving you from the pesky distraction couch potatoes want to avoid.

                                                                            +Water and sweat resistant
                                                                            -Short battery life
                                                                            Buy from ultimategiftguide.co

                                                                          Frequently Asked Questions

                                                                          What are gifts for couch potatoes?

                                                                          Gifts for couch potatoes are items that are designed to help individuals unwind and relax, such as comfortable seating, streaming services, and cozy blankets.

                                                                          Who are gifts for couch potatoes suitable for?

                                                                          Gifts for couch potatoes are suitable for anyone who needs a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life and who values relaxation and self-care.

                                                                          Are gifts for couch potatoes only for lazy people?

                                                                          No, gifts for couch potatoes are not only for lazy people. They are designed to help individuals embrace a part of themselves that craves mindless alone time, and to step away from the constant demands of modern life.

                                                                          Are gifts for couch potatoes suitable for dads?

                                                                          Yes, gifts for couch potatoes are perfect for dads who work hard and need a break from the demands of everyday life. They offer an opportunity for rest and rejuvenation and allow dads to relax and unwind.


                                                                          Couch potatoes look for items that give an excuse for not leaving the sofa. The great gifts for lazy people listed above are among the best gifts for couch potatoes. They include comfy apparel, items to wrap in, and devices that place food, remotes, and cell phones within close reach. Some of the gifts for TV lovers enhance the experience.