35 Ingenious Gifts for Engineers: The Ultimate Guide (2023)

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Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for the engineer in your life? Whether they’re a civil engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, software engineer, or any other type of engineer, we’ve got you covered with our list of the 35 best gifts for engineers.

From cool gadgets and tools to personalized items and fun desk toys, there’s something for every engineer on your list. Celebrate their graduation with a thoughtful gift, show your appreciation for their hard work with a retirement gift, or surprise them with a unique Christmas gift. And don’t forget about the aerospace engineers, chemical engineers, and computer engineers in your life.

So, whether you’re shopping for a new mechanical engineer or a seasoned civil engineer, we’ve got you covered with our curated list of the best gifts for engineers. Let’s get started!

    • Large Travel Coffee Tumbler

      One of the best gifts for an engineer is something they can use at home, at work, in the car, or on the road. This travel tumbler is such a gift. The double wall vacuum insulation keeps hot or cold beverages at the ideal temperature for a long time. It is rust-resistant and unbreakable.

      +Does not transfer flavor
      -Wording may fade
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      • Civil Engineer T-Shirt

        Gifts for civil engineers can be funny engineering gifts like this T-shirt with a mathematics motive. It is the perfect gift for engineering students or examined engineers. Anyone wearing the shirt will draw the attention of work colleagues or classmates. The classic fit shirt is lightweight and has double-needle bottom and sleeve hems.

        +Machine washable
        -Runs small
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        • Wallet Engineering Ruler Unit and Scale Conversion Reference

          The reference is sized to a standard ID or credit card for everyday carry in a money clip or wallet. It is ideal for lab or fieldwork. A new design having angle drawing tools, a protractor, and a ruler allows taking quick measurements or drawing a sketch. It is a practical gift for an engineer.

          +Never obsolete
          -Sharp corners
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          • Multi-Tool 2-Piece Pen Set

            Eight features include a ballpoint pen, Phillips and flathead screwdriver, metric and standard rulers, stylus top, and super bright LED light. They are made of heavy-duty aluminum and are meant to last for an endless number of projects. The pens make excellent Christmas gifts for engineers.

            +Two ink refills
            -Screwdriver hard to access
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            • Funny Coffee Mug

              Funny engineering gifts dispel any ideas engineers do not have a sense of humor. This mug has an easy-to-grip handle and is suitable for cold and hot drinks. The cup is an excellent gift for a boss, friend, or relative.


              +Dishwasher and microwave soft
              -Minor complaints about the price
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              • Nikola Tesla Engraved Pen

                The pen has a quote by Nikola Tesla engraved on the lower part. His signature is also engraved on the twist-style pen cap. It is a durable pen that is 5.6 inches long and weighs 46 grams. The writing tip dispenses black ink. These luxury writing utensils are suitable engineering graduation gifts.

                +Compatible with standard G2 refills
                Bonus Tips: Replaceable ink cartridges are an alternative to disposable pens.

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                • Engineer Keychain

                  This keychain has a gear charm that makes it a fantastic gag gift. As a graduation gift, it is a unique and original way to congratulate the recipient who achieved what they set out to do. An engineer gift like this shows appreciation for things engineers do that go unnoticed.

                  +Satisfaction guaranteed
                  -No negative reviews posted
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                  • Marble Run 3D Puzzle

                    There are approximately 260 parts and ten steel beads in the 3D wooden puzzle. When assembled, the dimensions are 10.1 x 9.3 x 7.3 inches. It comes with detailed video and manual solutions. Puzzles are not for children only. This one is among gifts for engineers that can be a decompression artifact designed with industrial and mechanical sense.

                    +Can be used as a decorative element
                    -A bit fragile
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                    • Magnetic Pickup Tool

                      The magnetic pickup tool is among the excellent gadgets for engineers. It is among the unusual engineer gift ideas for someone who has everything. They will be happy to add the gadget to their toolbox. The base and head have a strong magnetic to pick metal objects. A telescope light allows the angle you need to see.

                      +Comes with eight batteries
                      -Light is a bit dim
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                      • Engineer Mouse Pad

                        Gifts for computer engineers may include the mouse pad shown here. It defines what engineers are and do. The pad helps explain engineers to other people. It has a soft fabric top that you can clean with a damp cloth. A non-slip rubber undersurface grips the desktop firmly.

                        +Provides creativity and individuality
                        -Must be cleaned before use
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                        • 3 Lite Thermostat

                          This thermostat has functions engineers appreciate. It can be customized for comfort settings at home, away, or sleeping. The energy saving is based on weather data and smart algorithms available through Wi-Fi. You receive alerts if the system has performance issues and maintenance reminders. It is easy to install

                          +Saves up to 23 percent on cooling and heating
                          -Minimal Alexa support
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                          • Set of Whiskey Glasses

                            These glasses are fun gifts for engineers. They are science-themed sand etched tumblers with a short explanation about how molecules contribute to whiskey. The glasses weigh ten ounces and have a heavy base. They are ideal for chemistry and science lovers and suitable for any number of classic cocktails.

                            +100 percent lead-free
                            -Some arrived with only one glass
                            Bonus Tips: The etching will not wash off

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                            • our favorite
                            Magnetic Wristband

                            Ten magnets are embedded in this wristband tool accessory for easily holding drill bits, washers, bolts, nails, and screws. It can also be strapped to a belt or hung above a workbench. The wristband has breathable mesh and an adjustable strap for comfortable wear. An extra tough outer layer is made from 1680 ballistic nylon.

                            +Packaged in a gift box
                            -Magnets could be stronger
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                            • Contour Gage Profile Tool

                              With this duplicator tool, there is no frustration over how to accurately fit the floor or copy an odd shape. The issues are easily solved with this gadget. Use it to form corners, check dimensions, or mold irregular shapes. It saves energy and time and makes work efficient and convenient.

                              +Very durable
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                              • Veteran Military Cap

                                If the engineer you know is a combat engineer, this cap is a tribute to their service. It is made of thick, soft, and light cotton and polyester. There is an adjustable plastic snap closure that fits up to size 7½. The pre-curved bill measures 2¾ inches, and the crown 3½ inches. 

                                +One size fits most
                                -Complaints about the patch attachment
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                                • Good Luck Socks

                                  Socks like these are excellent presents for engineers. They have a reinforced heel and toe. The socks fit shoe sizes seven to ten. They stretch low to mid-calf. Along with the socks pictured here, other choices include pictures of scientists, calculators, chemistry formulas, circuit boards, and science instruments.

                                  +Machine washable
                                  -Runs small
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                                  • most popular
                                  Graphic T-Shirt

                                  For over 100 years, Hanes has been making classic American T-shirts synonymous with fit, style, and comfort. The graphics on this one makes it an appropriate engineer gift. It has durable double stitching at the sleeves and hem. A comfort tag-free label and flat collar are features on Hanes T-shirts

                                  +Machine washable
                                  -Runs small
                                  Bonus Tips: Other styles appropriate for engineers are available.

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                                  • Funny Mug About Meetings

                                    Engineers are all about efficiency, and useless meetings annoy them. This is one of those gifts for engineers they will appreciate. It is an 11-ounce coffee mug with high-definition printing on both sides, suitable for left and right-handed users. Give it as a gift for a birthday or any other occasion.

                                    +Dishwasher and microwave safe
                                    -Complaints about the size
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                                    • Multi-Function Engineer Pen

                                      Some of the best gifts for an engineer come in a gift box package like this five-in-one ballpoint pen with a stylus, ruler, level gauge, and a Phillips and flathead screwdriver. The body is made of aluminum meant for long-term use. Refills are included. It is available in rose gold or black.

                                      +90-day money back guarantee
                                      -Not retractable
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                                      • Math Wall Clock

                                        Rather than Roman numerals or traditional numbers, this clock has a unique way of tracking time. There is a different equation for each number. A color scheme of black and white makes it look like a chalkboard and complements any color palette. The clock is among excellent gift ideas for engineers.

                                        +Easy to read from a distance
                                        -Inaccurate time keeping reported
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                                        • Engineers Black Book

                                          This is a pocket-sized version of the INCH Engineers Black Book 3rd Edition. It contains all nut and bolt identification, drawings, and a chart that compares breaking load in inch and metric units for alloy fasteners, fastener sizes, and grade equivalents. The pages are matt-laminated and greaseproof to ensure glare-free reading and longevity.

                                          +Rubberized outside covers for better handling
                                          -Some typos and errors
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                                          • Engineering for Teens

                                            The book gives a preview to ‘wanna-be’ engineers. It tells what engineers do and how they use science and math to drive society. Topics for designing smartphones and tablets to ways of collecting and storing energy are discussed in the book. It introduces the major engineering disciplines and specialties.

                                            +Elevates the understanding of engineers
                                            -Not an easy read
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                                            • Six Tesla Patent Prints

                                              This set of vintage photos consists of historical conversation pieces to use as a home or office decor. Each has measurements of 8 x 10 inches. Premium-grade photo paper is used to last a lifetime. The prints are clear and glossy. They make excellent gifts for electrical engineers.

                                              +30-day money back guarantee
                                              -Requires frames to mount
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                                              • Mind Teaser Puzzles

                                                The best gifts for engineers allow them to use their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. This set of nine wooden and metal puzzles does just that. All the blocks and coils have no sharp edges and are smooth. They are made from durable, lightweight beechwood and heavy-duty stainless steel that does not break or bend easily.

                                                +Help improve IQ
                                                -No storage container
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                                                • our favorite
                                                Waterproof Top Spiral Notebooks

                                                Each waterproof notebook has 50 sheets/100 pages of all-weather paper that will not turn mush if wet. The paper repels mud, grease, sweat, and water. Some have survived laundry mishaps. Rugged impact-resistant binding will not lose its shape in a backpack or pocket. Polydura material creates a flexible, tough outer shell.

                                                -Water-based inks bed off in the rain
                                                Bonus Tips: The notebooks are available in packs of one, three, or six and in eight colors.

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                                                • our favorite
                                                Book About Elon Musk

                                                Author, Ashlee Vance, gives an inside look into the life and times of this audacious entrepreneur. It traces the life of Elon Musk from his rough South African upbringing to his global business world. More than 40 hours were spent interviewing Musk and others to tell his story.

                                                +Available in paperback, hardcover, audiobook, and Kindle formats
                                                -A lot of repeated information
                                                Buy from Amazon
                                                • The Moscow Puzzle Book

                                                  This is an engineer gift that has a varied assortment of brainteasers that range from complex problems to simple ‘catch’ riddles. Many are new to Western readers. Others have familiar problems written in a new form. Some are charming stories providing non-Russian readers with insights into contemporary Russian customs and life.

                                                  +No advanced math needed to solve problems
                                                  -Some puzzles require props
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                                                  • Funny Mechanic, Engineer, of Garage Tinkerer T-Shirt

                                                    The T-shirt here is among fun gifts for engineers. Unlike mass-market T-shirts, it is slightly tapered, a little less boxy. Most people wear their usual size. The ‘I VOID WARRANTIES’ humor is screen print applied and cured on a soft, smooth, crew T-shirt with high-quality inks.

                                                    +Free of Chlorinated Fluorocarbons and carcinogens
                                                    -Wash in cold water to prevent shrinking
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                                                    • N52 Neodymium Magnet Cube

                                                      The Neodymium rare earth magnet is stronger than any ceramic magnet. It packs a punch and lasts forever with normal use. This one-inch cube is highly demagnetization resistant and does not lose its magnetism around other magnets. It has a pull force of 150 pounds. Read the cautionary warnings.

                                                      +Free return policy
                                                      -Keep away from pacemakers
                                                      Buy from Amazon
                                                      • Robotic Vacuum and Mop

                                                        No one will be surprised that gift ideas for engineers make work easier. This robot vacuum cleaner uses the newest technology for mopping. It has an adjustable three-level water output electronically controlled with a water pump. The robotic vacuum cleans the home with a zig-zag path that is more efficient than random path robotic vacuums.

                                                        +Strong suction picks up pet hair and dirt easily
                                                        -Battery life issues
                                                        Bonus Tips: The vacuum can be remote, or voice controlled.

                                                        Buy from Amazon
                                                        • Solder Sucker

                                                          Soldering a lot of circuit board components can be a nightmare. Gifts for electrical engineers like this device turn the task into an easy one. The innovative silicone nozzle permits closer soldering iron tip placement and provides better suction and solder removal. It has a compact design that makes one-handed operation easy.

                                                          +High-quality construction
                                                          -Requires frequent cleaning
                                                          Buy from Amazon
                                                          • Soldering Iron Kit

                                                            This soldering kit includes pen screwdrivers, five soldering tips, a stand with a cleaning sponge, magnifier, copper wire, three anti-static tweezers, solder wick, desoldering pump, solder wire, and soldering iron. It heats up fast and has an adjustable thermostat that ranges from 200 to approximately 450° C. There is a multifunctional carry bag to store small tools.

                                                            +Allows easy one-hand use
                                                            -Issues with consistent heating
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                                                            • Engineering and Architectural Scale Ruler Set

                                                              This engineer gift is a bundle of three rulers with scales for architects, engineers, and the standard metal ruler. They are ready for recreational or professional drafting tasks. Black background with laser-etched white markings makes for excellent readability. The rulers are made from solid aluminum that will withstand drops or impacts.

                                                              +Affordable price
                                                              -Seem to have a bit of curvature
                                                              Buy from Amazon
                                                              • Classic Cufflinks

                                                                These cufflinks make an excellent Christmas gift for engineers. They feature working spirit levels. The cufflinks are suitable for formal and black-tie attire. Don’t worry about gift wrapping because they come in a gift box. The unique cufflinks are fun gifts for engineers that are great stocking stuffers.


                                                                +Available in three colors
                                                                -Colors may be lighter than pictured
                                                                Buy from Amazon
                                                                • Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

                                                                  Anti-glare blue-light glasses are excellent gifts for computer engineers. They effectively block harmful blue light from a TV screen, phone, or computer. The glasses filter dangerous light waves and reduce glare to protect the eyes. These HD clear lenses are abrasion and scratch resistant. They are ergonomically designed to be lightweight and impact resistant.

                                                                  +Two pairs of glasses
                                                                  -Minor complaint about packaging
                                                                  Buy from Amazon

                                                                Frequently Asked Questions

                                                                What are some good gift ideas for engineers who love to tinker?

                                                                For engineers who love to tinker, you could consider giving them a 3D printer or a robot-building kit, a set of electronic components or soldering iron, or a handy multitool or precision screwdriver set.

                                                                What are some unique gift ideas for civil engineers?

                                                                For civil engineers, you could consider giving them a personalized blueprint or an antique surveying instrument, a set of drafting tools or a high-quality compass, or a subscription to a professional engineering magazine or membership to an engineering society.

                                                                What are some fun gift ideas for software engineers?

                                                                For software engineers, you could consider giving them a programmable keyboard or mouse, a high-quality pair of noise-cancelling headphones or a funny coding-themed T-shirt, a coding board game or a tech gadget that can be controlled with code.

                                                                What are some cool gift ideas for mechanical engineers?

                                                                For mechanical engineers, you could consider giving them a 3D mechanical puzzle or a tabletop kinetic sculpture, a set of high-quality calipers or micrometers, or a personalized toolbox or mechanic’s stool.

                                                                What are some graduation gift ideas for engineering students?

                                                                For engineering students graduating, you could consider giving them a personalized graduation mug or T-shirt, a high-quality engineering textbook or reference manual, a subscription to a professional engineering magazine or membership to an engineering society, or a handy gadget or tool for their future work as an engineer.


                                                                You may give gifts for engineers on any occasion. National Engineers Week, work anniversaries, and Christmas are good times to give a gift. Engineer gift ideas are based on personality traits, hobbies, and career stage, whether a student or seasoned engineer. The best gifts for engineers help them achieve work-life balance. Model kits, patent prints, wooden puzzles, wall art, and brain teasers are on this list.