19 Coolest Piggy Banks for Kids to Make Saving Fun in 2022

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You will smile as you look at these adorable piggy banks for kids. They range from simple and basic designs to more advanced techy designs. A piggy bank can be symbolic or valuable. You can keep these banks for yourself or give them as piggy banks for kids, family members, or friends. 

The number of options can be intimidating. This article is meant to help make an informed decision. They have been selected based on customer reviews. Piggy banks are excellent tools for teaching kids the value of money and saving for wants, needs, and the future. 

    • our favorite
    Zonkin Cartoon Piggy Bank

    This bank takes both coins and bills. The bank locks and unlocks, makes wacky sounds, flashes brightly, and gobbles up money to catch children’s attention and entertain them.  An electric mechanism pulls the money in automatically.

    +Must have password key to access money
    -Bank cannot be muted.
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    • most popular

    There are several designs for the traditional ceramic piggy bank. They include gray, blue, and pink for a baby boy, baby girl, or child of any age. It has a wide slot that ensures coins go in easily. The bank is excellent for a mom-to-be or first birthday gift.

    +Rubber plug to get money without breaking the bank
    -Ceramic is somewhat fragile
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    • The battery-operated doggy coin bank has realistic movements and accepts all coins. It is available in black or brown. Coins are placed in the tray, and the dog ‘munches’ away at them. It shakes its head and wags its tail when consuming coins.

      +Moving parts make ‘feeding’ fun
      -Small savings box
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      • With this coin jar, you know how much money is in the piggy bank. The counter is accurate for all American coins. It is made of ABS plastic, which is better than ceramic or glass that tends to be heavy and break easily.

        +Scans the denomination of coins
        -Small display
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        • our favorite

        An adorable panda takes away coins as it says “hello” when the coin is placed and “thank you” after ‘stealing’ it. The bank has an on and off switch.

        +Easy open compartment to remove coins
        -Choking hazard for children under three
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        • The piggy bank doubles as room décor. It is a high-quality ceramic stoneware bank. The pineapple design adds structure and a convenient grip. This bank is available in white and gold. The bottom plug removes easily to retrieve the change. It stands four inches high.

          +Big slot opening
          -Small size
          Bonus Tips: The bank can be used as a paperweight, table accessory, or conversation piece.

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          • Hamm is a Disney and Pixar piggy bank. This plastic replica will last due to the high-quality material used to make it. It accepts all US coins. The coin slot is large enough to make easy deposits. It is an excellent addition to a Toy Story collection.

            +Kids identify with Hamm from Toy Story
            -Copyright information in poor location
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            • A classic piggy bank got an electronic and digital upgrade. It has a built-in coin counter and an easy-to-read LCD screen. There are add and subtract options. The bank recognizes and accepts US coins. It runs on two AA batteries.

              +Large coin capacity
              -Money count not always accurate
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              • The mini-ATM bank saves coins and paper notes. It is perfect for saving up to 100 paper notes and 600 coins. It automatically rolls paper money on the scroll. There is a password feature. The piggy bank is eco-friendly and non-toxic, making it safe for children.

                +ATM-like sound effects
                -Choking hazard for children under three
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                • The glazed ceramic piggy bank has soccer, football, basketball, and baseball sports graphics. It is perfect for young sports fans. The bank has a 1.5-inch coin slot. It is a large size bank that holds lots of coins.

                  +Rubber belly stopper to remove coins
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                  • The baseball piggy bank is a beautiful accent for a sports-themed room. It is 5 x 5 inches in size. The stitches are a raised design on ceramic. The bank is sturdy and can handle some rough treatment by kids.

                    +Holds lots of coins
                    -Money slot is a bit small
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                    • The green and pink piggy bank with the green bow on top comes with a dry erase pen for the owner to personalize it with crazy designs. It measures seven inches high and six inches wide. A piggy bank of that size holds a lot of coins.

                      +Bank can be personalized
                      -Ceramic seems a bit fragile
                      Bonus Tips: The bank is an ideal baby shower gift.

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                      • The tank engine piggy bank, named Thomas, is made of a durable resin material and has a glossy finish. It uses two triple-A batteries. The dimensions are 7.5 inches long, 3.5 inches wide, and 5.5 inches high. It weighs a little under two pounds.

                        +Collector’s item
                        -Good for savings but not as a toy
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                        • The adorable unicorn piggy bank is big enough to hold lots of coins but small enough to sit easily on a bookshelf, nightstand, or dresser. It has vibrant, colorful rainbow sparkle hair and tail with rosy pink cheeks and a cute golden horn.

                          +High-quality ceramic
                          -Glitters comes off on your hands
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                          A rustic wooden piggy bank helps kids collect, protect, and store their money. It features an adorable leather tail and ears. The legs are well-balanced. It is made of premium forest wood. The rough bark exterior has an original feel and look.

                          +No two banks are identical
                          -Smaller than expected
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                          • Cat Piggy Bank

                            The size of this cat lover’s piggy bank is 9 x 6 x 6 inches. It is made of eco-friendly resin. With its bright and smooth texture, vivid expression, and lovely shape, the bank makes an excellent wedding gift, birthday gift, or home decoration for a living room or kid’s room. Nearly every type of coin fits.

                            -Some complaints about the paint job
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                            • This professional-looking and sturdy ATM piggy bank rolls paper notes automatically. A password is needed to retrieve the money. It also has a pretend fingerprint. The bank has a UV light that checks paper notes and makes bank sounds. It records the last three deposits. There are a built-in alarm and voice clock.

                              +Fingerprint and password double security
                              -Three double-A batteries not included
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                              • The husky-inspired piggy bank is perfect for a dog-loving child. It is made of lightweight, high-quality plastic. The tail and head are movable. It has bright, shining eyes and a heart-shaped nose. The coin slot is on its back.

                                +Lifetime warranty
                                -Head is hard to remove to retrieve coins
                                Bonus Tips: The removable collar has a name tag like real collars.

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                                • The dinosaur-shaped piggy bank is made of resin. It is easy to use. There is a coin slot at the mouth that ‘feeds’ the dinosaur. A lid at the bottom allows retrieving the money. It is 7.5 inches high and 7.5 inches wide.

                                  +Child interactive
                                  -A bit fragile
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                                Piggy banks are an excellent way to teach kids to save money. These banks serve as teaching tools for financial responsibility. They help children learn the value of money. Piggy banks are not lame or boring boxes with a coin slot. They are unique, creative ways of making saving more fun.